Mack Miller; deserter for Nevada Assembly

| June 2, 2018

According to the Nevada Review-Journal, Mack Miller, a Republican candidate for the state Assembly, deserted his unit while they were deployed to Iraq in 2007. He came to the States from the deployment on mid-tour leave and never bothered to return to his unit. Miller tells the story that he got an email from unit while he was on leave to not bother returning to Iraq because of an injury.

Miller said that while he was on a 14-day mandatory “rest and relaxation” leave a sergeant emailed him to say “don’t bother coming back.” Miller could not recall who sent the email or provide a copy of it.

But Eric Owens, who was Miller’s platoon leader, said he was not notified of any injuries.

”I cannot recall an instance where he reported an injury to his leadership because we would have sent him to get checked out,” said Owens, who is now out of the Army and lives in Atlanta.

“He made no statement that he was injured. He just left us in Iraq during quite possibly one of the most difficult lives in our lives.”

After he was arrested by civilian authorities in Los Angeles and sent back to the Army, Miller appeared in a court martial and convicted of desertion, sentenced to 18 months confinement, reduction in rank to Private (E-1) and a bad conduct discharge.

Miller, who also pleaded guilty last year to impersonating a police officer, said he never again saw the soldiers he served with in Iraq. But they see him campaigning for Assembly and posting tributes to a fallen comrade. A post on Memorial Day enraged those soldiers who said 16 lives were lost in Iraq while Miller was AWOL.

“It seemed he was trying to score political points off of someone who died for us,” said Kyle Spletter, a former Army specialist who now lives in Wisconsin. “Miller ran from battle. He left us. Our leaders didn’t leave us.”

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  1. T1B says:


    • Club Manager, USA ret. says:

      Send the reporter an email at, and tell her it was a great article.
      Send the Republican Party of Nevada executive director an email at, and tell him this dirtbag is dragging down all Republican candidates and to dump him.

      • desert says:

        Agreed! a shytbag and 18 months was not near enough ….16 died while this a.h. was partying? how many would have lived ifhe had been there fighting back? hope is conscience is alive and well!!

    • desert says:

      Agreed! a shytbag and 18 months was not near enough ….16 died while this a.h. was partying? how many would have lived ifhe had been there fighting back? hope is conscience is alive and well!!

    • desert says:

      A phony liberal state like nevada will probably vote for this lying A.H.! The voted for Hairless Harry Reid didn’t they??

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Normally I’d be surprised someone with a BCD could run for public office, but this Nevada, the state that gave us Senator Harry Reid. Over and over and over…

    • AnotherPat says:

      AW1Ed, as previously mentioned, perhaps Virginia could be worse since a self-proclaimed Pedophile is allowed to run for Congress in that State:

      • AW1Ed says:

        McAuliffe or “The Carpetbagger” as he’s known, has Presidential aspirations.

        • A Proud infidel®™ says:

          I hope and pray that McAuliffe goes down in flames worse than Das Hildebeast did.

      • thebesig says:

        Originally posted by AW1Ed:

        McAuliffe or “The Carpetbagger” as he’s known, has Presidential aspirations.

        He’s also known as “McAwful”. 🙄

        We have way too many libretards moving to this state from further north. Many are escaping the deplorable economic conditions that exists in the area they came from, courtesy of generations of democrats, for better economic opportunities here… Courtesy of conservative policies.

        So, what do these morons do when they get here? Vote for the politicians holding the same political views as those that created the shitty conditions in the states they left.

        Our state has been going down the crapper partly thanks to these knuckleheads.

        • AW1Ed says:

          A good pal of mine was so disgusted with the PDRofMD he pulled chocks and moved across the 301 bridge into King George, Va. Just in time, of course, for Maryland to elect a (sort of) Republican Governor, and Virginia to elect McAuliffe. I admit I did have some fun with that…

        • A Proud infidel®™ says:

          Hey thebesig, your comment further proves my theory that liberals are not unlike a parasitic infection whether it be say, something like a tapeworm or parasitic fungus. Liberals infest one location, render it unlivable with their politics and then migrate to infest and infect other locales like what they did to Califruitnia before infesting Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

  3. Sapper3307 says:


  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Make sure that a large ‘DESERTER’ or ‘BAD CONDUCT DISCHARGE’ or whatever is plastered on his campaign posters, wherever they are.

