It is up to you Mr. T.

| August 19, 2016

Are you going to be The Donald or the President?

The Donald is a cartoon character. I do not want a cartoon character in the Whitehouse or leading America’s Armed Forces.

Instead of spending days in slap fights with the liberal media and Democrat red herring Khizr Khans, spend your days battling our nation’s problems. Continually define Mrs. Clinton. Be clear about why she is Crooked Hillary and never let up. How are you going to bring us back to “greatness” from the eve of destruction caused by her policies? You have made some speeches with substance, but you are singing to the choir. Those who consume liberal media by the bucket load have not heard them or read the transcripts. They have only heard the progressive critique.

I do not wish to massage your ego, but you need to understand that you are quite likely our last chance to save a country headed over the edge. Yep, I know. Scary. We simply cannot wait for the next shot at it. The “we will get it next time wink, wink” strategy the progressive globalists used for the last two elections is, for Americans, clearly a loser. It fails because they pit one progressive against another ensuring the like-minded occupies the Whitehouse, which is always their goal.

Unless you are Captain America (probably a bad analogy since he is a cartoon character too), saving a country is a tremendous load to bear. It is hard for me to tell whether or not you have embraced the full weight of that. The urgency of it. And for clarity’s sake if my choice is between Mrs. Clinton and a steaming pile of dog turds, I am voting for the turds. Not making an equivalency here, just letting you know that for a multitude of reasons – national security, state of our Armed Forces, the Supreme Court, state of our economy, giving a damn about America and Americans… – I believe you are the remaining viable choice to lead our country. I will not willingly cast a vote for a proven felon and pathological liar who is a progressive communist puppet to boot. Nor will I risk the future of my granddaughters by making a protest vote for some unicorn on the ballot with no chance of defeating the corrupt liberal-progressive-communism that is destroying the country – so I can feel good about myself. So you have my vote, but I am not your problem.

Is not there always a but? There are many out there who will also never vote for Mrs. Clinton but, with whom you have not yet sealed the deal. They are unsure if you are serious or are not certain who you are. To many of them, who you are is the only important question and it takes priority over the fate of the nation. No joke. The remainder wonders if you are serious. Is this just another reality show? A game? I have heard all of those questions along with the theory that your goal is to go out there and lose big to the friends you invited to your wedding, the Clintons.

It is time to throw down bubba. Time to convince the undecided. It is time to abandon the insults and comedy – and insults and comedy are all that is making it into the liberal media that most still consume – and put the big boy shoes on and close the deal.

I was convinced of this long before the recently leaked Soros documents. If elected, Mrs. Clinton will no more be the President of the USA than is Obama. She will be controlled and steered by the George Soros branded and funded progressive globalists whose goal is the eradication of international borders and ending national sovereignty. They will compete with the Muslim Brotherhood that is inside the highest levels of the globalist Democrat party. All of them standing by with pre written legislation and executive orders. Thanks to America the ignorant, (thanks again “journalists” and “educators”) these worms own the Whitehouse and their enablers are progressive establishment Republicans and Democrats, who are helping them systematically dismantle our country. That message needs to run loud and clear across the media spectrum. Unless you are, as are apparently every politician in Washington and every media outlet, owned by Soros the billionaire convicted criminal Nazi collaborator with his messianic complex and one world government ambitions. These are dangerous big boys and they will never play fair and never easily forfeit gains made over the past few years. Body armor up brother and make sure you can trust each member of your security team. And then only those vetted by you.

The President of the United States of America is a world leader. As goes America so goes the world. Just take a look around. Decline for us is chaos elsewhere else. As Mr. Regan (also despised by establishment Washington and communists) so aptly put it, when freedom is gone from the United States of America brother it is gone from everywhere. The light goes out and the world becomes a very dark dangerous place. People are scared about their future, the future of their children, the future of their country and their freedom. I may be wrong, but I believe beneath the persona and showmanship is the serious, contemplative, and generous man described by those who know you well and those with whom you have discussed our country’s problems. If that man, humbled by the idea of leading the greatest nation God ever allowed, truly exists then those not yet sold need to meet him. If you have Christian faith as you proclaimed, then turn your Bible to Micah 6:8 and follow the instructions. Maybe your latest speech is a turn in that direction. You need every last vote to overcome the impending massive voter fraud.

