Spenser Rapone discharged?

| June 8, 2018

According to Breitbart, PJMedia and SOFREP, Spenser Rapone is being discharged this month from Fort Drum;

Recently, Spenser Rapone re-tweeted a post on Twitter which announced that he would be speaking at a socialist event in July as he was being processed out of the Army this June with an other than honorable discharge. This was likely the harshest punishment the Army could give Rapone unless they decided to charge him with something like sedition. With an other than honorable discharge, Rapone will not be entitled to VA benefits, the GI Bill, and may have difficulties in finding employment.

There is nothing official from the Department of the Army, so this is nothing more than a rumor at this point.

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Combat Historian

It would behoove the Army to immediately yank his security clearance (if they have not already done) so he doesn’t pull a Manning/Snowden before the OTH paperwork is signed off and implemented…


I thought that Jonn had written earlier about this douchebag getting his security clearance yanked, but I could be wrong since I have slept since then.

Combat Historian

If they had already yanked his clearance, then I am much relieved. This little punk could have done a lot of damage during the interim period before he is finally booted…


If you look up STUPID in the dictionary, you will find this dipwad’s picture there!


If true, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Commie cocksucker…



He needs to pay back his tuition.


Yep…Discharge is awesome but his diploma needs to be pulled and he needs to pay.


Just what I was thinking. On both counts. He got a high end education with room, board, medical, and pay that the US gov isn’t going to recoup through service.

A Proud Infidel®™

I concur, either he ought to repay his tuition, room and board get his USMA Diploma revoked!


I know of one USAFA Graduate years back that was asked to leave before his initial obligated service was done that was hit with a bill for a pro-rated share of tuition that was in the six figure range.


He must have been such a d#$k as an Lt.

Trapper Frank

Imagine being this turd’s platoon sergeant or a squad leader serving in his platoon.


That would be a Platoon Sergeant’s ring of hell that even Dante couldn’t envision. As a Platoon Sergeant I would rather have a JROTC cadet as my PL than this dickhead.

@jerry920, in the future please refer to piece of shit Lieutenants as “lieutenant, lower case ‘l’ on purpose”. I like to think the term “LT” is reserved for good officers that we respect. As a Platoon Sergeant whenever I said Lieutenant instead of LT my PL would give me the deer in the headlights look and you could almost hear the wheels spinning in his brain saying “Oh f*ck what did I f*ck up now?”.


LOL, ok 🙂

SSG Kane

I know a TL (who wishes to remain nameless because he had good experiences with LT rapestain and doesn’t want to get flamed for it) who said the guy appeared to be a pretty hard charger. He seemed to focus on taking care of his troops. He credited his NCO’s and claimed his experience as an NCO taught him to be the type of officer his men would respect.

He would also bitch to his TL about how command wasn’t taking care of this PL, how they were being singled out for additional duties and stupid shit, and how hard he had to fight for them with the company commander.

All of which leads me to conclude he was very much about making himself look good to his guys (while not actually doing anything) and selling out his guys to the commander when shit didn’t get done.

The Other Whitey

“All of which leads me to conclude he was very much about making himself look good to his guys (while not actually doing anything) and selling out his guys to the commander when shit didn’t get done.”

So…standard leftist politician, then?


“All of which leads me to conclude he was very much about making himself look good to his guys (while not actually doing anything) and selling out his guys to the commander when shit didn’t get done.”

In my neighborhood, that’s called as “Blue Falcon Tattle-Tale Bitch”.

Trapper Frank

SSG Kane, he cannot be that much of a hard charger. He DOR Ranger School as an officerand was booted out of Ranger Battalion as an enlisted man. Thank you for your service 1LT Rappone. Now GTFO of my country you disgusting POS.


Well… bye.


AMF, Rapone


All must remember that this POS is a West Point Grad and as all Academy Grads is a Political Appointee. In the first place, Who appointed this communist opposed to a non-communist? Second, How the Hell did a communist receive a Commission? He is the same as the female Ranger School grads. Something is seriously wrong with the US Army and the Military at the highest level.


