The Peasants are Rioting in Paris….

| December 2, 2018

The French are rioting over Macron’s increase in the carbon tax.

In France, diesel fuel is now at $8.20/gal and gasoline at $9.00/gal. The bulk of the price at the pump here is taxes, not fuel costs. Macron wants to increase the carbon tax in France to $63/tonne. There is no reason for it, other than his personal greed factor. It goes for absolutely nothing other than payola to IPCC and to line his pockets.

From the article: The loudest and most famous voice from the weekend protest is that of Jacline Mouraud, a diesel owner from Brittany who has become the star of the yellow vest movement due to her YouTube videos and appearance on all major French news outlets.

“You have persecuted drivers since the day you took office. This will continue for how long?” she said in a YouTube video that has millions of views. “You only need those taxes for new china in the Élysée palace or another expensive swimming pool for your private residence!”

This seems to be a growing movement in France since 283,000 people in 2,000 locations rioted and burned stuff over it. I’m waiting to see how long it takes Macron to realize that  – well, the French generally hate him. But they voted him in over Marie LePen, and she warned them what would happen.

The link to WUWT’s article is here:

It also appears that in Paris, some of the rioting is the work of groups closely resembling the antifas here this country. There is much damage in Paris, and Macron is ‘shocked’ about it.  Well, les Crapeaux had a chance to vote in Marine le Pen, but they went for this King of Disconnectedness instead. I wonder if he will offer the peasants cake to eat.

It is not just in France that this tax-to-death attitude is going on. There is a proposed bill coming up to inflict a $55/ton carbon tax on us, the unsuspecting public.

I’ve already discussed how a similar tax proposed by IPCC on my gas bill alone would cost me income I simply do not have.  I did the simple math to find out what this carbon so-called tax might cost me, the same as the IPCC’s carbon tax, which was a staggering $21,000 per month by 2030, based on cubic feet of natural gas usage.

Converting therms to tons was easy enough. There is a site that does that. The result for me was 3.774892954361 tons in January 2018, which is about average for me. My January bill is usually $115 to $120, depending on the weather. The carbon tax is an incremental tax, meaning that it starts low but increases every year for five years to an unconscionable $55/ton, which in my case is $206.14, making my wintertime household gas bill $325.98, an amount that is unaffordable at best, and egregious at its worst.

This proposed so-called tax is not meant to benefit any of us at the taxpaying end of the economic scale. It will simply go into a massive slush fund with an elaborate title that this bunch of tax-sucking slugs in Congress will be able to dip into at will.

The real anti-growth economic impact for the USA is discussed here:

From ATR:  A carbon tax will not be pro-growth. Most carbon tax scenarios reduce GDP for the entirety of the 22-year forecast period. 

Better than break-even economic performance may not be possible unless revenue is devoted entirely to corporate tax relief. A lump-sum rebate results in lost GDP equal to between $3.76 trillion and $5.92 trillion over the 22-year forecast period.

That is trillions, not millions or billions of dollars – trillions lost to this nonsense.

If you want to drive a thriving economy into a profound economic Depression, you tax the living daylights out of it until it is squeezed dry. Keep raising taxes and before long, there will be no more taxes to be found. We had a revolution in this country a while back because George III imposed a Stamp Tax Act on everything that was printed, to squeeze colonists dry. We fought that, and won.

Here’s something else that is disturbing: the Bill authorizes armed carbon tax enforcement agents:  The bill authorizes armed carbon tax enforcement agents to collect the new tax on energy used by Americans. As if customs enforcement doesn’t already have enough on its plate, the bill states:

“The revenues collected under this chapter may be used to supplement appropriations made available in fiscal years 2018 and thereafter –

“(1) to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in such amounts as are necessary to administer the carbon border fee adjustment.”

So, if you somehow don’t pay this energy tax into this slush fund, you’ll get arrested???? If it shows up on my gas bill, which is my only source of carbon, men with guns and badges are going to show up on my doorstep demanding money from me? Aside from this looney-tune proposal, this loudly smacks of Gestapo tactics to me.

