John Kerry should shut up

| January 25, 2018

Failed presidential candidate and architect of the failed Iran nuclear deal, John Kerry is planning to run for president again in 2020 reports The Hill, while he gave advice to the Palestinians;

According to the report, Kerry told Palestinian officials that he was strongly considering a run in 2020 and hinted that Trump will likely not be in office much longer in strongly worded conversation Wednesday.

“Hold on and be strong,” Kerry told the interviewer, a close associate of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, adding that he should tell Abbas “that he should stay strong in his spirit and play for time, that he will not break and will not yield to President [Donald] Trump’s demands.”

According to Fox News, Kerry did his best to undermine the Trump Adminstration’s efforts in the region.

According to the report, Kerry used derogatory terms when referring to Trump, and offered to help the Palestinians create an alternative peace initiative. He reportedly asked Abbas not to attack the U.S. or the Trump administration, but rather focus attacks on the president himself.

I hope Kerry runs again in 2020. I can’t think of a better Democrat candidate. I might even cross the aisle to vote for him in the primaries.

Kerry sneaked into the Paris Peace Accords talks with the North Vietnamese in an attempt to derail US negotiations.

He met with Bashar Assad in 2009 and said of the Syrian president “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region.” Right before their civil war which gave rise to ISIS.

He supported the Obama Administration’s plane loads of cash delivered to the mullahs of Iran that they’ve used to fund terrorism worldwide.

He engineered the loosening of the embargo against Cuba which tightened the communist’s grip on the throats of common Cubans.

Now he’s undermining efforts with Palestinians.

Just think of all the good he can do from the White House.

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Combat Historian



That’s what Teresa tells while she’s dorking him in the squeakhole with the strap-on Barbed Cock of Satan


Dude…everytime you write “squeakhole”, it kills me. I’ve already appropriated that word into daily use. Way to continue taking care of Marines Senior!


“Squeakhole” is just a nicey term for turd-tunnel. I also heard that Kerry likes to “puffcock” like a peacock and then crow like a Rooster with a puss-muffin. Once he spent a weekend with three Ensigns playing tutetheflute and Bugle-Boy. Later he went to the PX to buy a handful of shiny medals to show off at Mommy’s house.

A Proud Infidel®™

John “Lurch” Kerry is just as good of a candidate as would be Hitlery once again, let alone “Fakeahontas” Warren!



Trump/Mattis 2020= MADDOG 2020
😀 😀 😀

2/17 Air Cav

Pence is my call for next. However, I would be happy to have Trump again and then Pence. Mattis? What a combo that would be.

2/17 Air Cav

Here, Chip. MD 20/20 comes with a campaign theme song.


Treason, pure and simple.


Well, he is back at his Logan Act violations, negotiating with the enemy and disparaging his own country. Proof that old dog traitors keep performing the same tricks.


Roger, that!

Bill R.

Even though the Logan Act is a clear violation of the First Amendment and would be declared unconstitutional should anyone actually be prosecuted for it, it DOES prove that there is also a clear double standard when it comes to democrats and Republicans.


Pink bike riding queef.

A Proud Infidel®™

The only thing mossing on that pink bicycle is pink tassels on the handlebars. Compare that pic of John “Lurch” Kerry on that pink bicycle with ones of Mike Pence and his Wife riding a Harley!


And libtards tried to make fun of George Bush when he rode a bike. Sheeesh….


W was fit, Kerry’s a twit.


I hope this Lurch looking motherfucker does run, I sincerely hope he does. Another 4 years of Trump……would be….AWESOME!


How many botox injections has he had? Isn’t there some point at which they tell you no more because ‘bad side effects’ or something?
If only there were some way to make him look more and more irrelevant than he already is….
What? I can dream, can’t I?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Botox injections??? Is he from Boca Raton Florida???


since he has been brain dead since 1970, there is no side effect to worry about…

he’s a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetard….


What’s the old quote about “He has the ability, something something?”

2/17 Air Cav

Who in the world does John “Jungle Stroll w/ Cameraman” Kerry think he is? Cripes. Gall doesn’t begin to describe this SOB. I would like nothing more than for him to run in 2020. He needs to be ‘clintonized’ (or should that be hillaried?) and I’d like to be part of that. What a bastard.


Hillary should be his campaign manager.


Hillary will be his VP running mate.


YES! Yes. Kerry and Clinton…or Clinton/Kerry, in 2020! Please, you treasonous bitch and bastard. Do Run!


Jeezus, why in the hell won’t this idiot just go away? This useless sack of bovine scatology didn’t get enough the last time he ran? It’s only going to get worse, now he’s gonna have the mess with Iran, Isis, Syria et al. hung around his neck and this and everything else. Damaged goods once, broken beyond repair beyond this time. Let his girlie bike riding ass run again, might be good for laughs…


“The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government’s position.”


I brought that up when that Chicago/Cook County guy asked for the UN Peacekeepers.


As I understand it, the Logan Act is effectively a dead letter, and essentially unenforceable due to numerous Supreme Court determinations that almost any speech, even stupid crap with foreigners, is essentially protected by the First Amendment.I believe there were only two people charged under Logan, and zero convictions.