The guy who “vouched” for him or however that works released a statement after all of this came out saying he was disappointed in rapone or something like that. Apparently he didn’t know he was a commie.


You need to get your facts straight, REM. You are incorrect.

Each of the “big 3” service academies has an authorized student body strength of somewhere north of 4,000. Many of those are indeed nominated by Members of Congress (plus a few other political officials).

There are 535 Members of Congress. With the other officials allowed to nominate candidates, let’s say there are 545 such officials. Each Member of Congress can have at most 5 persons attending. (I think those handful of other officials also are limited to 5 as well.)

Do the math. That’s only 545 x 5 = 2,745 out of over 4,000. The other “slots” are reserved for those with military connection: sons/daughters of career military, children of MoH recipients, appointments from enlisted status, children of 100% disabled veterans, and a few other categories.

And as others noted the last time you trotted out this canard, many if not most Members of Congress make their nominations based on “racking and stacking” of candidates by merit. So even if someone was appointed to a service academy by a Member of Congress, chances are they’re one of the best qualified persons to request a nomination by that Member – and thus one of the best qualified individuals from their state.

If you’re going to disparage an entire group of people, you really need to have your facts straight before throw verbal stones. Here, you don’t; you’re merely flinging erroneous BS.


Obama’s legacy coming apart at the seams.


One can only hope.

MSG Eric

if Obama had a son……he’d be a communist in the Army trying to take over from within.

Denise Williams

I’m reminded of a story about Pat Conroy, the author of “Prince of Tides”, and “The Great Santini”. Pat was a Citadel graduate who watched his classmates go off to Vietnam, while he became a vocal and particularly virulent Anti-Vietnam Activist. Because he knew better, he was smarter than all the rest, Capitalism was doomed, America was Evil, Imperialist, etc., etc., etc.

After he and all the others were pardoned for their crimes against this country, after he had traveled the world and spent time with the “victims” of various wars ostensibly started and funded by the CIA and America, after he made millions as a writer…he finally found the courage to attempt to reconnect with his former Citadel classmates. He wanted to talk with them because after seeing what life was like under all other forms of government, after seeing what the “winners” of all those conflicts and squabbles did to their fellow citizens, he had questions about his youthful ideals.

After those conversations with his fellow classmates, those who did go to Vietnam and did make it back, he said he regrets not doing his duty and leading men, as he had been trained. The reason for his regret? His words, “Because America is worth dying for, even when she’s wrong”.

Maybe someone should explain this concept ol’Pat Conroy finally came to understand to young Rapone.

cc senor

No explanation for Rapone is possible. The history of Eastern Europe after WW2, China under Mao to present, the killing fields of Cambodia, and yes, Cuba under Castro will be lost n an idiot that wears a Che t-shirt.


He’s just another punk-ass bitch that sees communism as a fashion statement and worker’s paradise.


I’ve noticed that the people desiring a “worker’s paradise” never seem to do much work….

Is there a connection?

Why yes, there is.


… and isn’t that interesting?

Roger in Republic

Hence, that old Russian saying, “As long as they pretend to pay us we will pretend to work.”

Perry Gaskill

There have been a lot of guys like Conroy around. Something I find annoying is that many of them are apparently trying to find redemption by using the excuse they refused service on moral grounds when the reality is they lacked the will to face going in harm’s way. Which makes them both a coward and a hypocrite.

Too, no one such as myself would be raising the issue unless people like Conroy brought it up first. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Rapone’s socialist act is a ploy to avoid keeping up his end of an enlistment bargain.


Perry, go to the link below and read my take on this draft dodger issue from 2006. I think you’ll find it buttresses your own viewpoint quite well.

Perry Gaskill

Thanks for the link, PT. It’s good to have you back.