The true nature of this proposed tax is discussed at the links, but most egregious is the 2-child limit per household included in the language of the proposal.  Here it is, straight from the bill text:

“A carbon dividend payment is one pro-rata share for each adult and half a pro-rata share for each child under 19 years old, with a limit of 2 children per household, of amounts available for the month in the Carbon Dividend Trust Fund.”

The reasoning behind a limit of 2 children per household is not specified, not at all. Because it is poorly written, it can be read as a means of forcing population control on families, which is what the Chinese government has been doing for decades.

You may want to call Florida Republican Congressman Francis Rooney at 202-225-2536 and ask him why he has signed onto this absurd and harmful Democrat tax proposed by Deutsch, which seeks to impose a tax that is nothing but a feed into a slush fund. You should also call your own Congress critters and tell them to vote against this bill. Or send them e-mails to that effect. And sounding angry about it, in a civilized way, is acceptable. It isn’t a sales tax. It is larceny.

It is extremely necessary on the part of all of us to be aware of these vultures and give them as much room as possible to expose themselves for what they really are. Without awareness of them and their agenda, we will lose the very things we value most.


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  1. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    The goal is to wreck the economy, thus “prove” the free market can’t work, thus making it necessary to replace unworkable freedom with State control of the means of production.

    • Mason says:

      It’s really odd that the left hates corporate monopolies (a rare thing I can agree with them on), but loves union and government monopolies.

      Like Occasional-Cortex spouting off about how much better life would be with Medicare for all. It makes no sense to anyone who’s spent time in the real world.

      • Azygos says:

        I’m not sure I follow you. She does have a degree in economics.

        Why just the other day she was explaining that in Europe they use Euros, and in Africa they use Afros.

        • rgr769 says:

          I think someone in the econ department when she got her degree in econ must have “awarded her her grades and degree based upon her SJW and Gender Studies work. She certainly knows nothing about economics.

        • Mason says:

          I actually laughed out loud Azygos.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Sha also said that she can’t wait to meet and work with Phil Abuster and when she was asked about the Supreme Court she said that it’s just like a regular court but with extra pepper, onions and sour cream!

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            If there were a like button….

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              Even funnier than that, Ocrazy-o Cortex has compared her election to the Lunar Landings and Rural Electrification and it’s NOT a spoof, she’ll be comedy material for years to come!


            • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

              She also said she wants to abolish ICE so that roads will be less slick and safer during the winter!

    • desert says:

      dem peasants iz revolting! 😉

  2. Love your post Ex, It’s a Real Gas. (1950’S saying)

  3. I guess the Pheasants are sorry they banned the Guillotine. I see London I see France, I see Macrons underpants.

  4. Azygos says:

    Ex-PH2 I suspect they will hire excess TSA Agents, fired border patrol agents, failed IRS agents etc… to fill the roles of Carbon Police Tax Collectors. You wouldn’t want any of those poorly educated Statist types in that role now would you?

    “It will simply go into a massive slush fund with an elaborate title that this bunch of tax-sucking slugs in Congress will be able to dip into at will.”

    You mean like the trillions that have disappeared into Porkulous, Son of Porkulous and other “bail-out programs ad nauseam.

    Just yesterday I saw an article where GM was going to ask for several more hundred million dollars of our money. Other than pay off the unions and short retirees on their retirement, and give a butt-load of the money directly to the democrats and wonder what they need the money for this time?

    We all know this is a Statist wealth transfer scheme to control the masses (the “m” is silent) and is not about climate change. The appropriate response here should be Rope, lamp-post, politician, GM chairman etc, some assembly required. In France I believe it would be guillotine, politician, some disassembly required.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      We all know this is a Statist wealth transfer scheme to control the masses – of course it is, but couched in what seems to be “soft” language, the effect is to blindside the reader.

