“Let’s play Twister, Let’s get blitzed . . .”

| June 12, 2019

Well, it seems that another Flag Officer has had “issues” serious enough to result in removal from their position. But this one’s kinda entertaining in a way.

The Navy has at least temporarily reassigned the President of the Naval War College, RADM Jeffery Harley, to another position. Seems he’s under investigation. The college’s Provost, Lewis Duncan, will serve as Acting President until the matter is sorted out.

Why is RADM Harley under investigation? Well, according to this article RADM Harley allegedly sent emails inviting numerous subordinates over to his office to play Twister (though, apparently, not “naked Twister”) or receive “free hugs”; kept a margarita machine in his office; and invited subordinates over to his office to drink during duty hours. There are also apparently significant questions about his management of the Naval War College’s budget and his use of hiring authority at the War College.

In short, it appears he was acting more like he was running Delta Tau Chi (AKA Animal House) than the Naval War College.

Hey, I’m not against having fun. But a margarita machine in the office, and emails offering “free hugs” and/or invitations to Twister games? Really, Admiral?

I guess no one told RADM Harley that Faber College wasn’t in Newport, RI. And, Admiral: it’s “Let’s play Twister, Let’s play Risk – not “get blitzed”. (smile)


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Veritas Omnia Vincit


If I had a margarita machine, I’d never go to work. Likely. For awhile anyway.

A margarita machine at work? That’s some next level stuff right there.

Admirals gonna admiral.


Hondo that makes me remember the scene in “The Falcon and the Snowman” where they were mixing margaritas in the SCIF’s paper shredder. 🙂


Great Movie and nice recall on that scene.
(You’re old!!…me too)


The real Christopher Boyce was a piece of shit inmate. I hated working around that fucker.



Comm Center Rat

Niedermeyer: A PLEDGE PIN?! On your UNIFORM?!! Just tell me, mister, what fraternity would pledge a man like you?

Flounder: Sir, The Naval War College, Sir!

Veritas Omnia Vincit


When this news story broke in the Navy Crimes I was wondering – what the hell is going on – But then I was thinking what made the Admiral think this was acceptable in any time frame. I wonder what his past record was or if he is going through a divorce or some other personal issue that clouded his judgement. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Does the War College have a CMC I would love to get that side of the story.


Midlife crisis


I guess. My midlife crisis was transferring from the Air Guard to the Army Guard, going to BCT, and THEN going to OCS. Clearly, I did it wrong.
*Pours an IPA*
*Unfolds Twister mat*

5th/77th FA

I’m wid you, and prolly a bunch of other retired or serving squids, STGCS Ret. What da ever loving hell is going on with y’alls Navy? Is he training for fun and games instead of war games? Following the old Brit Navy Tradition of having a grog ration? Using the any excuse in a storm reasoning? “Light hearted leadership style?” Dahell is that? From recent article on flag and GO, this appears to be across the board of all the services. I know it has been rumored thru out the years that one could always find a well hidden bottle on board in the goat locker, but this? And blatantly sending out/leaving an electronic trail? Maybe this type of behaviour/leadership style is one reason ships are running into one another at sea. Instead of teaching how to drive the boat, FO & GOs are learning how to make the best margarita and limbering up exercises.

One would think that a ratio of 1 staff member per 2.28 students would mean a lot of personal attention in the learning process. smh


I don’t understand – maybe its the availability of so much media coverage that brings this stupidity into focus and it was always there just not as informed as we are today. But it seems there is a tremendous lack of leadership in the Navy right now. I know we all feel like we had it rough back in the day when we started serving but that roughness we encountered instilled military bearing, accountability, and forged leadership. The three significant traits we seem to be lacking at this time.

5th/77th FA



Marge and Rita and a machine?
I’ll bet alcohol was involved.