Many in your adopted party, with robust media support, are actively trying to Goldwater you. You have the Mitt Romney globalist establishment doing to you the same as his daddy did to Goldwater. You just may want to study that some. Allied with them by default are the self-proclaimed puritan conservatives searching for their unicorn. I question who among the 16 or so others that you defeated was their unicorn? Ted Cruz? Perhaps, but he had his big bank connections too, supported TPP and fast track before he was against it, some questionable immigration positions, and most damning he lied to us about his commitment to supporting the Republican nominee. Hard to trust a liar, ask Mrs. Clinton.

If these smitten establishment globalists and puritans – sore losers – were concerned with saving our country, or making it great again, or even defeating the progressive globalists they would be trying to influence you and your policies rather than by default electing Mrs. Clinton. Just so they can have a shot at her the “next time.” The same strategy they used against Obama. We will just wait and get them next time. Problem is we are out of next times and do overs. Put these guys in your rear view mirror and keep your eye on the prize. This one is for keeps.

Nowadays people want to place everyone into identity or ideological boxes. That is how we have been conditioned to think about people and especially politicians. The progressives and the establishment Republicans and self-proclaimed puritan conservatives cannot find a box that fits you. You have them flabbergasted. Are you conservative, moderate, a liberal progressive communist, a libertarian, or something as yet undefined? They cannot figure you out because you do not fit neatly into any of their boxes. Could it be that you do not view the world through any well defined ideological prism? The missing box is not a box at all. I believe you have a practical deal making and solutions view of the world that a successful businessman and leader needs. You are not a conservative puritan by any stretch, but if surrounded by the right people I believe you would operate within the parameters of our laws and Constitution. If the objective is truly to “make America great again”, then it is the best ideas and not pure ideology that will win the day. No ideology has cornered the market on good ideas. Besides, you do not get harmony when everyone sings the same note.

That was way too long for internet reading. I am not the only American with a lot to ponder. From here, it is up to you.

© 2016 J. D. Pendry All Rights Reserved

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I believe every rino that is not supporting “NeverTrump” actually is no different “globally” than any hillary-soros progressive globallist. They seem to be happy with the staus quo because they somehow believe they will retain their power during a clinton administration. No matter who is the President the congress needs to step up instead of go along to get along. Instead of voting with re-election in mind. Term limits will never be passed but one can only hope. “we’ll get em next time”?? I think not.


Wait one. I meant to say every rino that SUPPORTS never Trump. It’s still early.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Speaking for myself, I knew what you meant…i figured no coffee or sugar yet was to blame…


I’m thinking that Trump’s potential for the SCOTUS picks is supremely important…no pun intended. There are people whose primary vote as conservatives went to Bernie as an anti- HRC act. I can agree with that, as well. We cannot allow HRC to get in. Karma is about to come around for the Clinton Crime Family, heretofore called the CCF.


You made some good points, JD, but the one thing you haven’t addressed is that Trump is a butthead. A successful butthead, but nevertheless, a butthead. If he does get the job, he is probably going to run into the same butthead business currently going on in the Illinois state legislature, where Dan Madigan thinks he owns the place, and almost does, and refuses to make any deals with Gov. Rauner. As a result, the state of Illinois does not have a budget and has not had one since Rauner took office. And no one will vote Madigan out of his seat. Trump may be more persuasive than Rauner and able to get more done, but there will still be the butthead philosophy that he isn’t ‘one of the club’. He will have his work cut out for him. On the other hand, as I have frequently said, I believe quite firmly that shrillary is only running for president to get Billie Jeff back in the White House. He will be pulling the strings. He will be directing things. He will be the Man Behind the Curtain. Count on it. You may or may not like Trump, but he chose Pence as his VP running mate, a far better choice than shrillary’s running mate Kaine, who has the mannerisms of a ventriloquist’s dummy, and a history of stupid ideas. All of this is something you need to consider when voting. In regard to the ‘globalist-no borders’ stuff you refer to,… Read more »


I never thought I’d see the words “luxury” and “Afghanistan” used in the same sentence.


