Berkeley Developing AI to Detect and Remove Hate Speech

| December 18, 2018

You guys are familiar with attempts already in place to remove hate and other undesirable speech from social media. But, what’s considered hate speech, or speech that goes against community standards, seems to be the subject to the eye of the beholder.

Granted, both sides of the debate would agree on certain types of hate speech. However, what many of us has considered as “the norm” is increasingly being seen as something that could “trigger” a person, or groups of people. The potential for “abuse” would be hard to miss.

From The College Fix:

In addition to artificial intelligence, the program will use several different techniques to detect offensive speech online, including “machine learning, natural language processing, and good old human brains.” Researchers aim to have “major social media platforms” one day utilizing the technology to detect “hate speech” and eliminate it, and the users who spread it, from their networks.

For the human contribution, they recruited 10 students. As I mentioned in another post, the youngest Millennials will have all turned 22 before the end of this month. This means that there is a good chance that the students involved with this project are a part of Generation Z.

This is the generation that played an active role in the “Tide Pod Challenge” and for giving us David Hogg.

More from The College Fix:

D-Lab initially enlisted ten students of diverse backgrounds from around the country to “code” the posts, flagging those that overtly, or subtly, conveyed hate messages. Data obtained from the original group of students were fed into machine learning models, ultimately yielding algorithms that could identify text that met hate speech definitions with 85 percent accuracy, missing or mislabeling offensive words and phrases only 15 percent of the time.

Now, what we define as “hate messages” has some differences from that of the opposing side. There is also a difference between our definition, and that of the younger generation. The folks who were exposed to liberal indoctrination provided the human contribution to the algorithm that will determine whether your post constitutes hate or not.

You can read more here.

HMCS(FMF) ret provides a more detailed link here. Notice the graphic on Twitter, with regards to what was looked at.

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Remove, eh? The home of free speech wants to remove free speech.

Who wants popcorn?


Mens’ rights is hate speech? 1st amendment is hate speech?

This sounds more like bullying than finding “hate speech” to me.

Okay, it is past time to haul Berserkely’s ass into court for violating the US Constitution. This is beyond ‘Minority Report’.

Maybe if it costs them large hoards of cash to defend their attempts to stifle free speech they will just shut up and go away.

Berserkely’s peeps should remember that they can be banned from stuff, too.

A Proud Infidel®™

Mens’ rights is hate speech? 1st amendment is hate speech?

ANYTHING to the right of Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Castro is hate speech to the UC Berzerkely maggots!


I fully support Berkley taking up this effort.

Buy popcorn and watch the results.

Should be fairly sad.


Gonna buy stock in a few popcorn packaging plants…


I wonder when this shit will reach the point that nobody will hire a Berzerkley grad for so much as digging ditches?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m already there, I wouldn’t even hire one to be a Janitor!


Damn glad I wasn’t drinking! Hilarious!

2/17 Air Cav

The top employers of Berzerkley grads are Google and Apple. Gee, what a coincidence. Of course, the degree must be in software engineering or along that line. Even Google and Apple have no use for grads with degrees in Political Science or Womens’ Studies and such. Plus, the companies know that they will get pure libtards picking from that place. If one’s undergraduate degree is not in computer engineering or that line, employment prospects ain’t so good outside of Kalifornia.

5th/77th FA

Well, looks like Ol’ George O was just a few years off.

The empirical evidence will show that this was bound to happen eventually if not sooner. HT to Larsey Boi & Company. (snerk)

Don’t do twit, redd, or farce, but don’t think that a group that snacks on detergent or whose music makes them walk alongside a moving vehicle can dictate what constitutes “hate speech.” smh

E4 Mafia For Life.

Soon they will unperson people for doubleplus ungood hatespeech.
Already with Common Core, 2+2+5.

2/17 Air Cav

“‘We are developing tools to identify hate speech on online platforms, and are not legal experts who are advocating for its removal,’ Vacano stated in response to an email query.”

Oh bullshit. The only part of that that can be believed is that they are not legal experts. His group of weenies is developing a tool but have no interest in whether it is used. My ass. I wonder if Vocano likes Italian jokes. Hey, where’s the best place to hide something from a wop? Under a bar of soap. That ought to cause those clowns to run around like a bunch of chinamen in a fire drill. Freakin’ fags.


Heard about the Italian tires? Dago through mud, dago through mud… but when dago flat, dago wop wop wop.

(Politically incorrect ’60s humor. Excuse me while I go answer the door – the Thought Police are calling.)


