Memorial Day Stolen Valor Callout

| May 29, 2019

The folks at Blue Lives Matter posted an article and video of NYPD Officer Jay Park calling out an individual on Memorial Day for Stolen Valor.  Park, a U.S. Army Veteran, asked the man several targeted questions before concluding that he most likely never served.

A New York police officer working a paid detail at a BJ’s store on Memorial Day intercepted and confronted a man posing as a highly decorated U.S. military war hero (video below).

Officer Jay Park, a U.S. Army veteran, later posted cell phone footage of his conversation with the unidentified man on Facebook.

He said he was initially drawn to the “highly decorated douche bag” due to his slipshod attire.

“The man had an [Air Force] patch on [an Army combat uniform], spec op patches everywhere and awards ribbons on a field jacket,” including a Purple Heart.

Officer Park greeted the man, then casually began asking him about his supposed military service, the video showed.


The man appeared extremely nervous but complied in taking off his blouse and along with the military medals he was displaying.

That guy scooted his cart out of there as fast as he could.

Hats off to Officer Park!

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HT '83-'87

Another pinhead trying to stand on the shoulders of men better than himself. Let me speculate on his plans:
Step 1-raid the local flea market for all the military bling he can grab
Step 2-waltz into local shops and see how much free stuff people are willing to part with for a “real hero”
Step 3-repeat all Memorial Day weekend

Caveat-if busted by an actual hero, beat a hasty retreat…try again later

I hate those guys

A Proud Infidel®™️

What a goofy-assed looking Goober McGunk, he looks too stupid to even be a TSA Groper, let alone be left to mop floors or cook fries without constant supervision!


Must be related to Master Sergent Soup Sandwich…



Do they teach Floor Buffering in ROTC?


The Stranger

Probably not but I’m pretty sure they teach you how to write an OPORD for buffing the floor!😂

A Proud Infidel®™️

He looks like he couldn’t even mop a floor without breaking a leg or setting the place on fire!

The Stranger

I have to wonder how you could set the place on fire unless you were mopping with gasoline…then again, Privates are gonna Private.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Speaking about floor buffering, what ever happened to Yef.???

Lurker Curt

Fuck that guy, and this loser too. Medals he didn’t earn on ACU’s? Shitbag privates have to reach to do that shit.

5th/77th FA

Not.even.trying. Everybody knows that Air Force Trainees leave basic at Lackland with more bling than this dipshit has on.

Total waste of oxygen.



And they definitely don’t wear ACUs.

The Stranger

I’m pretty sure that TACP/JTAC types did and I seem to remember seeing some Air Force EOD wearing them in Iraq back in ‘09.


But they don’t leave Basic at Lackland wearing them. The ones you mention were on special detail. Pretty sure they were told to lose the ACUs as soon as they got back stateside.


No first or middle name, but seeing the alphabet spelled out in reverse order was enough to spur the TAH Whiz Wheel into action, therefore:

Diamantopoulos (FRPR*) 19 x 8 = 152

* Full Retard Past Rutabaga (Hat Tip to API) for wearing the Purple Heart and impersonating a Commissioned Officer.

Daisy Cutter

Love the small medal Purple Heart mixed with the larger ones.

He says the NDSM was for combat.


As a proud recipient of not one but TWO of the coveted NDSMs, I am shocked and insulted that anyone would wear an NDSM without authorization.

They don’t just give those things away, you know!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Holy shit, I hope I don’t get into trouble because I have the NDSM. I was unaware that the NDSM was also for combat. I think that I’m safe with the AFEM (Op Power Pack) I don’t have to worry about a Good Conduct Medal because I was a Kiddie Cruiser only serving 3 years active duty.

Morgan Blake

The thing is that it is not about active duty or veterans on Memorial Day, it is remembering the fallen.

So, Diamantopoulos was off there as well.

Keepin' It Real

Meat Drapes

The Other Whitey

Classic! Michael Clark Duncan passed way too soon. And yet shitheads like Sean Penn somehow continue drawing breath.

I’m also absolutely loving these guys’ new show “Tacoma FD.” Funny as hell, and it beats the absolute shit out of “Chicago Fire” in the realism department, though that is admittedly a low bar to reach.


D-bag-opolous probably confused Memorial day with Veteran’s day and was headed to Applebees for his free meal.


Thought the same thing, Martinjumper…unless he also thought he was going to get a Military discount on his groceries…


Or someone stepping in to pay for them..

A Proud Infidel®™️

He likely expects someone else to pick up his tab for him wherever he goes to eat or drink while he wears that.


I agree. Why else wear it to the grocery store of all places?


MRS D found out a couple weeks ago that Fry’s grocery stores actually DO give a 10% military discount, only drawback is that they only do it on three randomly-selected days a year, they don’t advertise it, they just ask you if you’re military or a veteran at checkout. She was able to get it with a dependant ID. Happily surprised.

