Vincent Sharbo; phony combat veteran

| May 8, 2016


You probably remember Vinnie Sharbo from the video one of our fans took down in Daytona Beach about a month ago. In the video, he told our friend that he had three Purple Hearts, he was wearing a third award of the Combat Infantryman Badge, he was one of Schwatzkopf’s body guards during Desert Storm.

Well, the Army doesn’t remember it like that;

Vincent Sharbo FOIA

Vinnie Sharbo Assignments

Vinnie Sharbo Awards

He spent ten months in the Army from December 1967 – October 1968. He went to basic training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and then he went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and became a light vehicle driver, then suddenly he was out on the street, clenching his only award – the National Defense Service Medal – in his grubby little forepaw. Now he’s in a flea market in Daytona Beach telling war stories to people who don’t believe him anyway and selling militaria to rubes.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Fuck. Him.

Dave Hardin

I never argue with the eloquence of API.


You’re right as usual, Dave. It’s particularly eloquent the way he’s juxtapositioned the verb and pronoun, don’t you think?


Dave Hardin

That actually made me choke on my Ensure®. That might be the only nutrition I get today. I haven’t checked yet but it sounds like the Soviet has beaten something to death in the kitchen. Whatever has met its fate, she will boil it with beets and call it Borscht.


What a jack ass….


Joe Shit the Ragman with a diamond tiara.

Probably a two time Basic Training Code of Conduct Class recycle, 57A duty soldier with an assignment as the Short Bus Driver to the Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) and a line company of the Special Troops Command.(emphasis on the Special)

What a waste of the Army’s time and effort to make him into something worthwhile.


I’ve actually bought some stuff from this guy at the flea market. He’s a talker for sure. No more business from me now.


Didn’t mean to hit the report button….


Hmm. Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be enough space to fit “Honorable” in the space that’s blacked out in front of the word “Discharge” on the last line of his record of assignments. However, the word “General” will fit.

I’m guessing there’s a damn good chance he was discharged discharged as an E1 version of “Private”.

Concur with API above.

Mr Wolf

DO NOT give him ideas. With ‘General’ in there, he may start saying he was discharged AS a general…



HMCS(FMF) ret.

I’d guessing that after about 10 months, Vinny was caught in a “compromising position” in the barracks, thieving from his fellow Soldiers, or his umbilical cord didn’t stretch far enough from dear old Momma.

You’re a shitbird, Vinnie… Grade “A” felonious shitbird!


Is that the “umbilical” cord or the “imbecile” cord?

HMCS(FMF) ret.

You’re right… imbecile cord is appropriate in the case of this assclown


He couldn’t even finish out a single year when other people were getting shot to shit.

Well, if that don’t just take the syrup off the pancakes, Mabel!

May I say he’s mo’gas and ass, definitely no class?


This Goober said, “I know, you’re gonna find us in places where you don’t find us”. Typical double talking that works on those that ooh and awe at the awards. A third award CIB? Really? Piece of shit!


What a TURD!

Flip Ferrari

>implying you take the expert infantryman’s badge test while deployed in a war situation, you can earn the CIB each time he passes it

God you’re dumb.


For a minute when they said he had a third award CIB
My guess was fort huachuca was his old stomping grounds because it the only place iv ever been that carries the third award CIB this changes the whole game now he’s a supper turd with shit sauce

sgt. vaarkman 27-48th TFW

you ban tell he’s putting out some bovine manure, because his eyes are blinking at mach 1 a sure sign of someone caught with their hands in a cookie jar, ever notice that the Clintons both blink a lot also ?
I bet this pickle turd has a leather vest in his wardrobe chock full of colorful pins, ribbons, bows and patches, too

Toasty Coastie

F*** Apple

Green Thumb

I wonder if this clown is kicking it with the False Commander Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his fraudulent and poser friend the “Big Turd” Keith Riley Keeton?