    I was under the impression that if those things were on someone’s record, he couldn’t run for office, but as AW1Ed has indicated, it’s Nevada.

  5. AndyFMF says:

    But he wasn’t captured by the enemy, so he has that going for him.

    I assess him as a 7.3 on the Bergdahl scale.

    Definitely electable.

  6. Roger in Republic says:

    So he wants to “Fight for America”. Too bad he didn’t fight for America when he had the chance. Dude is just looking for a steady paycheck. Tough to get one dragging a BCD around with him.

  7. MSG Eric says:

    Looks like he was meant to be an elected official all along. Cheat, lie, abandon others, pretend, etc etc.

  8. sj says:

    Oh come on. Who hasn’t had a Sgt from their unit send an email saying not to come back? And, no orders to report to the unit’s “rear”? Happens all the time. /sarc

  9. NR Pax says:

    Miller could not recall who sent the email or provide a copy of it.

    Because it’s hard to provide copies of something that never existed. Now, he claims that “a Sergeant” sent that to him. Fine; bring out everyone who would have matched that description and see what they say.

    Asshole. And I’m sure when this gets brought up, he’ll use the “Das Raysis!” defense.

    • Twist says:

      Judging by the number of KIA’s this unit suffered I would assume that at least one of them was an NCO. This shitbag would probably just claim that the “a Sergeant” that supposedly sent him the email was one of the KIA’s.

  10. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    People DO get lost out in the desert all the time.
    It DOES happen.
    It can be MADE to happen.

  11. USMCMSgt(Ret) says:

    So he deserted his unit during a time of conflict, and is now running for office.

    If the people in Nevada are smart, they should consider that if he’s elected, he’ll only look out for his own interests, shirk his duties, lie to protect himself, and abandon the people…and likely when they need him most to do the job he was asked to do.


  12. NHSparky says:

    Ear. Frozen trout. Fuck him in one with other.

  13. ETCS ret says:

    Somehow, it’s even worse that 20 years ago, a scumbag like this couldn’t get anywhere near being a candidate for public office. Today’s crop of millennial and gen y’s probably don’t know or care.

    • Mason says:

      If he went to the D side, they’d celebrate him for “resisting” a Republican administration.

  14. Claw says:

    PFC Miller receives an e-mail instead of an envelope:

    “You can go home now, your service in the Army is up.”

    “Does this mean I can’t play ping-pong no more?”

    “For the Army it does.”


  15. OWB says:

    ‘Fraid we can’t “win” this one no matter what we say or do. Any of us who try to hold him accountable are obviously racist. He is, after all, another one of those pesky blacks who left the DNC reservation, so who truly are the racists?? Were he a Dem, all sorts of folks would be supporting him.

    Meanwhile, holding this man to the same standard used for everyone else without regard for their race, gender, et al really is the right thing to do. But, if that is who the people of Nevada want to represent them, that is their choice to make. It’s not as if this is the first candidate with questionable circumstances in his background.

  16. Mason says:

    What an absolute complete piece of fecund human excrement. Talk about a blue falcon! Literally leaves his comrades during war. How we don’t execute people like that is beyond me. Patton would have slapped this asshole until the general’s hand was bloody.

  17. Twist says:

    I had a Soldier not come back from leave. We sent him home from Iraq after his father passed away and he never came back (which I can kind of understand because losing a father to whom you are very close to, which he was, is emotionally crushing). About 5 years later I get a call from an officer conducting a FLIPL for his lost gear. I told him to get with the former supply Sergeant because his Squad Leader and myself (his PSG) personally inventoried his stuff and turned it into supply. I never heard back from that officer.

  18. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    The good news is he has no chance. The local media are on this and, as a rule, actual voters in local elections tend to be much more aware than non-voters or those who vote only in presidential elections. There’s that plus the incumbent is a Democrap. So, Miller is toast.

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      Yes, the Review Journal (local LV) has a post – updated 1JUN @ 2321hrs – by Ramona Giwargis that tells to story of this bozo.
      Miller is running in Assembly District 5. Not my district, but I will do my best to put the mouth on this dog turd.
      Nevada is known, locally anyway, as having the best politicians money can buy.
      As an aside, I’m really beginning to understand that old saw about “all politics is local.”
      No family dynasties, prefer real vets – combat arms are best, NOBODY the Unions endorse.
      This isn’t a sprint folks. It’s not even a marathon. It’s more like what’s known as an ultra-marathon.
      Stay alert. Be informed. Pray for Discernment.

