James W. Fritch; phony Beirut and Desert Storm vet

| May 8, 2016


The folks at Military Phony sent us their work on this James Fritch fellow who did an interview with the Norwich Bulletin (the article didn’t make the internet edition, but Military Phony has a photo of the article). He talked about some of his derring-do during his military career;

In the service: James Fritch, 57 of Plainfield, followed a family tradition and enlisted in the military as a reservist at 22. He went active duty at 23 and served from 1980 to 1992, first in the Air Force and then the Army. “It always seemed like a thing to do,” he said. “My family has always served in the military, either here in the states or in Germany. So I was just following tradition.” Fritch started off in the Air Force as a law enforcement specialist. He transferred to the Army to train in medicine and special operations and served as a special forces medical specialist. “I loved everything,” he said of his time in the military. “The camaraderie, the pride everyone took in the job they were doing. The ability to serve my country was a joy.”

Fritch was in Beirut in 1983 when the Marine Compound was bombed, killing 241 U.S. military personnel, and was in country during the U.S. embassy bombing that killed 63 people and the 1984 bombing of the U.S. embassy annex building. On the day of the Marine Compound bombings, Fritch and his unit were in their tents only a kilometer away. When they heard the blast, his unit rushed to the barracks and tried to rescue survivors and remove bodies from the rubble. For two weeks after the attack, Fritch helped identify bodies, working 18 to 20 hours a day. “We tried to return them to their families,” he said. Fritch served for a total of seven months in and out of Beirut as part of a small unit focused on anti-terrorism and finding terrorist leaders in Lebanon. Fritch also took part in Operation Desert Shield in Iraq as a reconnaissance team, but in 1992, old injuries forced him to retire. “I didn’t want to leave my buddies,” he said. “We were very close-knit.”

Well, first of all, he was in the Air Force, and they didn’t think that he was in Beirut;

James Fritch AF FOIA

The Air Force thought that he was at Rhein Mein Air Base in West Germany during the operations in Beirut. The Air Force was so so convinced that he was in Germany, that they gave him an Air Force Achievement Medal for his work while he was stationed there;

James Fritch AF Achievement Medal

He did work with the identification and preparation of the remains of the victims of the Beirut bombing, but if he felt the explosion, and then ran to help with the recovery efforts, the bomb was large enough to shake him awake in Germany, and he’s one stalwart MFer to run from Frankfurt to Beirut and then get back before the Air Force missed him.

Next up is his claim that he was on a reconnaissance team during Desert Storm. He was in the Army during Desert Storm, but the Army thought that he was a residency student at Fort Bragg’s MEDDAC while he was really snoopin’ and poopin’ in Iraq. You’d have thought someone would have noticed that he was missing;

James Fritch Army FOIA

James Fritch Army Assignments

James Fritch Army Training

Stupid Army thought he was a 91C hospital medic when he was really a snoopin’ pooper.

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Crap, was in the gym for the magic 400. Can we go for 500 so I get another crack at it? Maybe this dipshit will actually show up here.


Well, you may not have been around for 400, but you get the consolation prize of the coveted spot at the top of the page for newer comments.

On the older comments page, there is a lot of schwanzstucker schtupping happening up in here.


As for schwanzstucker….



James W. Fritch, Concerned CT Resident, ConcernedCTResident, and all your other thespian friends. You simply forgot to read it to the end where it said “But you can see it from here”. Just HAD to open that door didn’t ya????


James W. Fritch, what with you being a Practical Nurse and EMT and all that, I’m sure you’ve heard of the new wonder drug that is hitting the market.

Based on all the reviews I’ve read, if the patient follows the dosage instructions, it is guaranteed to produce results within the first 48 hours of use.

It is available over the counter and costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

The name of this new world changing drug: Growacet.

My recommendation is to hit the nearest Walgreens or CVS, pick up a packet, and on Wednesday, the 18th, report back here to TAH and tell all of us why you felt it was necessary to piss on the graves of the 241 personnel who were lost in the Beirut bombing.

And since they say the effects of Growacet are permanent, you can also explain to us, why after receiving some of the finest medical education available to military personnel (91C-LPN), you left the Army less than a year after graduating from the course.

And don’t try to give us any of that “old injuries forced me to retire” malarkey. I believe you were probably QMP barred from re-enlistment due to being either on the fat boy program or not being able to make it onto the standing E-6 list so you could continue on past 12 years service.

If I’m wrong about either of those reasons for your discharge at about the 11 and 3/4 year mark, prove me wrong.

I say again, the name of the new miracle drug is Growacet. Get some now before it’s all gone.


I need to make a correction to my comment.

I was kind of working from memory when I said he was discharged at the 11 3/4 year mark.