Well he has at least been on message this last week and not straying from his comparing and contrasting Hillary/Obummer vs. his plan going forward.

So we got that going for us, which is nice.
Let’s see if he can keep it up for another 80 days.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Right now it seems Trump winning is about as likely as me winning and I’m not running.

Like it or not in addition to the traitors in the republican party who wanted Trump to sign a pledge supporting whoever won and now are reneging on the pledge they wanted to use to control Trump (thus indicating the lying fuck rat bastards they are) you also need the independents to walk away from HRC and towards Trump.

I’m not seeing that dynamic shift of independents just yet. Trump’s message has yet to resonate with those people, if it ever will. If he can make those people interested in what he has to say he’s got a shot. But he’d better get cracking on message if he wants to convince those people otherwise these polls today showing him down just single digits will become double digits and Trump will lose in a way that will make us all remember McGovern.


You probably won’t see the dynamic shift until the actual polling places open, VOV. Some people don’t like being asked how they’ll vote.

Club Manager

JD, did you watch Trump’s speech in NC last evening? I don’t see that temperament lasting, wish it would, but he hit a lot of high notes smartly.


JD – I totally agree.


I pity the fool!


I learned a long time ago in horse racing, you never ever bet on the nose. You bet across the board, or on 2nd & 3rd. Or last. You can actually bet last place unless the bookies won’t take it.

This race isn’t over. Polls don’t tell everything, including how independents will actually vote.

You should probably not make a habit of trying to predict election outcomes until people are at the polls, or make a habit of eating cheesecake for breakfast.


You’re sounding more delusional than usual, Ex-PH2. Is everything OK?


Please go pound sand up your ass sideways.

And have a fun weekend fucking yourself, since no one else will.


Now that’s not very nice. I was just wanted to make sure you were ok. Anyone can see all of the evidence laid out before them. But looking at that evidence and then saying, nope, that’s not true, it has to bee the opposite because it’s being hidden from me is completely delusional.

Check out Fox News reporter Dana Perino’s twitter comments from the other day about the subject. Ignoring polls and saying the opposite must be true happened 4 years ago with Romney. Don’t get bit twice.


Maybe, maybe not. Both LA Times and Zogby polls currently show 2% or less difference. In both cases, that’s within the poll’s margin of error.

I wouldn’t bet the farm either way on this one. This time around, I wouldn’t trust most any poll prior to the last 2 weeks in October. And maybe not even then.


You also need to check the polling internals – #’s of Dems vs #’s of Rep vs #’s of independent/others. Most Legact Media polls are skewed far from the voting demographics to paint a picture and influence the outcome.


I’m under no obligation to be nice to you, you penny-ante pompous ass. Your comprehension skills are more below par than usual. Your brainfarts are dumber than ever.


Tell us how you really feel, Ma’am.


Oh, it’s always interesting to find someone who can’t read for comprehension, isn’t it? I thought the metaphor (don’t bet on the polls/horse) was quite plain.
We got a thunderstorm this morning. Rain was welcome and I hope the temps stay down a little.


Damn….that was so feisty it made my wee tingle.


C’est mon plaisir, m’sieur.


Gawd, I love it when she talks dirty.
That WAS dirty, right?


No, it was French… well, same thing, I guess.




Worked for me

2/17 Air Cav


In view of JD’s article, and the fact that I think pre-election polls are merely fodder for frothing fans of one person and her retinue, I’m posting this link to an excerpt from a 2014 documentary about the Diebold vote-counting machines and the hack that gave fraudulent results.

It is important. It should be a no-brainer to expect vote fraud worse than the last election, this time around. Count on it.


Aaah! Try again.



I have suspected the election results since the 2014 re-election of Obama.

This is why I’m not a big fan of WiFi … way too easy to hack.

Somebody builds a better lock, somebody else gets better at lock picking.

How real/accurate is this video?

