Harold Thomas Martin III; Snowden part II

| October 7, 2016

Harold Thomas Martin III

Southern Maryland Online reports that 51-year-old Harold Thomas Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland has been charged by the feds with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials by a government employee or contractor. He was a contractor working for Booz-Allen, the same guys who hired Ed Snowden.

According to the affidavit, on August 27, 2016, search warrants were executed at Martin’s residence in Glen Burnie, including two storage sheds, as well as upon his vehicle and person. During execution of the warrants, investigators located hard copy documents and digital information stored on various devices and removable digital media…The complaint alleges that among the classified documents found in the search were six classified documents obtained from sensitive intelligence and produced by a government agency in 2014.

According to the New York Times, Hamilton possessed thousands of pages of stolen documents;

The digital media contained “many terabytes of information,” according to the documents. They also discovered classified documents that had been posted online, including computer code, officials said…But more than a month later, the authorities cannot say with certainty whether Mr. Martin leaked the information, passed them on to a third party or whether he simply downloaded them.

He’s looking at ten years or so with a new bunkmate. Was it worth it?

Thanks to AW1Ed for the link.

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But if he didn’t intend to do anything with it? What if there were no headings saying it was classified? Those (S)’s were just paragraph sequence indicators…there were even some (TS)’s so there were a lot of paragraphs. Director Comey says all is ok. HRC


Yep, what difference does it make?

MSG Eric

Maybe he was just a guy taking it out for a walk one night!


Let’s give everybody and their brother immunity just to be on the safe side.


All he needs to say is “I don’t recall” during the interview, along with requesting that it not be recorded and have one of his buddies sit with him as his lawyer.

ifcs guy

If he can contact the right people, the FBI will quietly destroy all of the evidence. Too much fuss to do the right thing of course.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Does no one know how to rent anything with a fake name anymore? Geez….burner phones are cheap and easy, get a debit style credit card at the drug store that requires you to put money on it and put cash money on it….you can use that card to rent the storage shed and don’t show an ID just fill out the paperwork using all fake names and numbers. Most places don’t check anything regarding your identity.

It’s not hard to have a PO box at a mailbox place, a storage shed, even an apartment in a fake name all without showing anything in the neighborhood of documentation….even in 2016 cash is king in many places to this day.

If you’re going to be doing something nefarious, leave you government phone at home and don’t bring your burner with you either. Sometimes I’m glad I still have an older 1970s vehicle where the most complicated piece of electronics are the HEI ignition…


Society is getting way dumber, so I assume that the IQ level of criminals must be lowering proportionately.


What the hell is our government up to that all these fruit loops are doing this ???
Did he scrub the docs first before he did it ???
If so all should be ok because they won’t charge him
He can use the Hillary defense


I get my clearance pulled for “mild depression” and never done one thing wrong in my career, yet this guy has his and does all kinds of stupid shit…..the government needs to get their head out of their ass and actually help those doing the right thing.



MSG Eric

the same people saying they are “thoroughly” investigating refugees, blaming guns for jumping into criminals hands, and saying they are fixing issues so they never happen again, until they happen again.


So having a clean credit score is how people are judged as being eligible for handling sensitive material? And we end up with Snowden, Manning, Bergdahl, and this jackass, too.

Well, that’s just great. I guess that’s how they ‘vet’ all those migrants coming here, too.


Poor credit is a red flag for background checkers, as it may make one open to bribery. So is living beyond one’s means. Remember Aldrich Ames?

MSG Eric

Yeah, I recall the dollar amount is 5 grand in “overdue” debt. If it gets higher than that they may pull your clearance. If you get to 5 digits of “overdue” debt they start the process and you have to beg for it to be reinstated, which can take a year or more.


Seriously. I can’t believe Booz is even being allowed to bid on government contracts having anything to do with national security anymore! Honestly, my first reply would be, “Fuck you. See: Snowden and Martin.”


Snowden and Martin? Didn’t they have a TV show in the 60’s?