Phildo and the boys ride again. I wonder if he is still buying the drinks for that fake-ass, poser-supporting Florida MC?

It looks like Vinnie here can massage some balls after a long sled rise.

And I can only image Lori Benton is still on retainer.


Just An Old Dog

He’s a hairy turd hanging out the asshole of the world.
The sooner God pinches him off, the better.

Bill M

A shi*stain on the fabric of life.


Got a little bored, so I thought I would kill a little time by looking at Joe Shit the Ragmans Facebook Friends.

He has 414 FB friends, and I would venture to say at least half of them are posers and embellishers.

Lots of vests, Rangers, Special Forces, and various other assorted things that send out a red flare. It’s a veritable 55 gallon drum full of poser fish just waiting to be shot.

But one good thing did come from looking at his FB page. The genuine, straight out of the Army’s book recipe for Mess Hall style SOS.

So, Thanks for that, Vinnie. Now, GFY.


Assume for a moment that he is the reincarnation of Audie Leon Murphy.

John Doe

Rake that phony bitch over the coals. Waste of air, life, and any energy…. You have done absolutely nothing for anyone except serve yourself. Why don’t you just jump off the bridge now. You are a disgrace to all of us who have honorably served and a waste of life to all who lost their lives in combat so you can run your suck in a flea market. Stupid ass!!!

Green Thumb


What a stain.

Flip Ferrari

>People thinking that’s his 214 and not some other Vincent Sharbo with a different middle name
>People thinking you can’t get a CIB for each tour during the Vietnam era
>People don’t know that you take the expert infantryman’s badge test while deployed in a war situation, you can earn the CIB each time he passes it

You people are just SILLY.


You are full of crap, Vincent.

A Proud Infidel®™

I respectfully think that Eden was being extra-extra-tame in what she said about you, Flip Ferrari. I myself think that you are at least a thousand times more full of shit than every goose and seagull currently in existence!!!An Infantryman could have done three or more tours in Vietnam and he would only receive ONE CIB. The CIB is awarded for certain declared periods, a few of my Superiors who I have served under had ONE star on their CIB’s, one for Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the second award was for during the WOT. An example of Third Award CIB Recipients would be WWII/Korea?Vietnam Veterans. YOU LOSE, you babbling blob of seagull shit!

John Doe

According to this phoneys relatives (who think he is a total loser) say “Vinnie” was dishonorably discharged for going Article 86/AWOL and was convicted for desertion.


Confirmed cocksucker indeed.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, wotta surprise – NOT!

Vincent Sharbo is just another lying POS DINGLEBERRY.

Jim Matthew

Sadly, Vince was married to my mother from 1989-2001- He was my stepfather. He claims to have been in Desert Shield but he was actually working for Piggly Wiggly living Ormond Beach FL. We got evicted from our home twice in 1990 all the while Vince was collecting disability for a fake injury suffered at the grocery store. My mother shipped my two sisters and I back to our father in NJ. She stayed with this Nintendo playing, injury faking, valor stealing fraud for nearly 11 more years. Thankfully she came to her senses and dropped him. She’s doing well now and obviously you can see what Vince has turned in to. Back then I was 11 years old and he told BS stories about being best friends with Sylvester Stallone and Chubby Checker- Of course Chubby Checker wasn’t alive then and we we never met Sly!! He’s a sad old man fabricating stories to eat his next meal. Shame man. I haven’t spoken to him in 26 years, I can’t believe this video made it to me and my sisters somehow- Vince Sharbo is a fraud- fact, 100%. Sorry Vince, but you know it.

Jim Matthew

The naysayers are wrong- you are 100% accurate in your assessment of Vince. He clearly does it to fulfil some fame fantasy- albeit in Daytona FL but that’s his world for the last 30 years. He’s old, alone, and broken down.


Word on the street is that Vinnie was bitch slapped last night at the Sunoco on Ridgewood Avenue for trying to steal a trans tricks.