  19. Sparks says:


  20. TopGoz says:

    Douche nozzle.

  21. A Proud infidel®™ says:

    I sincerely wish to say from the bottom of my heart and ASS after some beer and pizza, HEY Mack Miller, SHIT in your Momma and Daddy’s faces for breeding you, you shittyassed booger-eating bed-wetting PIECE OF SHIT!!! NOW go fuck yourself to death up the ass sideways with at least two miles of triple strand rusty, tangled Concertina Wire wrapped in asbestos soaked in diarrhea, Nuclear Waste and Agent Orange.

  22. JBUSMC says:

    What is that pin he has on his suit? Is that the US Army emblem?

  23. Cpl/Major Mike says:

    He can look forward to a bright future in politics.

  24. Rakkasan says:

    He is on Facebook Live right now, leaving the race. He is saying that he is a veteran, but the end of his service was “not quite stellar”. He is saying he has statements from soldiers he served with. This cat is a freaking fool and a tool.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      “He is saying he has statements from soldiers he served with.” Yeah, I bet they would go like this:

      “Where’s my wallet?”

      His campaign slogan “A bottle of T-Bird and a brown paper bag in ever hand” was a surefire winner. Too bad he’s out.

  25. RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

    The end of his service was not quite stellar? That’s kind of like saying Ghengis Khan led an active outdoor lifestyle. Idiot. Ya blue falcon SOB. When the doctor in Germany told me I was too broken for then to fix in the alloted time I told her to send me back to Iraq and I drove ’em crazy at LeJeune trying to get them to let me go back, and this coward wants to use his “service” to get elected? Butt munch, you let your buddies down – left ’em in the lurch how do you sleep at night? Do the world a favor dude and just disappear, just like you did when your buddies needed you.

  26. irongrampa says:

    This guy should be running as a Dem,he’s got the perfect resume.

  27. rgr769 says:

    What amazes me is that this dirtbag convicted deserter has the audacity to wear the U.S. Army coat of arms on his lapel in his campaign pic. What a steaming pile.

  28. gitarcarver says:

    Military service should be used as part of qualifications or “work history,” not a self promotion.

    I, for one, grow weary of politicians using vets and service members as political props. Get out there, say what you are going to do and do it. No need to make vets the same thing as kissing a baby on the campaign trail.

    (And yes, this guy is worse than slime.)

    • IDC SARC says:

      Self-promotion is part of life, part of playing the game. If you just wait for people to discover you and what you have to offer, ya might as well not even try to excel.

      With that in mind if someone wants to self-promote and is lying, well then, they deserve every bit of the consequences for those actions.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Honorable military service does serve politicians and would-be politicians well. It is a resume (add the accent marks yourselves) enhancer and signifies, rightly or wrongly, the candidate’s willingness to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the nation or the candidate’s state. For the successful candidate, then comes the parking space, the lobbyist lunches and dinners, the title, and all of the other niceties that tend to corrupt. I’m a term-limits fan, for all elected positions, as well as Federal appellate courts.

  29. 5JC says:

    He claims to be a lawyer I thought convicted felons could not be lawyers before the bar.

  30. Roh-Dog says:

    Shame isn’t in his vocabulary, evidently.

  31. Jarhead says:

    When I first saw this I was thinking, “This guy is finally coming clean and fixin’ to bow out of the political race he was in.” How many times do I have to be wrong in one day? Early on I heard the three year old in the background asking him to hurry up and take him to the watermelon feast where he was being honored. “Never made statements that were not true”, so tell me again the price on that ’57 neon green Pontiac station wagon siting on the lot. If he has dropped out as some later posts suggest, he need not even consider running for dog catcher. Again, if he has truly dropped out, I thought I heard him say he was not a quitter. This clown has pissed me off to the point I just have to tell this joke. A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot sitting on his shoulder. The bartender looks up in amazement and asks, “Wow, where’d you get that?” The parrot says, “Africa, they’re all over the place!”
    Stuff that one down your shirt, Mack the Fork.

  32. akpual says:

    In my day there was no email

  33. Green Thumb says:

    Substandard Discharge = Shitbag.

  34. desert says:

    This site is still messed up? I post and nothing comes up until the next day? and there is no memory when I start to click in my user name and email?

    • thebesig says:

      You need to email the admins, email contact located on the contact tab, and let them know that your posts are still under moderation.