Laugh laugh laugh


The government is VERY reliant on contractors to work core national security jobs because the government is too cheap to hire more people who will collect benefits like locality pay and pensions. Think about it – why hire a GS-11 as an intel analyst when you can hire a contractor who’s former mil, already has a clearance, and is willing to work twice as hard for half the pay so he can put food on the table in this new economy? I don’t see contracting going away anytime soon, cleared work or otherwise.


If he votes for illary, she will give him a pardon.


Looks like Booz-Allen has a little problem with screening employees that are slated to work for the NSA. And, as Nicki just posted, why are they allowed to bid on government contracts?

As for Harold Thomas Martin III, looks like he’s gonna have a few new friends (Thor, Bubba, Julio and Mr. “Tiny”) and get to enjoy some new dietary choices (cockmeat sammiches and tubesteak with manmayo and nutbutter sides) while in the federal poundhimintheass prison.


Hook up hires. The both of them. Booz Allen is notorious for it.

Life is nice when your mother is a high ranking GS with connections.


Doesn’t this count as a form of treason? And if they can use The War On Terror as an excuse to award the Chattanooga 5 with Purple Hearts, can’t they use that war and treason as a justification to put this fat tub of sh!+ in the morgue?


Espionage during wartime is still punishable by death. But to get that, you have to prove delivery to a foreign nation. I’m guessing the government can’t show that.

You also have to get a jury that is willing to sentence the bastard to death. Good luck.

As for this guy: he dearly deserves to be marooned on Rat Island in the Aleutians. With a tent, a case of MREs, and an e-tool. And not a damn thing else.

In early October. That way, he’d live for a few days before he died of exposure – and would suffer.

Screw this disloyal bastard.


“you have to prove delivery to a foreign nation. I’m guessing the government can’t show that.”

International media, or just national media, should be in an amendment to that law/act. Hell, if the government can treat businesses as punishable entities by law, surely it is time to add the media and its border-less purview as an entity.

Thanks for the clarification on the delivery part.


“prove delivery to a foreign nation”

That, of course, assumes that someone -wants- to prove it.


He’s looking at ten years or so with a new bunkmate.

Yeah, unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials is a pretty big deal… as long as your last name isn’t “Clinton”.


Or Berger, as in Sandy of the stuffed pants.

Silentium Est Aureum

Or Petraeus.

Hack Stone

Are those classified documents in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?


Our government is in the best of hands…

On the upside, they did bust him.

I guess he didn’t donate enough to Cankles – or tried to get a payment from her to keep something quiet.

It’s only a crime when a (D) doesn’t do it.

MSG Eric

She’s not president yet. If he keeps his mouth shut and keeps providing to her campaign, he might get a pardon if she does.

On another note, Obama is officially #1 now in giving pardons to criminals.


So, you’re saying he has two chances to get away with it… if his pockets are deep enough or he kisses the correct a$$es


I don’t see how any “reasonable” person would prosecute him after letting Hillary off the hook. Maybe he just had a weird fetish for classified material. Hillary and the democratic party has ruined the concept of national security.


One theory is that he just collected the stuff. I know collectors that hoard stuff like that

There was a guy in Britain who was supposed to have the largest collection of 19th century newspaper advertisements. A good portion of it was discovered to have been stolen from other collections that he had visited – museums, newspaper morgues, and private collections.

I know a baseball memorabilia collector who bragged about looting local newspaper morgues for old negatives of rare photographs for his photo collection. It’s a combination of arrogant self-centered selfishness and obsessive compulsion.

They think they deserve to have this rare thingamabob or doobry more than anyone else because they believe they are better or are the only people who can truly appreciate somebody else’s stuff.

To sum up – he’s probably a sociopathic jerk, but part of his problem is a compulsion backed by arrogant jackoff behavior.


“the authorities cannot say with certainty whether Mr. Martin leaked the information, passed them on to a third party or whether he simply downloaded them.”

I guess he’s in trouble for downloading all of HRC’s emails?


It’s all so confusing. Haven’t we spent the past few years being retrained into thinking that what he did is no big deal?

After letting some people skate on much more egregious charges, how do they expect to successfully prosecute anyone else? I know, I know, the excuse that other folks did it didn’t fly with my mother either, but none of the other lessons she taught me seem to apply these days.