If Kerry’s prior actions do not rise to prosecutable offenses, it is unlikely anything will ever come of his latest effort to stick yet another knife in the back of his own country.


He’s gotten away with it most of his life, so why would anyone expect him to alter his behavior at this late date? He’s a traitor pure and simple, but still walking among us.

Perry Gaskill

Kerry might be a dork, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is mostly a fabricated story. Apparently it was the result of a private conversation that took place in London. Kerry was evidently talking to a guy named Hussein Agha, who is a confidante of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the Israeli newspaper Maariv, Agha reported details of the conversation to senior PA officials, where it leaked. Those same officials have confirmed that the Kerry meeting took place, but not what was said or the situational context. It might also be pointed out that what was said is not only third hand, it has also likely been translated from Arabic, to Hebrew, and then to English.

What might also be relevant background is that Maariv has evidently been a harsh critic of the Obama administration. This might be a situation where the newspaper is getting some additional payback.

Thanks, Maariv, but we really don’t need you to rag on Kerry. We can do that just fine all on our own…


But, Jawn Fraud sKerry Israel at risk, with that upgefucht Iran deal. They should be allowed a few kicks at his ancient ass.

Perry Gaskill

Something strange about this news story is that it’s now been in the wind for a day, and apparently neither Kerry, nor the White House, nor the State Department have been willing to either confirm or deny it despite requests for comment.

What’s also interesting is how it’s being handled depending on the end of the political spectrum. Conservative media is generally pissed that Kerry would, among other things, meet to discuss policy when it’s no longer any of his business. The liberals, on the other hand, seem to be focusing on Kerry’s announcement about running in 2020, and ignoring the plotting with Palestinians angle.


What didn’t occur to me -until you brought it up- was the lack of a reaction from Trump. Usually Teh Donald can’t keep his pie-hole shut when someone gets into his lane, so you’d expect him to be all over Kerry for such an egregious stunt. But to date Trump hasn’t (to my knowledge) said two words about any of this.

…This makes me consider that your analysis might be correct..


IMHO, what Johnny-boy fairy-Kerry needs a liberal supply of knuckle sandwiches.

Followed by use as a practice dummy by kendo students with their shinai for a week or two.


Kerry would be useful for an ISIS infidel training exercise.

Sickass bastard would probably convert.


ferry kerry would run in 2020, if…someone was shooting at his communist, worthless ass! imo

Eric (the OC tanker)

Where is his SF 180 that was promised?



I’m waiting………..

Pineywoods NCO

It’s right beside Dennis Chevalier’s doctorate and Daniel Bernath’s license to practice law, neither of which exists.


Fitting in the picture he’s riding a girls bicycle. I think they airbrushed out the training wheels.
Time for a prosecution under the Logan Act.


About as close to aid and comfort to the enemy as one can get. Sounds a lot like, “I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.”

Yeah, the dummocrats are as close to traitors as this nation has experienced. And we have a good portion of the population in lock step with that pond scum.


Perhaps a bit less, HMC R, given the electoral landslide win of a recent Presidential election. If sKerry (did you know he was in Viet-of-the-Nam?), Fauxahauntas, or Drunkle Joe are the best the Dems can field, there is little to fear.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Swift Boats. That’s another thing that was brought up about his “Purple Heart”. a number of years ago.


Yeh fairy kerry was in Nam, a river boat skipper for about a month! claimed 3 purple hearts, never went near a hospital or infirmary, but the skipper can award them if he wants, “and he wanted”, look good on his lying political resume! Let’s don’t forget the bronze star he put himself in for shooting that little VC (wounded by the way) in the back, crawling off into the brush! what a phucking hero that communist scumbag is!! he ought to marry hanoi jane! imo

sgt. vaarkman 27-48th TFW

What a pric

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

He’s missing the playing cards on the spokes plus the multi colored streamers sticking out of the handle bar grips. I forgot the horn and handle bar mounted bell.

Rosalee Adams

A pox on Lurch.
I still remember Kerry in ’71 who testified in front of a Senate select committee in fatigues. There is not anything wrong with fatigues but not in that setting. I realize it was to show his contempt for the military, but it also resulted in same for the committee.
I will not repeat what my father said about him. At the time dad was in his 5th year in I Corps (an adviser embedded Marines after having served 30 years in USN/MSC)
Agree with John: John Kerry should shut up


John Kerry and Hanoi Jane … two peas in a pod.


There is a picture of the two of them at the dais together at some anti-war event back in the 1969-1971 time frame. Traitors and fellow travelers for the cause.

jeff monroe

Oh The Haughty John The Frenchman Kerry who by the way served in Vietnam and not to mention a 2x Giggalo .


Yes, but only for four months. And he never would have made it to the Senate without that ketchup money.

Just An Old Dog

Well he doesn’t have dark enough skin or the right sexual organs to motivate enough slackers to get out and vote democrat in 2020.


Kerry 2020 “Walk softly and carry an almost unbelievably small airstrike.”