Our old buddy Stewart Rhodes of the so called “Oath Keepers” – still running his suck.

| August 29, 2018

Back in the early days of TAH there were the Blog Wars.  Some guy named Jonn and a bunch of others didn’t care much for Stewy and his klan.  I am just a loving and kinda forgiving guy so far be it for me to try and outshine the eloquence of one Jonn Lilyea on the matter:

“Yeah, the Oathkeepers, our sworn enemies led by former Ron Paul staffer, Stewart Rhodes, were the “source” for rumor. I wouldn’t believe Rhodes, an Adam Kokesh supporter, if my life depended on it. If you read further down the “article” you’ll see there no real reason to believe the story, it’s just a bunch of crackpots trying to stir up some shit;”

” Personally, I think that the Oathkeepers are more despicable.”

Let’s just say TAH as a general guideline doesn’t care for Patchy Rhodes very much.  His hysterical babbling and tin foil temperament are some of his better qualities.  I have lost count of how many posers/embellishers we have busted that were affiliated with his group.  It started out as an interesting group but quickly turned septic mostly due to the puss filled ego of its blowhard leader.

We all have variant opinions on the late Senator McCain but Stewy goes full batshit as if he has some breaking secret scoop about McCain that the average literate person didn’t have decades ago.  The irony of this one-eyed fat man claiming someone else built a reputation on lies and deception is just too rich.


Anyone interested in a trip down memory lane can put “Stewart Rhodes” in the search box at the top of the page.   There are one-eyed fat men that I admire…he just ain’t one of them.  I try not to link to sites that I think suck so you will have to look up OathKeepers on your own.  The interview was done by that guy over at The Next News Network.

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Wilted Willy

All he needs is a parrot on his shoulder, arrrrrghhhh!

The Parrot

Don’t associate me with this one-eyed cocksucker!
*Squawk Whistle*


Is it me, or does that eye patch make Stewart Rhodes look like a butt pirate?


LMAO! I can see it now…sailing the rio grande with his fellow pi-rates…(avast ye maties…let’s get the bootie!”


Or the Arrow shirt guy either….🤔

Tom Huxton

You have found the first Rooster Cogburn poser

No I don’t think he looks like Moshe Dayan

Tom Huxton

You have found the first Rooster Cogburn poser

No I don’t think he looks like Moshe Dayan


I didn’t know he had an eye patch.
Sorry for his loss but I can’t help wondering why we don’t see more of that with posers.
Probably too difficult to pull off if one is not truly suffering the vision loss.
Seems like something George Costanza would try.

Yeah, I’m all for keeping my Oath. And a few other personal commitments as well but not gonna wear it on my forehead let alone sleeve.


Boy, you guys really missed the bus here. Stewart Rhodes is a left hand batting all rounder New Zealand cricketer who plays for the Wellington Firebirds in the Plunket Shield and the New Zealand one-day competition. A fine fellow both on the pitch and off.

Oh, I got the wrong Stewart Rhodes. You’re talkimg about the Yale law grad, tin foil hat wearing, Hitler could have been stopped by the troops puttin their hands on their pockets, Stewart Rhodes. My bad.


I heard Stewie wears the eye patch because of a skull fuchting that went very wrong.



No, the skull fucking is BECAUSE he had an available hole, which he covers up when not in use by random cocks.


So the story is mostly correct.


A Terminal Lance Coolie

I heard it was a pegging incident where they didn’t know which end was his backside…


Reminds me of a drill instructor we had in boot camp. One of his famous comebacks was, “You tryin’ to eye fuck me boy?”


Tried, but the slurring of his words was impossible to take in that clip. Must be a problem with my computer. Yeah, that’s it. Uh-huh.

Combat Historian

What does one have to do (phrased more elegantly: who does one have to suck) to earn that black-and-gold tab on the ball cap?


I thought that “tab” said


A Proud Infidel®™

I heard it’s what one gets after their 500th visit to Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in rear).


On 8 December 2015, Elmer Stewart Rhodes was disbarred from the practice of law in the State of Montana.


There is nothing more useless than a disbarred lawer.

A Proud Infidel®™

Fred Phelps wa also a disbarred lawer.


So was a non-CPO, non-Seal, menace to civil aviation assclown that’s at room temperature six-feet down.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Wait. Bernasty kicked the bucket and I missed it?


The Stranger

There’s a pretty long thread on the topic from back on January 24th(?)

The Bush

I concur

*Rustle Rustlers

Veritas Omnia Vincit

OathWankers is a more appropriate term to describe these tin foil hat tired, old cranks.

Just An Old Dog



Oaf Queefers for the win!


His Indian given name is….

“Cock in the Eye”

A Proud Infidel®™

I was sure it was “Walking Turkey” meaning a bird that is too full of shit to fly!


Avast mateys, I like to guzzle some grog and breech load a cabin boy…it shivers me timber…


Didn’t I see him not long ago wearing glasses? In fact, he referred to them as his “Loaf peepers”. Imagine the one eye going in circles for minutes as he stands in front of a urinal way longer than the average reliever.