Denise, you might enjoy this piece I wrote at American Thinker back in 2006 on this very topic:


Denise Williams


thank you for sharing that. Once again, I am humbled by my betters, and am better for it. I wouldn’t dare to presume to ascribe that motivation, but I agree whole-heartedly. I also agree those words should be inscribed on every monument, as a lesson to past, present and future generations.

Thank you for your service, past and present. Thank you for doing the hard.


Pat was not a communist. Don’t even try to compare the motivations of the two.


sure sounds like a comunist, with his anti-war activities.. if not, or maybe as well, he was apparently a chicken shit puss that shirked his duty…


Males of draft age who protested the Vietnam War as it occurred IMO fall into one of 3 categories:

a. Communists or Communist sympathizers;
b. Clueless tools whom Lenin might have called “Useful Idiots”; or
c. Abject cowards who were trying to save their own skin.

Pick whichever one of the above you like. None of them are particularly laudable.

I’m guessing PT is correct, and the vast majority fell into category “c.”


Embrace “AND” Hondo.. I’m a bit too young for Vietnam, but my dad made it through Tet, so assholes in any of the three categories piss me off! To be more precise, my dad gave up a college deferment (he had straight A’s), because he felt it was his duty to enlist, then go through OCS… so screw all the losers you mentioned.

borderbill (a NIMBY/BANANA)

Conroy was after me at The Citadel (’66-I think, vs. ’62). I’ve read all his stuff- he was somewhat offbeat-like a lot of us. We lost a lot of classmates and fellow grads in RVN. Quote above about America sums it up for me. Just felt I had to respond.

A Proud Infidel®™

I SO hope and pray that this turns out to br true and I further hope that the USMA REVOKES his Diploma. After all, he DID use the name of his Alma Mater in his pinko commie rants! HEY Spenser Rapone, good damned luck finding a job in the real world other than say, dishwasher at Bubba’s Bar and Grill, WAIT, they won’t hire a pinko commie dweeb like you, so OFF to some rent-a-drunk menial labor outfit, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHa….

The Other Whitey

He can always join Commissar, giving cheap blowjobs at a truck stop near Manteca, CA. They can swap thoughts on Marx in between orally servicing truckers.


Manteca, CA… haven’t heard that name in a long, long time


Yeah, also known as Lard Town.

The Other Whitey

If you haven’t been there, you haven’t missed anything worthwhile.


Or the Pilot at Lodi. When J.C. Fogerty sang about being stuck in Lodi again, he knew what he was talking about…

The Other Whitey

Fuck that place, too.

A side effect of being a firefighter in California is that there are few shitholes in this state I haven’t been to at least once.


Could be worse.

How’s Baker, Needles, or Blythe this time of year?

The Other Whitey

Do you really need to ask?

Answer: shitty, and only getting worse.

The Other Whitey

And of course, there’s Visalia, which was described to me by a local-area native as “Satan’s taint.”


California still has Barstow. It is miserable there even in October.


What, no love for El Centro or Brawley? (smile)

The Other Whitey

God, how I hate that whole desert! Desert fires suck, desert weather sucks, desert spiders suck…

That’s yet another personal experience I could’ve done without.


“Barstool” ..er Barstow, shades of Ft. Irwin…yikes.

Cpl/Major Mike

I doubt he will have much trouble find a job, just think CNN or MSNBC, he can be their answer to Fox News Gen Jack Keane.


If he can cook CNN has an opening.
Too soon?
Too crass?


Dude, that was Magua-level savage.



No, that was Tarleton “burn the Church” savage.

Carlton G. Long

More Savage than Randy

The Other Whitey

Magua has his reasons. Tarleton was just a bloodthirsty asshole. And also a slave trader.

Forest Green



Not here at TAH.

That’s General Sherman level Savage

(Since you fuckers took all the good ones.)

The Other Whitey

Woodhouse-in-WWI savage?


That Guy


Doc Savage

WOW….I am no longer worthy of my name….I bow to the new King Of Brutal!

A Proud Infidel®™

But among the Veteran Community the name Spenser Rapone will always be about as respectable as “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, commanding less respect than what a fresh dog turd on the sidewalk gets.


