Daniel Howard WHITESELL is he a Special Forces CWO / RSM or a navy reserve bin rat? – Stolen Valour Canada

| December 18, 2018

Daniel Howard WHITESELL is he a Special Forces CWO / RSM or a navy reserve bin rat?

We were asked to review the claims made by “Chief Warrant Officer” Daniel Harold WHITESELL (DOB 2X/03/195x) of Windsor, Ontario.

Our review identified many inconsistencies in his presentation made to 600 school children at a Remembrance Day event @ Ecole Secondaire E. J. Lajeunesse in Windsor, On.

He claimed to be a veteran with 38 years of service. He spoke to the students saying that he was former Joint Task Force 2 special forces operator and had served in Afghanistan for eight years, Rwanda, Bosnia, as well as served a short 2-year stint in the navy.

He brought with him a framed photo of himself in uniform, surrounded by dozens of medals. He also presented some form of coin to show the entire school.

During his presentation, he spoke about how he had done awful things that he was not proud of. 

At first he said that as special ops he could not speak about the things he had done, however later during the Q and A period one of the students asked him “what the hardest job he had done was?”

At this point he told us about how he was going after high ranking Taliban in small villages in Afghanistan. He said that his team would enter the villages in the middle of the night, and that if a teenager or child, the same age as the students he was speaking to had seen him, that he had to silence them by any means necessary to avoid giving up their position, Alluding to the fact that he had killed innocent children during his service.

This horrified many of the students…

His ridiculous claims combined with an image of him wearing a green beret and PPCLI “other ranks” hat-badge, gave us cause to question his entire military narrative.

Our team conducted a thorough review of all available records, this included websites, newspaper articles, photographic images, regimental tour books, and extracts from military documents in Canada in order to determine the legitimacy of his claims.

SV-C then reached out to the regimental and corps associations, their museums and other organizations in which WHITESELL has claimed to have served. The publicly accessible records, that we have had the opportunity to review, do not support his claims.

The absence of verifiable records alone does not conclusively prove that an individual is a fake or embellisher, it just indicates that there are no records…

Claiming to be a CWO/RSM with decades long service in the PPCLI!

Dude, do you know how few men have been given the  honour and privilege to join that group?

Every Patricia Regimental Sergeant Major is known and you ain’t one of them! 

What we do know.

Mr WHITESELL was an Ordinary Seaman in the Naval Reserve and employed as a Supply Technician in HMCS Hunter in Windsor, Ontario. We have been told anecdotally that he sailed in a Porte Class training vessel on a Great Lakes deployment in the 1980s and, that he may have spent a short period in the Army Reserve.

Ordinary Seaman WHITESELL’s navy ride / sleek greyhound of death.

By all accounts, he had a some what lack-lustre career trajectory, and left the unit in the early 90s.

“CWO” Dan WHITESELL also known as
Call sign “Chicken Legs”

Well Mr Daniel Howard Whitesell, the puck is in your end of the rink. 

It’s now time for you to surrender the PPCLI hat badge that you have absolutely no entitlement to; followed by a public apology for your shitbaggery. 

Lest We Forget.

Source: Daniel Howard WHITESELL is he a Special Forces CWO / RSM or a navy reserve bin rat? – Stolen Valour Canada

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Every Canadian who honorably served in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Rwanda should get a free penalty shot at this scumbag using an extra-heavy stick and puck…and oh the poser should be naked except for a loincloth…

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Eye bleach…stat! Damn CH, you know we can’t unsee that now.

      Daniel Whitesell, lying embellishing POSer standing in the blood of true Warriors. May the ghosts of those warriors haunt you into eternity.

      Saw a news headline the other day about the Dutch School kids that place wreaths on the graves of 1300 + Canadian Warriors in the cemetery near their school every December.

  2. Grunt says:


  3. Mr Dan Whitesell who claimed to be an Chief Warrant Officer / RSM in the PPCLI tells us in a series of 5 monosyllabic emails (1) that he threw the bogus items in the garbage, (2) he gave the honorarium to to the children’s hospital, (3) he was in the navy reserve, (4) he made a report to the police (?) and, (5) says “it was a very bad thing I did and I regret what I did”

    Whitesell also said that if he gets another email, he will call the police for harassment.

    • Dave says:

      Really, he be in more shit. The Cops in Windsor serve also. They be a lil pissed.

    • HMC Ret says:

      Yeah, the police would love to help this guy. WTF does he expect the police to do for him? Deliver a stern warning to those who speak the truth about him? Freaking toad

  4. OWB says:

    Man. What a low life, ignorant, piece of trash.

    He tortured an assembly of children with his lies? Dang. That alone should be the Canadian equivalent of a capitol felony.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    I lost 50 pounds over the last three years.

    Now I know where it went.

    • HMC Ret says:

      Congratulations of losing that weight, PH. I’m trying to join you with equal success. It’s more difficult to lose weight the older I get but I’m making progress.

  6. HMC Ret says:

    Those kids didn’t deserve to be subjected to that fat slob telling them those tall tales. How he can live with himself is beyond me. Those poor kids … Wonder what opinion the kids have of the military after hearing his bullshit tales? You’re now a part of history you want no part of, fatso. Those who Google your name forever will know you for being a lowlife lying POS.

  7. LCdr says:

    A public admission of war crimes… perhaps he should be investigated by much higher.

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    HEY Daniel Howard Whitesell, TAKE OFF, HOSER!!!

  9. charles w says:

    By the looks of him, the only way he could silence any one is with a knife and fork.

  10. Looks like he tried to White out his short 10 year Navy time and Sell a BS story to the kids.

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’m looking forward to Aussie Ken commenting on this. Otherwise, just another phony phatphuk from Candia.

  12. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    I was privy today to someone boasting on “20 years in counter- narcotics in South America, it was just like (Clancy’s) Clear and Present Danger”.

    I asked “which part?” He said “ all of it”.

    He further stated USMC service.

    • HMC Ret says:

      I would love to have listened in on that conversation. One reason I kinda enjoy going to the VA is listening to the stories. Some are real bullshit but mostly it’s veterans regaling others with stories of their service. Was at VA today and was reminded why I despise posers who claim heroics to which they are not entitled: A young guy, 25 or so, with 1 1/2 arms and one leg. He had on an Army cover and was joking with a couple of guys who must have been 3x his age. Good to see he was in good spirits. Posers by comparison are slime.

  13. JTB says:

    He whipped the buffet…That’s a fact…