Pinto Nag

Did you really think, when there were places that Obama got 120% of the vote, that everything was alright? Did you really believe that automation would make our ballots more accurate instead of less? Anybody who has put their money into a vending machine knows better than that. Anybody who has ever played a slot machine knows that the house always wins. Why do you think people are questioning the elections? Because more and more people are coming to the conclusion that they are rigged, only a sop thrown to the ignorant masses to keep them docile just a little while longer. You’ve seen the degradation of our nation in the last eight years — how much longer do you think it will be before it just doesn’t matter what we think or feel or want anymore? Soros didn’t just pop up over night. Neither did those who are in collusion with him. It’s like cooking shellfish, turn up the heat slow enough and they’ll be boiled before they know anything is wrong. We’re in exactly that position, and I am not sure that even a Trump election is going to change that.


The short video is an excerpt from the 2014 documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’.

I know that vote counting machines are in use where I live but I’m not sure this kind of thing is going on everywhere. Rauner (IL Gov) is a Republican who beat out his ineffective Dem predecessor (Quinn), who succeeded Dem Blagojevich (still in jail), who succeeded Ryan (spent time in jail, also), so the only place that could happen would be Dan Madigan’s district in Cook County – which would not surprise me.

However, the fact that these machines can be coded to miscount ballots does not surprise me at all. Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall and gerrymandering are not really all that far in the past in this country,


With trump, it’ll be interesting to see what he’s doing in 2017, one year after he gets crushed and flushes the senate down the shitter along with his three ring circus. I can’t believe people still think trump is on the up and up. He’s no conservative, that’s for damn sure. You’ll know you’ve been played by trump when in 2017, he starts some trump news network or a 24 hour trump channel or some other BS with Roger Ailes that hawks all his trump steaks, vodka, suits and other crappy merchandise. trump has always been about trump, always. Read his books, listen to his asshattery, watch his mannerisms. Does anybody think he really knows, or cares, about anybody not in his social circles? Hell no he doesn’t. He could give two shits about Joe Veteran making $50k a year and trying to send a kid to college. That guy has developed a long list of people he screwed over that did business with him one way or another and he doesn’t care. The man’s a charlatan, not the savior of a nation. It’s not a choice between candidates this time. It’s a choice between two equally steamy, smelly piles of dog shit. As an American, they both make me want to puke. I’ll write in a candidate of my choosing and flip the bird to both. This year has finally taught me, a lifelong southern conservative republican voter, that just because a candidate has an (R) behind their name,… Read more »


And I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all hatched in the Hamptons one summer afternoon over cocktails with the big dog to get hildecankles elected. trump prolly told the big dog he could definitely get ‘er done for a price.


Damn carpet bagging yankees and their tricks.

2/17 Air Cav

“This year has finally taught me, a lifelong southern conservative republican voter, that just because a candidate has an (R) behind their name, well, that doesn’t mean shit anymore.” You are one slow learner.


Yeah, I hated giving up on the brand, so I stuck around. My first vote was for President Reagan and I voted for him again as well as GHWB. Then the dark times. When you believe in something you don’t want to stop until it’s just so obvious it’s gone. The party of Goldwater and Reagan is dead. F@ck the party of trump.


While the OP dismissed Ted Cruz wiith a vague wave of the hand about this issue or that, please bear in mind that he did file amicus curiae briefs before the USSC on a number of issues important to conservatives-including Heller. Both Scott Walker and Rick Perry have been successfully fighting the left at the state level. So, my point is that there are politicians out there with solid conservative track records who are likely to move forward in the future and the fight for small government conservatism is not yet dead.


I hear you, Brother.


And his name is Reagan, not Regan. And since he was the president, it’s President Reagan, not President “Regan” or “Regan”. F@ck.


“… you are quite likely our last chance to save a country headed over the edge.” Repent, repent – the end is near! That’s it, when you got nothing else, pull out the apocalyptic BS.


Well, why not? If the idjits in the press can indulge at will in hyperbole, why can’t the rest of the crowd?

Eventually, if enough dorkwads like you point out the obvious, maybe you and your crowd will get a clue.