I’ve pondered something on this site a few times in the past. Basically, as these kids graduate from college and enter the free marketplace, where they must produce or be shitcanned, and where no boss gives two shits about their being traumatized by ‘trigger’ words, why are not the realities of the real world being filtered back to the kids still in HS/college? A long sentence there and I’m not sure I conveyed my question/opinion properly. OK, again, why is the current group of easily offended kids, say those in the age of 12-25, not learning from those who have already graduated and entered the real world? Kids aren’t being taught the realities of life while they are in school. They need to know there is a world beyond their safe space and/or mommy’s basement. I’ll again bring up a hot topic I’ve mentioned previously: All should be required to give a minimum of two years back to the country that gives them so much. They need not join the military. Work in soup kitchens, deliver food, teach pre-K to read, work for the forest service cleaning out highly flammable brush, and the list is endless. No, kids today have nothing invested in the country. We have two generations who feel they are entitled. Well, this isn’t going to happen. The libtards would raise hell and the idea would be tied up in the courts until the end of time. OK, rant over. You know how I feel about this… Read more »

2/17 Air Cav

I’m not hot to trot on the mandatory service business. It’s not w/o value, but I still hold fast to the idea that Americans should be free to choose what they do with their lives w/o the gov’t coercing us to provide services we don’t want to give freely. Long ago, before welfare and the numerous other entitlements, people helped one another. Now, the attitude today seems to be, ‘The government will take care of them.’ And, unfortunately, it will. I like to think, and my experience where I live bears this out, that young people do a lot of good that we rarely hear about or read about. The assholes make the news.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

You touch on a couple of really important realities here. The first of course is the unprepared for the world college grads who are often shocked to find that no one gives a shit if they have enough to eat, are warm at night in a safe place or have enough free time to find their soul while they travel on this journey of life. When you coddle a kid from the day he’s born until he graduates from college it’s unlikely that little turd will ever harden up and be prepared for the world. The number of interviews I’ve been at where the applicant tells me about how unfair things were somewhere else, or how others have failed to recognize their inherent talent would, perhaps, shock you…perhaps not. Not to say I haven’t hired great young people with a strong work ethic, but it doesn’t seem to be vast majority it seems a more unique minority in my limited personal experience. Shielding them from the world does not help them, watch your kid fail and let them know why they failed. It’s a great teaching moment. It’s also great if they learn that sometimes regardless of how hard they tried it’s still not going to be good enough and they will fail. How they proceed from that failure depends on what you taught them, or didn’t teach them. Your second topic about service is always of interest to me, largely because the more we proceed down the path of… Read more »


” A nation 99% uninvested in armed conflict doesn’t much care what the 1% suffer or their families endure because they pay no cost for the suffering of that 1%.”

This ^, said it better than I did.


Two related concepts from Heinlein:
When you train a puppy, you rub his nose in his messes so he knows that what he did is wrong. What we do with our kids is humor them and indulge them with little punishment till they reach some arbitrary age like 16 and then hammer them with the full force of adult law. That’s like telling a puppy ‘bad puppt’ when he messes the floor until he is 2 years old, at which point the next time he messes we shoot the dog.

No need to ‘force’ someone to serve…again, as Mr. Heinlein suggested, you simply reward those who chose to serve with the right to vote. Those who don’t serve, who don’t give a bit of themselves to benefit all, in whatever capacity, are not full citizens – they haven’t earned the right. No coercion to join… but if you choose not to serve, you get no voice in running the show.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I hate to say this to the libertards, but it’s only hate speech if it comes out of a Conservative or republicans mouth.


This is not some liberal anti-free speech agenda.
And Berkeley is not the only research institution doing this. MIT and Cornell are conducting this research as well as a half dozen or three univerisities.

It is research to meet a need demanded by the marketplace.

Social media has become a toxic cesspool and it is hurting the entire business model of social media companies that are trying to gain and maintain users based on the promise of a enjoyable community of friends, family, and people with shared personal and professional interests.

It is impacting revenue from users and advertisers and it is harming companies that get associated with this stuff through no real fault of their own.

It is also increasing the likelihood of regulatory solutions that social media companies do not want.

Addressing this with hired labor to evaluate flagged posts is expensive and impractical. However, the current automated mechanisms are terrible and identifying the difference between genuine hate speech from merely unpopular or subjectively offensive ideas.

You have no freedom of speech on social media. You are using a private company’s product to share your views and they have a commercial right and shareholder obligation to deal with stuff that hurts their brand and business.

If you all want freedom of speech on social media then we need to declare social media a public space and treat it as public property. But then we would be socialists, right?

2/17 Air Cav

“This is not some liberal anti-free speech agenda.” Sure it is, that’s precisely what the companies are responding to and trying to placate. But it’s not gov’t censorship so I don’t much give a damn.


No freedom of speech, huh? Then you’ll understand this sentiment, won’t you, LARS??


