Daniel Roy; stolen valor in Canada

| October 7, 2016


One of our Canadian friends send the news of a bust they made up there recently; Daniel Roy was a homeless bum on the street claiming to be a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Somalia during the 1990s, that he suffers from PTSD and that he’s collecting money on the street to pay for his medication to treat his stomach cancer.

The Department of National Defence could not confirm or deny that Roy served with the Canadian Armed Forces based on the information he had provided to the Star. Rob Prouse, a veteran of the Airborne Regiment, was unable to find a record of a man under the name in the nominal roll that listed those deployed to Somalia in the early 1990s.

Prouse listed many issues with the uniform Roy was seen wearing: the badge above the medal ribbons would not be worn on a Canadian uniform; the badge on the maroon cap is not from any unit that was authorized to wear the beret in Canada; the jump wings aren’t Canadian, and the flags on the lapels should be unit insignia.

Toronto police say that he’s been arrested for unlawfully wearing the uniform of “a Captain in the Canadian Army, contrary to Section 419 (a) of the Criminal Code”.

A picture our friend sent us;


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2/17 Air Cav

Which one is Roy?


Roy is his last name


I believe Roy is pronounced “Wah” in the Great White North.


Only in Quebec. In the rest of the country…is Roy…like normal.


What a douchebag.
I hope he enjoys his time in the clink.

Hack Stone

Will All Points Logistics be opening a branch in Toronto?


For some reason, him sitting on the ground is the detail that bugs me far more than the panhandling or stolen valor. I think I must be wired up wrong.


You are not, I wore that rank it really bothers me to the point of anger that usually requires incoming rounds to spark. Really amazed at how angry I am seeing that. I usually laugh this stuff off.


If so, Reaperman, we’re both wired up wrong.

I’d be so tempted to apply some bear spray to his face…


Uh oh. We have a stolen valor AND the cancer. This guy is an upper level player in the douche filled world of stolen valor. Think Doc Caraway.


Aren’t the jump wings American? If not, what are they?

Oh, wait! I get it! He’s a Commandante in the Ordinary Space Navel Overlords Training Command. That’s a O-5.75 level position, with perps. He just forgot to take his sidewalk cushion with him.


USN NFO wing on his beret, USN jump wings, 82nd AB pin on his left pocket and some randon US SF pin above the ribbons… With the fucked up combination of Canadian and US uniforms and insignia perhaps, it’s an homage to the 1st SSF / Devil’s Brigade!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Fuck that guy, eh?


Dude probably knows Wave Reynar… they like to “glaze” each others “sticky bums”

Just An Old Dog

Beat me to it!! I was going to sat wave the knave could send him his recipe on how bums should be made sticky.


Yah dere !!!
Them there Canucks got themselves their own version of a turdbath !!!



wilted willy

Eh Hoser! Eat Shit and Die!

Sgt. Coe

The man obviously needs help. I hope he gets it.


He didn’t need any help getting into a black SUV when he finished his begging shift last week!


It’s almost like there is a Stolen Valor checklist these idiots follow:

PTSD – check
Cancer – check
Homeless/impoverished – check
Airborne badge (anyone’s) – check
SF/CIA/secret squirrel – check

chooee lee

They look like US Navy Parachutist wings.