He’ll come out of the closet as an “anti-gun veteran / weapons expert” next.


Or transgender


Why not both?

The Other Whitey

Hey, Rapone! Fuck you, dude!


I was just wondering the other day what had happened with this sack of shit. Good riddance.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

He’ll probably turn into a gun-fag and join the ranks of that “Everytown” veteran advisory council.


Was there even a moment when the Army chain of command considered NOT discharging/decommissioning/whatever this clown? If so, that/those individual/s should also be processed out.


Whoever this creeper’s sponsor(s) were need to be looked into. It generally takes some prominent political position to facilitate and endorsement.

I can’t say that his sponsor didn’t do their homework or fact checking but it would be helpful for that person or persons to repudiate this squalid bastard.

West Point 1987

Repayment of his tuition is possible, as he was discharged under less than honorable conditions, although I wouldn’t hold my breath–it’s rarely done…they can’t/won’t revoke his diploma, though, that’s done. The only other remedy would be unofficial, a “silencing” by his classmates and other grads (basically no one will have anything to do with him). That remedy among current cadets is against regulations now, and hasn’t happened since the 1970s. Unlikely, since there isn’t that much coordination for something like that post graduation…it’s possible there are more than a few friends/classmates that actually sympathize with him. It happens from time to time…Google Lucian Truscott IV (yes, the famous General’s grandson) and check out his Wikipedia page. He managed to sue West Point over mandatory chapel, became a freelance reported for the “Village Voice” writing about the Gay riots of 1969, graduate, and end up getting an OTH. He wrote the novel “Dress Grey” about a homosexual murder/cover up involving the Superintendent…very critical of West Point at a time when it was fashionable to trash the military.

Rapone can appeal his discharge after one year and it’s easily upgraded one notch to Honorable. It’s almost automatic. Ce le vie…

NR Pax

You can’t upgrade a discharge unless you have iron clad evidence that the level you got was unwarranted. It’s not automatic either. I’ve known a few former military folks who believed that rumor and got crushed by reality.

jim h

off is the general direction in which we would like him to fuck.


Rapone is just another two-bit quisling.


Move to Venezuela where your preferred style of government is winning you cockroach. I’m sure they will commission you in their Army.

The Other Whitey

Not sure if I’d call Venezuela “winning.” The commies are in charge, but nobody’s winning. That’s what happens when commies run things.


That’s only because they’re doing it wrong. Rapone and that Lars assclown know how to make it work this time.

The Other Whitey

Lately I’ve been killing time by reading the “Red Dawn + 20” alternate history forum. Every mention of communist collaborators calls Commissar to mind. Which, of course, contributed to the smile I got from reading a post about a female B-52 pilot who names her aircraft “BUFFy the Commie-Slayer.”


Yeah, true communism has never been tried, so I hear. Ol’ Spenser will straighten them out, I’m sure.


He’s not getting much attention in the news, which means he’s not as important as he thinks he is.

The good news is that in Ontario’s province election last night, the conservative candidate Ford won over the liberal. Now if they can just find a way to do that to Prime Minister Argyle Sox…

That whole cycle of Marxist hogwash is slowly winding down, with the realities of real-world demands. This dopey young man screwed his own pooch with his ego, and it backfired on him, so he gets nothing but a ‘when are you leaving?’ from me and the rest of you. Yes, he made a bad choice, and frankly, Che would most likely have had him shot after a while. What was he rebelling against? Living in a free country? Being able to speak his tiny little mind whenever he wanted to, without being arrested for it?

It’s a guess on my part, but it appears that he carries a massive load of vanity with him, and decided that he knows more than us old fogeys. Wrong. You only know more than the old fogeys when you become an old fogey.