      • MSG Eric says:

        But only wealth transfer from “certain” people that don’t agree with what the party decides, comrade….

  5. Mason says:

    In a bitter case of irony, if they enact this carbon tax, driving up your natural gas bill, you’ll be forced to turn to alternative heating methods. Invariably you’ll burn wood, releasing more carbon than if you’d burned the nearly clean natural gas.

    Of course the short-sighted progressives won’t see this obvious conclusion. They’d prefer we all appeal to death boards for our health care, stand in bread lines for food and toilet paper, and don’t engage in “hate speech”.

    • Prusmc says:

      As I understand it, the PRESIDENT would have to sign it to take effect. He is doing pretty dismally after November 6th; this might be the chance to revive his relevancy by by
      Vetoing such nonsense.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Congress Critters can very easily override a Presidential veto.

        And remember Congress critters DO NOT have the interest of the citizens of this country at heart. They are only concerned with re-election. They are all either demoncans or republicrats.

        • AW1Ed says:

          Not so easy. A 2/3 majority in both houses is required to overturn a Presidential veto.
          These days, good luck with that.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            True that. I don’t trust any of them and 2020 is right around the corner. We (semi conservatives/right of center) dodged a very big bullet in several states this year. The left is steadily working on stealing elections and the free shit army sheep are letting/helping them.

            Eternal Vigilance is our only salvation.

            • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

              Well put…

            • UpNorth says:

              Yeah, the voting dead, misplaced and re-marked ballots and fraud were just a warm-up for 2020. That they got caught in a few states but got away with all of the larceny like they did in Orange County, Ca, doesn’t bode well for us.

              • Ex-PH2 says:

                It was the recounts that flummoxed them. When they asked for recounts, more votes turned up for Trump… so they stopped asking. 🙂

            • Mason says:

              Look up ballot harvesting, now legal in CA, for a look at what the Dems will now try to push nationwide.

  6. Hondo says:

    Macron might want to tread rather carefully here. Historically, unrest in Paris has sometimes meant serious problems for the French leadership in power – including at times their physical demise. For examples, see the French Revolution; Napoleon (I and III); the Paris Commune; and a few other periods during French history.

  7. HMC Ret says:

    Citizens with torches and pitchforks in our future?

  8. 26Llimabeans says:

    Let them eat cake.

  9. 5th/77th FA says:

    No politician has ever met a tax that he/she/it didn’t like. They have the power and desire to continue adding taxes at will. I’m sure each of you live in an area where it is a constant SPLOST, ELOST, ect ect ad nauseum. These type they get the gullible free shit army people to vote for them by promising, what else, more free shit.
    Nobody ever thought the tax on income would last past WWI; how that work out for us?
    Remember when the SS tax was not supposed to go into the general fund? How’s that working?
    What about your Medicare Taxes? We paid in for years, sign up for Medicare and still pay. That’s on top of paying for your health care insurance.
    This is the easiest tax at all for them to add. Put it on your power or gas bill, if you don’t pay it, they cut you off at the meter.
    Looked at your phone bill lately? How much of that is for the service vs the taxes and fees?
    Pitch forks and torches in the street? Nah, gonna be lock and load.

    Excellent post Mi’Lady. This article should be the headline in every newspaper, and the lead story of every news cast in the Country. Hey I can dream still, can’t I?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Thanks, Hondo, and all of you. Spread the word, and get after your Congress critters to vote “NO” on this.

      I do not think it’s the first time this has been tried, but it certainly is not the last.

      • AW1Ed says:

        My congress-critter couldn’t sign this bill fast enough, and nothing I can say or send will change a thing. Taxation without representation really does suck.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    In a footnote to this, Macron’s little world has been shaken. The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement is growing and has taken hold of the public’s sympathies. Macron’s popularity is rapidly dropping.