“It is research to meet a need demanded by the marketplace.” Bullshit. It’s PhD types with degrees in feel good bullshit degrees who get grants from a government that is so fucked up it’s willing to spend millions on this type of trash rather than build bridges and improve sewage systems. Don’t give me the line about different pots of money so it ‘has’ to be spent in such a manner. I don’t give a shit. If we weren’t so damn concerned about offending snowflakes and kowtowing to a rabid minority this wouldn’t even be on the radar. Trigger words? Really? What the fuck difference does it make that some damn snowflake is offended? Here’s a novel idea. Grow a damn set and make something of yourself instead of having the government protect you from trigger words. But no. You stay within the safe confines of your university, retreating to your safe place and being protected from every damn thing imaginable and graduate in six years with a BA in some worthless degree that will guarantee a lifetime job of minimum wage, until a robot takes away even your ability to do that. And all the while you’re making minimum wage you’ll be sucking up ‘entitlements’ from the government that still feels your pain. Of course you will continue to blame the ‘man’ for your being abject failure. There, did I cover all the bases about this topic? I’m sick of this shit. I don’t give two shits about these… Read more »

5th/77th FA

Nailed it again, Chief!


It’s SJW like you that are all ass hurt over anything that is said that doesn’t agree with your beliefs. Just look at how you react when anyone doesn’t go along with your socialist/communist beliefs Lars…

Gotta control the message… that’s what it’s all about, itn’t it Lars?


Kind of hypocritical Lars… especially since your beloved school ended up paying out $70G for their SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH for conservative groups.

Gotta control the message, right Lars?

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Lars’ drive-by comment is his weak attempt to make a “Safe Space” argument.

Southpark did a video about “safe spaces” and it’s pretty accurate.


Commissar says: You have no freedom of speech on social media. You are using a private company’s product to share your views and they have a commercial right and shareholder obligation to deal with stuff that hurts their brand and business.

Louis Farrakhan must be making them billions then.


This sounds like a very good idea. Developing AI may be the only way to keep the joint open. Native intelligence certainly won’t, if our pet idiot is a good example of what passes as intelligence there.


Except your artificial intelligence is only as good as the people who program it. In the computer world we call that “Garbage In-Garbage Out.”


It’s Berkley.

The programming will be hard-left

Artificial Stupidity.


While they’re doing this, Berkeley also has this going on this week.

“Save the Drama for Your Llama

It’s dead week at Berkeley, and all through the campus not a creature is stirring…except the llamas. This year, for the second time ever, Berkeley is hosting a host of llamas to raise students’ spirits and offer them a break from the monotony of studying. As grey-bearded, poncho-sporting llama rancher, Geo Caldwell, explains, “Llamas have this energy, and people, without knowing it…. Their heart chakras just open up. You just see smiles everywhere when people interact with these guys.”

YGTBSM. What are people paying for this “education”? What a waste of four years of a person’s life to go play with llamas. At least if one went to work at a llama farm they’d learn some useful skills.


Berkeley should develop a backbone and while they’re at it, some testicular fortitude.
Now off to watch YouTube vids of antifa f*gs get their faces knocked in.
I f**king hate commies.


By chance, have you discovered the writings of Tom Kratman?

His “Carrera” series starts out focused on Islamic thuggery, but he does not neglect the Reds.

No, not at -all- does he neglect them….

Good reads.


Gladly I’ll take a break from the Federalist Papers for some anti-red reading.

2/17 Air Cav

The Left will doubtless applaud this. As an American, I don’t. In June 2016, a Lefty member of Parliament named Jo Cox was murdered. Her murderer was a nutjob, with a history of psychiatric problems and who was evidently a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Cox was a Lefty’s Leftist and her killing brought sympathy messages from Red Line, Wide Load, and Kerry, among other notable Democratic Socialists. It also brought a very different message from a neo-Nazi UK group called National Action. The group applauded the murder. In response, Parliament banned the group from existence, making it a crime to be a member. The group did not have a hand in the killing. It was outlawed b/c of its expressed joy in Cox’s death. Well, the group didn’t disband and rec’d attention when one of its members gave her child the middle name of Adolph. The woman was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to five years in prison for being a member of National Action. Her husband caught 6 ½ years and three others were sentenced to between 5 and 6 years. UK is a socialist paradise, the envy of the American Left.


For an example see Rep Ted Lieu (D-CA):

“I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech.” – Ted Lieu.

At least he, like Occasional-Cortex, is honest in their pursuit of destroying American ideals.

2/17 Air Cav

He added that but for the Constitution, he would be happy to regulate Fox News. He is not someone who internalized the principle of Free Speech, I see, and does not seem to get that the knife he would use to control the speech of others cuts both ways. Where do we get such people? Is there a secret repository of ignorance located somewhere, maybe a graduate school of stupid?


This is why I keep saying we have to know about these people – all of them. If they stay hidden, they sneak in through the back door.

This is both the curse and the blessing of the internet. They’re so anxious to be heard that this gets published where we can all see it.