There Is a Disturbance in This Farce

| June 26, 2019

What? An NCIS investigator acted improperly and made friends with witnesses to get what he wanted?

Say it ain’t so, Gibbs!!!!

The case against SOSC Gallagher seems to be leaking more than a skiff poked by a swordfish.

SAN DIEGO — A lawyer for a decorated Navy SEAL charged with war crimes grilled the lead investigator in the case Tuesday as he tried to paint a picture of an upstanding war hero being framed by lies.

A special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service prejudged the case and decided to take aim at Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher before he gathered any evidence, attorney Marc Mukasey suggested.

The agent, Joseph Warpinski, befriended witnesses and encouraged them to speak with each other in violation of standard investigation practices, Mukasey said.

He said he had to build rapport with members of the insular special forces community to earn their trust and cooperation. – Article

Build rapport with sailors who are SEALs?


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5th/77th FA

Didn’t think Gibbs was friends with anyone. According to the innerwebz gossip vine per Abby, Gibbs was a FIRST class jerk.

Life imitating Hollywierd?


this case looks worse by the minute.

the way this is going, I can’t tell if it is a product of pure incompetence or plain old misconduct.

Either way, the Navy looks slimy.



Not “or”


In a very tiny bit of defense of the NCIS agent, making “friends” with suspects and witnesses is part of good investigative technique. You don’t actually befriend them, so if he did that, he’s violated at least ethical rules if not the law. However, any interrogator/investigator needs to build some rapport with the people they’re talking to. So yeah, sitting across for a pedophile or rapist and convincing them you agree that toddlers are sexual beings would look reprehensible (and it’s nauseating to do it), but that’s how you get confessions.

Comm Center Rat

Agreed. Unless Warpinski is a former SEAL I doubt he could ever successfully “build rapport with members of the insular special forces community to earn their trust and cooperation.”

I’m ready for this Gallagher persecution to end so NCIS can get back to work in busting more of Fat Leonard’s minions.


Jeezus… when will this clown car antics of the prosecution/NCIS ever stop with this case?


Personal Opinion :
This case is FUBAR.

They need to STOP and drop/erase the charges.
Next, they need to purge/train NCIS to a proper investigation, for next time something happens.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The NCIS looks like an even dirtier whorehouse every time we get another look at this case, IMHO this shit is something that many an honest civilian Judge would dismiss and throw out of Court


Changing the name from NIS to NCIS didn’t help this bunch. Clowns back then, clowns today. Navy Keystone Kops.


“Clowns to the left of me, Joker’s to the right, here I am. Stuck in the middle with you !!!
Stealers Wheels. 1970 something…


Gibbs put the Probie on it… hell, even the fiction can’t keep up with this badness.