In the words of Bugs Bunny: What a maroon!

I know you have to have something to do in retirement, but does it have to be this grandstanding, arm-waving, ‘look at me, I’m an diot’ kind of thing with ALL of these people?

BlueCord Dad
BlueCord Dad

Damn YouTube..standby

BlueCord Dad

Okay, I give up. YouTube hates me..:


Apparently, it does not exist on Youtubbies. So it’s okay.

Seriously, the squirrels in my neighborhood that steal bird food off my front steps are smarter than this guy.

Wilted Willy

Ex, please don’t insult the squirrels, I feed mine peanuts all the time and the come running when they see me in the yard. The squirrels are a genius compared to this bat shit asshole!


Quis custodiet ipsos facies inamabilis sciurus.

Who will guard the oh look a squirrel!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is he related to Dustie?


Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream” would rise up from the dead and drop the “Bionic Elbow” on this shitstain!

A Proud Infidel®™

Super-Queef that keeps trying to come back like a vase of Herpes.

Wilted Willy

API, this nutsack definetly Dorks the Squeakhole!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Among other things that dildoheaded dimbulb of a duckfuck does!


He also likes to get eye to eye with the brown eye every chance he gets.

Green Thumb

A surefire way to prevent someone from running their suck is to either pound it close or insert an object into it.



“…I am just a loving and kinda forgiving guy …”

Who are you and what have you done with Dave?



This fat pig disgusts me, as does the puppet doing the interview. At one point he obliquely questions if McCain was tortured. As far as the signed confession of guilt and particularly the read statement of guilt, anyone with the IQ of a rock knew that was under duress and was totally bullshit. I would like to see this fat slob take off his tin foil hat and become a POW in a country which routinely tortured their prisoners, often every day for years. Now, what can I bring to this discussion? I was a nuclear medicine technologist in Bethesda when the prisoners were released. They were showered and shaved and given new, nicely pressed clothing. The very low IQ seeing this would assume they had received humane treatment from their barbaric captors. Well, let me tell you what I know. Attempts were made to send those released to a military health care facility of their choice, which usually meant they went to where their family members were living or to which they could conveniently travel. Some of the POWs spent more than a month in the hospital, obviously depending on their physical and psychological demands. Each had a battery of nuclear medicine scans: bone scan, liver/spleen scan, gallium soft tissue scan, etc. I personally performed those scans on those who were sent to Bethesda. I don’t recall the number sent there, but I believe it to be about 8. Could be 8, could be 12, could be 4. EVERY one of those men had multiple actively healing bone fractures. Every one of them had at least a few and often 8 or so vertebrae that were in the process of healing. Every one had knees, ankles, shoulders and elbows that had been pulled from its socket and were healing. Every one had healing fractures in their long bones, sternum, ribs and skull. Yes, skull b/c they had been beaten in the skull. They had been strung up until their joints were pulled apart. Some had as many as, if I remember correctly, 30 ‘hot spots’ indicating the healing of… Read more »


HMC Ret thank you for posting that. One thing that SERE level C teaches is that anything you do or say can and will be twisted / manipulated and used against you. EVERYONE can be coerced to talk via of torture. Show me a man that says he will only give name, rank and serial number no matter what and I’ll show you a liar.

President Carter Ammended the Code of Conduct in 1977. This ammendment allowed tortured POWs to return with some measure of honor, dignity and self respect.


Ditto and word up Chief. Good broadside shot. I’ve no use for that twerp either. Dave has mellowed somewhat. He was way yonder to polite to a POS who should just ESAD.


Chief….well done compliments deserved from anybody who read your article. Which I must say was ballsy to begin with. No doubt the MSM will get word of this and descend on your hacienda like stink on shit. They can not cope with facts and truth, making a target for anyone who dare speak of such personal experiences. You, like many of us are not an attention whore, nor do we seek recognition for what we have shared or given. In all honesty I seriously doubt I’d have had the will to hang through the tortures with mouth closed until I could bear it no more. Not being a McCain fan for personal reasons (treatment of wife) I still never cared to discuss it knowing what he went through as a POW. Anyone with a heart and soul could not possibly read your story without grimacing throughout. Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy expose from a first hand experience. S/F


What those guys said, Chief. Thank you for posting this.



Thanks for this! I hadn’t ever thought any of the POWs from Vietnam were not tortured, I had no idea, until reading your post how horribly they HAD been tortured.

I work in the radiation protection field and while my specialty is environmental radioactivity, I have been exposed (no pun intended)to medical isotopes and their uses. We actually used to have a medical physicist on our team. Reading what you said all I can say is HOLY SHIT!

Glad you were there to help take care of these guys.


Chief, I never have doubted that anyone who was held prisoner by the North Vietnamese was being treated worse than they’d treat livestock.

Anyone who doubts that this happened is in denial of reality, and probably does not believe what the Japanese did to American prisoners during WWII, either.

The fact that it’s documented means nothing to them and never will. The self-styled oathkeepers are part and parcel of it and deserve no credence for anything.

Gary Hunt

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