    From the Reuters article:
    On Wednesday, the Jean-Jaures Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank, published a report backing the sentiments driving the yellow-vest movement — French households are finding it tougher to make ends meet, the report said, with basic pastimes such as trips to the cinema and restaurants out of reach.

    “Having to sacrifice such simple pleasures sends a message to these people that they are slowly falling off the bottom of the vast middle class rung,” the authors wrote.

    Now, should I get a bunch of copies made of the article about this proposed tax, plus the tax itself, and go hand them out at the train station? And ask people to pass them on to friends, too.

  11. MSG Eric says:

    We should care about CO2 and other emissions after China clears the CO2 cloud over their country that is literally the size of the Contiguous US.

    After they clear that one, they can work on clearing the other one the size of Texas.

    Maybe. But since our air, water, and soil are cleaner now than 10, 20, 30, 40, etc., years ago, why?

  12. I had to get up oily this morning to see if the folder holding my Carbon paper was made out of oil and if I would be subject to a carbon tax if it came to be. next thing you know, there will be a tax on tacks.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      It’s good to be the king!

      “We are so poor, we don’t even have our own language! Just a stupid accent!”

  13. The Other Whitey says:

    I wonder if Macron (Madame Robinson’s boy-toy) has reflected on the fact that French political leaders have a historical tendency to lose their heads when they piss off their constituents.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It would be funny to see a crowd marching through the Champs Elysee or the Champ de Mars with pumpkins labeled ‘MACRON’ stuck on long poles, shouting ‘Macron, Resign!!’

      Just a thought….


    How about poodle drawn chariots?

    Shit, craving me some freedom fries now…..

  15. HMC Ret says:

    And yet these assholes get elected, both in Europe and here in the U.S. We just dodged a bullet here in Florida. Gillum, the democrat, had vowed a very large sales tax, an income tax, which we currently don’t have and other schemes to rob the population. Yet, he came within a hair of being elected. Pitchforks and torches, anyone?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Some people are masochists. That’s the only way I can see why they would want to elect someone who would hurt them.

  16. NHSparky says:

    Dear Democrats,

    Go ahead. Tax natural gas into oblivion. What’s the cost of solar power at night, or wind power on a calm day?

  17. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    The French like to riot. They do it with regularity. It’s in the top 10 national enjoyments, sitting behind screwing, bicycling, surrendering, wine drinking and eating bread.

  18. docduracoat says:

    Gillum almost won in Florida because there are 50% of the population that pays no taxes. So who cares if taxes up.
    They don’t pay them.

  19. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Carbon taxes are just another wealth redistribution scheme it will do nothing to save the environment and damage precisely the people the left always claims to care about those in the lower and middle economic sectors.

    Gas that costs 3 or 4 times as much as it does now doesn’t hurt people in the upper 20% income tier, but it will slaughter those in the lower 20 and 40% brackets.

    That’s the problem with most liberal policies, their ideas are so good they have to be mandatory for anyone to adopt them.

    Actually that’s true of conservatives as well. Most people just want to be left the fuck alone, and neither left or right is very good at letting people live truly free from encumbrance.

  20. David says:

    How did your numbers flip from $21000 monthly to $300 and change? I missed that.

    if you have electric heat, $300+ is not an outrageous bill.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      My gas bill covers heat, cooking and the water heater. To go from $115/month for January to OVER $300 because of a phony tax that is based on my GAS usage is unreasonable. I do NOT have electric heat, but I’m sure that a carbon tax would also appear on my electric bill.

      The $21,000++/month is the tax I would face on my gas usage alone, assuming the IPCC’s demand that this be attached to gas bills as a CARBON TAX is met, is a charge of $1,343 per thousand cubic feet of gas used by me. They also want to put a tax of $240 per gallon on gasoline at the pump.

      The IPCC has no authority make such a demand but they want to do just that.

      These are two separate taxes, both of which are unreasonable and have no basis in reality or any purpose other than creating a slush fund for greedy politicians in Congress and even greedier thugs at the UN’s IPCC.