Bill M

A store in our area (Fred Meyer) has a Military Discount Day once a month. Ten percent is ten percent. My wife tries to do her shopping on the scheduled day (and if that don’t work, she waits for Senior Day, also 10%. They’re part of the Kroger chain so you might want to check into it in your local area because the Military Day started after Freddies was bought by Kroger.


Kroger’s, the company that removed all its gun magazines, and stopped selling scary assault weapons at its sporting goods branch. Not an entirely good company.


And overpriced to boot.


Didn’t bother to check it out because we already had plans, but my father (Navy vet) called on Memorial Day to tell us that several restaurants were indeed offering discounts and free meals to veterans on Memorial Day. I believe he mentioned Olive Garden and one other restaurant.


“I don’t have any of my paperwork…”
The only truth that came out of this clown’s mouth.


That was painful to watch.


Yeah, and I watched it twice.

I like when he flipped out his New York drivers license like it was ID, real quick, just like John Belushi did in the Blues Brothers with his Marlborough cigarette pack
“My name is Jacob Stein. I’m from the American Federation of Music. I’ve been sent to see if you gentlemen are carrying your permits.”



I’ll bet even the name tag is fake and doesn’t match the ID he flashed.
Who’s gonna argue with a spelling like that.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That tubby fuckface is more fake than a plastic Ming Vase!


As shared before and Hondo agreeing, this Dude is not the FIRST to pull a sTuNt such as this…nor the LaSt.

Then again, he might have truly been a Bonafide Veteran or did attend ROTC during Desert Storm/Desert Shield timeframe.

But wearing a messed up uniform as well as not being aware of the NDSM?

SaD. sO FrICkeN SAd..

sHeESh…SOmE PeOpLe..


Lurker Curt

Shit, I was in Germany during Desert Shield/Storm- I didn’t know my NDSM counted as combat! So many free meals I missed! /sarc

The Stranger

Seriously though, how stupid do you have to be to go around “phony-ing” on Memorial Day or Veterans Day? I recall several knuckleheads being featured here doing that kind of shit. That’s really begging to get caught.


My brain hurts after watching that…

SSG Kane

I don’t know man, what’s the point of this public shaming and calling people out? It feels like “Congrats, you made a retard look more retarded”. Nobody really wins when that happens.

Maybe I just don’t know where the line between an obvious idiot trying to look cool, and the cold calculating motherfucker who’s using a fictional military career to advance himself. The former should be pitied, and the later should have a big hammer dropped on them.

Or maybe its the public nature of it. This strikes me as “Look at how awesome I am” vs quietly doing the right thing and not filming it post on social media.

Or maybe I’m just pissed off at the VA today and I’m channeling my frustration and anger with them here.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I kind of agree with you, I see both sides of it…


I actually think there IS a point to this. Most civilians know very little about the military. Their information about veterans is largely gleaned from pop culture (TV and movies) and what few encounters they have with actual current or former service members.

So when some douche-nozzle like this parades around in fakey-fake military garb, they are in essence, polluting the well-earned reputation of those of us who actually served.

Suzie Civilian doesn’t know if Dipshit-opolous here is a “real” veteran or a fake one, so to the extent that he is mistaken for an actual service member or veteran, he is making those of us who actually did serve look like idiots by claiming to be one of us.

He is presenting himself to the world as a current or active service member and saying “this is what a military member looks like.” And if that doesn’t piss you off, it should.

He is taking the respect and esteem that most people have for military members even though he has not earned it and does not deserve it. He is taking something – that those of us who served actually earned – for his own personal benefit and that is EXACTLY what ‘stolen valor’ means.

SSG Kane

Some dipshit parading himself around in a halfassed uniform doesn’t piss me off. Nor does it take anything away from me, or what I’ve achieved. It just doesn’t.

Hell, I closed engaged and destroyed enemies of the United States of America so that dipshits could be free to be dipshits. And hopefully, I’ll do it again.

I also think Suzie Civilian is smart enough to tell the difference between a real vet and a jacked up poser like this guy was. And if she’s not, that’s her problem. So choose to be ignorant. Again, she has the freedom to be as ignorant as she’d like.

Her ignorance takes nothing away from what I’ve done, or what I didn’t do, or how I did it, or when I did it.

You talk as though respect and esteem are finite things that we will collectively run out of. My experience leads me to believe that isn’t true.

Again, because we live in free country, Officer Jay Park is free to call out this behavior if it bothers him. He’s also free to post his callout on social media and snag his five minutes of fame. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s too look at me.

As a cop, if dipshit was breaking the law (fraud, stolen valor, wearing white after labor day), the officer had a duty to arrest him. Which he didn’t do. Which indicates this was a personal preference matter, and not a legal one.

So yeah, there’s a whole heaping lot of stupidity all the way around in these situations.