The Other Whitey

I saw a YouTube video of girly-man Trudeau doing some kind of town hall thing in a high school gym. A Canadian Army Iraq vet who’s built like a brick shithouse and clearly wants to snap Trudeau’s bitch ass in half stands up and calls him out on pandering to moslems and not giving a shit about Canadian veterans. Trudeau’s shit-eatin’ grin suddenly becomes a nervous one as he tries to bullshit his way out of it. That moment was that priceless!



It starts getting good at about 2 minutes in.


Oh, that makes me want to just slap that putain Trudy Trudeaus’s face right around to the back of his head!!


Rather have him on the streets than in the military. Goodbye, adios, see ya and fuck off, never come back.


“he may have difficulties in finding employment.”
Naw, I bet some left leaning college gives him a job, and lets him earn another degree.

A. Young

That probably wouldn’t surprise me…


I saw this report of a Rapone-sighting on 30 May and dutifully reported it to Fearless Leader …. but Jonn might have been busy.


“Yesterday I found Rapone’s entry here on Rally Point and it said he is now a 1LT and had the photo of him flashing the “Communist Manifesto” with his uniform hanging in the background….”



I thought all you could punitively give an officer was a dismissal.


Several of us had a similar thought. Perhaps they can reduce him in rank first. Cadets are “enlisted” while in school, right, and only are commissioned upon graduation?


An OTH is an administrative discharge. Not punitive.

And Officers can most definitely get those


Most certainly. We’ve seen that multiple times here at TAH; here’s one example:


If I recall correctly, one such individual who received an OTH for misconduct as an officer was stupid enough to pass out copies of his DD214 showing exactly that to prove his exaggerated military claims.

I also seem to remember that an OTH is automatic if an officer resigns “for the good of the service” in lieu of court-martial. Could be wrong about that, though.

A. Young

I saw this coming when I heard about this dweeb.

Mr. Rapone, enjoy the sting of the stigma that an OTH gives you.


Won’t be able to find employment? Please – he’ll have a leadership position on a DNC-funded campaign before the ink on his 214 is dry. Or he’ll be the paid spokesperson for any number of rabble-rousing “movements”. Or run for office out on the Left coast. He’ll wear this as a badge of honor and there are too many in our midst that will reward he for it.

Roger in Republic

Google is forever! Every time a prospective employer googles his name that Che foto will pop up. I’d like to hear how he explains that one away. Adios Ripone.


What will happen to the USMA officials who knew about his allegiance to communism and did nothing? Why was he allowed to receive a commission in the first place?


He was sponsored by some Muslim instructor and that instructor was removed for unknown reasons regarding a supposed different incident. The whole thing stinks and people had to have know this guy was a bad apple.

Green Thumb

Substandard discharge = shitbag.

Later, loser.


As if there is any shortage of domestic enemy leftist companies or organization where he would be very welcomed. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Souther Poverty Law Center would all welcome and champion this douchebag.


The Washington Times appears to be confirming he is gone. Don’t know if their source is SOFNET or not.


The next Lee Harvey Oswald? Why can’t they lock these guys up for conduct unbecoming?


Because of the fucking Privacy Act of 1974 the DoD cannot officially publish his discharge information. That being stated maybe the MILPO and S1 of a duty station could be encouraged to leak it


Maybe Mr RAPONE thought he could win himself a free college education then get himself booted out with some commie posturing.
On which case I understand his motives. He put the hard yards in Op OEF and came away with an elite education.
I’m in that big Egyptian river about the idea that anyone is still dumb enough to agree with commienism


Would not surprise me as a clever twist on the practice of avoiding the draft by enrolling in Norwich for the degree then resigning your commission shortly after graduation when the draft is no longer.
I personally know of two individuals, one of whom recently bragged about it anew.
Successful business man. Lovely wife.
Golfs a lot. Drives a nice Lexus.
Wanna slap him.


Only problem with that scenario is the possible six-figure debt if Uncle Sam decides to ask for him to repay a pro-rata share of the cost of his education. The Army could very well do exactly that.

Pretty sure Academy grads still incur a 5 year active duty service obligation. And Uncle Sam doesn’t like to be cheated when it comes to spending money.