If it weren’t for your Mom….

| May 12, 2019

Mother Goose and flock

…. you wouldn’t be here.  You try looking after that many heedless fuzzballs!

Geese are well-known for stealing fuzzy babies from each other. There were two other geese off to the right, watching this grouping.

Since today is officially Mother’s Day, take a moment and remember the good stuff.

Those “I remember when….” stories are always good and are welcome here.


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  1. USAFRetired says:

    My mom is no longer with us but served as a WAVE from 1951-1953. Her three children all serve in the USAF or the US Army.

  2. OWB says:

    While never one who would call herself a suffragette, a women’s libber, or even a feminist, my Mom was actually all of those things. She taught me much of what I needed to make it in this cruel world. She and Dad were more than just a good team in that regard. She was more the pragmatist while Dad was the dreamer. Between them, they passed along healthy doses of both.

    To Moms everywhere – you are honored. Even though mine is no longer with us, her heritage survives. I hope and pray each day that my life honors you well, Mom.

    Was at a lovely church service this morning. It was done by Moms for Moms. Several of the ladies were totally unaccustomed to public speaking. It was great. They showed their true courage and value just by standing before the assembled.

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    Mom used to take us on field trips to the local roadside ditch to harvest Fiddleheads and pick Pussywillows this time of year. Later in the summer we would pick wild blueberries under the power lines where they sprayed defoliant. Her pies were to die for.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    Started this comment 3 times, damn this dusty pollen.

    Mama; widowed at 33, 8th grade education, 5 stepping stones from 16 to not quite 3. 6 weeks pregnant with baby sister, Papa died not knowing she was on the way. Mama taught us to love our Country, Honor our God and all of his creations, taught us to respect others and not only self reliance but also personal responsibility for our actions. We are still amazed at what all she did, not only for us, but for others too. She faced impending death with courage and dignity at age 51, more concerned about the baby sister (15 yo) than anything else. 4 Feb 81….sometimes it feels as if it were only yesterday.

  5. Happy Mothers day to all of you TAH young Ladies.

  6. HMC Ret says:

    My mom was a workaholic, the oldest of five, who finished HS during the depression. She worked the fields until the day she turned 18, when she went to work for Reynolds Tobacco. In her 40s she started a day care out of the home, often with 20+ kids. Bedtime was midnight or later. Up time was 0500. Dad never helped. She encouraged me to join the military and later strongly recommended I stay in. Some of the best advice I ever received. She deserved a better life than she had. I couldn’t have had a better mom.

  7. Bim says:

    The wife got the best Mother’s Day gift a person could ask for today. After almost 3 months of fretting, worrying, and letters back and forth, our son called her from Parris Island this afternoon. He got his EGA yesterday and finally got liberty to make some calls home. It was so good to hear his voice but I did not spend much time talking to him: it was mama he really wanted to speak with.

    The look of relief on her face and the pure joy in her eyes was humbling. She carried a lot of stress over the last few months.

    We are going to graduation in two weeks, them bring him home for 10 days of rest before he ships off to SOI (he went in for 0311). I’m sure we will have many more stressful days and sleepless nights, but for right now all is good in the world.

  8. nbcman54ACTUAL says:

    First time Mom ever rode a motorcycle, she was on a Yamaha and crashed hard in the field behind the house. Broke some ribs and was laid up in bed for almost two weeks.
    As soon as she was able to walk again, she had dad take her to the Harley dealership and she got a big, black, bad Harley. Said those damn riceburners would kill her….