Gee, the Navy sure has changed since 1967. The only thing LT Lewis kept in his office was three coffee cups, in case one got broken.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I used to go to the NOB pier 4 Geedunk stand and buy a couple of 6 packs of RC Cola and bring it up to pier 12 and hide the cans behind the large Dempster dumpsters and then board the OKIE 3, go to our Diesel engine repair shop and take out the trash can to the dumpster and load up the soda pop, bring it aboard and store it in my steamer locker in the port elevator machinery room which was my cleaning and maintenance space. It would Harley be appropriate for RADM Harley to do things like that in these days of chicken shit rules and regs. If he retires, he can always do side jobs pin striping his name on rice burner bikes. and by the way, the geedunk stand had a Juke Box (A record machine that played songs) with a screen mounted on top and for fifty cents, one could watch Little Eva in her outfit singing Locomotion. Early M TV which never caught on back then.


Ah, the juke box, and the soda shop. I remember it well.

This one by the Platters was always being played.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The Platters were a great standard songs group and sometime during the 70’S when the word DOOWOPP came out, the type of songs they sang were called POP DOOWOPP and before that, it was called Vocal group harmony and R&B vocal group harmony. A little trivia thrown in


Dang … now I fell OLD!


I LOVE the parenthetical comment about the Juke Box!

And yes, it makes me realize that, since I know what a juke box is without said comment, I am now officially an old fart and have been for quite a while!


started at a nickel a play and 6 for a quarter, then when prices went to $.10 a piece and 3 for a quarter, I knew they were doomed.


…and Mustang Cryppie gets the O.O.F. button this week!

The Stranger

Actually, Jeff, there are still jukeboxes. Unfortunately, they’re web enabled and some asshole can play his songs using an app ahead of us old school types who enjoy scrolling through the selections. On the plus side, thanks to that inter web thingy, the selection is FAR greater than the old days


In the town that I live near, a former teen bar owner ( Larry Grancorbitz who owned The Rail) had a Wurlitzer jukebox headstone made for his grave. Kinda cool. (smile)



Hey, what ever trips your trigger, I say!

The Stranger

Did you know that “The Locomotion” was written by Carol King? She may be a whacked out leftie, but she wrote a ton of hits like The Locomotion, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles), You’ve Got a Friend (James Taylor).

A Proud Infidel®™

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. A damned Margarita machine in the office? DAMMIT!

Slow Joe

Margarita machine?

“Alexa, wake up. Margarita machine. Lowest price.”


We are asking for an INCUBATOR. For our FIELD HOSPITAL. We aren’t asking for a jukebox or pizza oven.

“Oh, you can have those. Just use the standard form and cross out “MACHINE GUN” and write “PIZZA”.


“What’s an incubator?”

“It grows germs.”

“Are we involved in germ warfare?”


OK you two fuckers. Fjardeson & SFC D ) you guys are as bad as I am…..

” Captain Sloan here is with supply.

More accurately, I’m with the 375th Q. M. H. Q., COMSEAPAC, SEOULSEC REPDEP.

Well, let’s see what the good book says.

The good book?

The Manual of Supply and Requisition.


Um, “inhalator, indicator, innoculator, infusilator – ” Here it is: 437 – stroke – R2, incubator.

Thar she blows!

You can’t have one

“Thank you, Colonel. Sorry, Captain. Sorry, patient. You have a temperature of 109 – stroke – 10. Afraid you can’t have an incubator, but you can have a pizza with everything to go. Unless of course, you go first.”

No, you can’t have any limbo. In fact, you can’t have anything – stroke – nothing which is not approved by STATQUOPAC. Which is enough to make you reach for AIRSICKBAG.

comment image


“Did you really call Captain Sloan a NICOMPAC?”



D’s Cantina has a discontinued model, rechargeable and portable.

charles w

There is only one thing he can do now. Road Trip!!!!!!!

The Stranger

Hell, he’s already screwed…this sounds an awful lot like the end of “Animal House”.


So he winds up as a Senator? Sheesh.

The Stranger

Go big or go home!


PLEASE!! Don’t give that idiot any ideas.