If you do not shame the bullshitters, they multiply like rabbits.

This is true of other shitbaggery.

Ignore it, you condone it by your silence.


Absolutely. If not confronted, they just continue doing it.

MSG Eric

Sorry but Suzie Civilian knows absolute Dick about the military and doesn’t know the difference between this putz and a real service member. If you think that, you are way too optimistic about the knowledge civilians maintain about the military. Hell, civilian companies hire vets all the time to do jobs commensurate with their subordinate’s subordinate because they don’t understand the level of responsibility and the KSA service members gain from our time in, let alone knowing how badly jacked this guy is in his uniform.

It isn’t about the guy getting a free handshake, a free beer, a walk through a parking lot taking pictures. It is more about the 3-5 moves ahead. What’ll be next with this guy? Someone gifts him a 250 dollar gift card to that store that could’ve gone to a real veteran who needs it? A car? A ride in a parade on a car looking like a douchebag for more people to perceive him as a service member that he’s not? Items or opportunities that could’ve gone to a service member who should be recognized and given a gift of appreciation.

It is one thing if a person has actual mental issues pretending to be a service member or veteran, I’ve seen more than one post indicating that someone needs help in that regard here. This guy seems to know what he is doing and is trying to garner more than just the handshake from people trying to appreciate the military.

If someone walked up and offered him 1000 bucks as “appreciation” would he turn it down? Hell no, he’d take it in a hot second, taking it away from a veteran who might truly need a little help like that.

Lurker Curt

The highest award I earned was a few AAM’s. I got a couple boot marks on my crank, earned those as well. These fucksticks that want to claim Valor, or anything they didn’t earn? I got nothing but derision for’em. Earn it or don’t. Sleep in your own shit, just like the rest of us. BTW, my wings from Basic Airborne and my Sergeant stripes meant the most to me. Again, fuck this guy.


He had on a purple heart. Obviously knew what it was. Fuck him.

Cameron Kingsley

You had me at scooted his cart out of there as fast as he could. I can just picture it right now. A bit off topic and I don’t want to sound like a snob (please forgive me), but that was one of the things I hated about Walmart was seeing the some of the people using those carts looked like.


You mean like these folks, CK? (smile)


Wally World, Sigh.

Just going there activates my CSD (Cowboy Stress Disorder) by being told by the Greeter that cattle prods aren’t allowed inside and then when they ask you at the check-out line if you found everything OK, and then the snarky looks I get when I say “Why, are you hiding stuff?”

5th/77th FA

Ain’t been in a wally world since July of ’95. Only place open on a Sunday and needed a bag of dog food for a puppy that I had just rescued.



The only time I go to Wal-Mart anymore is to pick up a patient.


We shop at our local Wal Mart frequently. The store is clean, the employees are helpful and friendly. The also seem to employ a fair number of special needs folks to do instore work stocking and maintaining shelves etc. Also it rubs it in the nose of elites who like to virtue signal about shopping where the management would like to have people with penises using the ladies room.

Daisy Cutter

I used to go to Wal-Mart and marvel at what people wore.

Then I looked down and saw what I was wearing and realized I was one of “them.”

Also, I might add – I am more than able to walk but I buzz my fat a$$ around in one of those electric carts. It’s all in an effort to double down on my Wal-Martness.


Walmart that I go to is quite clean and there are no Strange People in Peculiar Clothing inhabiting the place. May have something to do with the climate, or whatever planet they’re on.

But Wmrt’s prices help me stretch my budget a lot, they carry stuff I use constantly at a lower price than the “brand name” stories and I appreciate the one-stop shopping setup, too.

Cameron Kingsley

The one I would go to was also like that. Not many strange people. Though when it came to shopping, it would depend on what I am looking for.


Not the strange people as much as the door-Nazi greeters who treat every customer like a common criminal, messy stores, poorly stocked, cheap, low-quality merchandise (especially food products). Sam Walton is likely rolling in his grave at what his company has become. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!


I hate Chicago nazis.

(Doesn’t quite fit, but it always works…)


Zero… Military… Bearing.


Hey! He received his commission from Whatchamacallit!

Doc Savage

Somebody help me logic this one out….a poser wears military bling on Memorial day presumably to cash in on Memorial day discounts and freebies….lets say a place like “Golden Corral”.

Now, in a place of high visibility during a Holiday of high visibility as it pertains to fallen servicemembers, what are the odds that you just might run into a legit servicemember that would recognize a poser wearing that abortion of a uniform
and call you out?

You would be saver wearing a raw meat jock strap in a feral cat community.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wholeheartedly concur, snotweasels like him deserve EVERY BIT of scorn and ridicule they get in front of God & everybody and then some. As to that POSer, I’d also tell him to chin up, ALL THREE of them!


Was that an EFMB I saw above his USAF strip???

Too bad Officer Park let this soup sandwich take the blouse with him.