Went back and looked at the FOIA’s. Added up the elapsed years and months. Actual combined active time between both the AF and Army was right at 10 years.

Mea Culpa. But my assertions about reasons for discharge still stand.


Another reason why I have the case of the ass about this LSoS Fritch is because my older brother was a 91C-Practical Nurse.

He re-upped from 11B to become a 91A/B Medic. Slogged his way through Vietnam as a grunt platoon Doc. Finally got the opportunity in 1975 to attend the 91C course while it was still being taught at Fitzsimmons AMC in Denver. He went on and gave the Army 13 more good years after receiving his schooling.

This guy Fritch, however, packed up his shingle less than a year after completing the course and skedaddled. Talk about not giving anything back after being afforded a quality education.

I’m betting that many of his evaluation report bullets read something like “Although requiring constant supervision, he failed to achieve even the minimum standards he set for himself.”


Forty-eight hours, heh? Exactly two full days from right now….we’ll be lookin’ at 600 in and another 600 waitin’ at the door.

Always fun to watch personality changes. Especially when they don’t match the excuses.

OIF '06-'07-'08

I simply am trying to wrap my head around the reasons why he has embellished his service for so long. he has had a individual come here and say that James has saved quite a few lives as a paramedic, why does he feel the need to embellish? Unlike most others that are complete loser’s, James has actually made something of his life that I would be proud of, maybe I need to direct this ? to Concerned CT


Ten dollars says this will be his excuse in two days:
The pharmacist at Walgreen’s happened to be a veteran. He handed me the prescription of Growacet, and then proceeded to say, “Stick it up your ass!” “Naturally I thought this was to be administered via the anus. Never worked. New excuse on the way.”


Jimmy, the instructions are quite clear….

comment image

Just An Old Dog

Poser excuse 1378-56(B)
All criticism should stop because the LSOS has been threatened, or his family has been ridiculed.
There has never been a single instance where a Poser has actually proven that they were threatened or their family has been harrassed.
The only REAL threat to a poser’s family is the one HE presents when he is outted. The Chances are he already treats them like shit.
It’s in the POSER DNA. Part of the reason they want to be heroes to everyone else is that they are druggies, drunks, wife beaters, Deadbeat dads and child abusers.


Oh ShitFritch, where are you?
Come explain yourself you giant bag of dicks.


James W. Fritch of Plainfield, Connecticut is more than likely doing some damage control. Or perhaps, doing some retakes on his upcoming new porno Taking It All In, Fritch Style.




Too early, Too early, Young Padawan. We must give the Growacet the full 48 hours to take effect.

James W. Fritch is not expected to have grown a full set until about 0600 tomorrow.

Right now, his set is probably only about 3/4’s of the way formed.

The final growth hopefully will occur overnight if he can keep his finger massages to a minimum.

Everything will fall into place (descend) in good time.


Now that shit is funny! Thank you Claw, that made my day. I will retreat and wait patiently for James W. Fritch of Plainfield, Connecticut to emerge with a set to explain himself.


OK, James W. Fritch of Plainfield, Connecticut, your time is up. Even the four hour grace period that was so graciously afforded you.

What’s that you say? The newly formed set haven’t dropped yet?

We’ll wait, but not much longer for your explanation and apology.

There are already too many individuals in the Cricket Serenade Band, however it is rumored that you play a first chair rated skin flute, so maybe it’s possible to find a spot for you somewhere.

Keep up those magic finger massages on your new set and all will fall into place for you.

If not, visit the drug store, get another packet of Growacet, and try again. Maybe two times will be the charm.

Keepin' It Real

I think the tactic is to wince, ball up in the fetal position, flinch at incoming, and ride it out like one would a rodeo bull under the buzzer rings.

Then, hopefully the clowns run out to distract the bull.

A Proud Infidel®™


I’m convinced that your prescription had NO effect on him, Claw.


Are we talking about THE James W. Fritch of Plainfield, Connecticut? Rumor has it that he is on set today, filming his new porno (Taking It All In, Fritch Style) in Plainfield, Connecticut. That, along with his side gig of doing Growacet commercials, he may not be able to stop by today to explain and apologize. Perhaps he will find time tomorrow.


Sorry guys but James Fritch of Plainville CT apparently decided to disregard your advice of Growacet. He’s been to busy on facebook posting pictures of pussy cats, puppy dogs, and choo choo trains the last 48hrs


Holy Shit! Sounds like the pharmacist gave him Shrinkacet by mistake. Not that he needed that.


Plainfield, Connecticut, fixed it for ya. Perhaps you can share a link to his Facebook since he deleted the other.


That is the same one posted in the article.

“Sorry, this content isn’t available right now”


Unfortunately it looks like his account is private now and seen by invite only or if aready friended by him.

A Proud Infidel®™

Well DAYUM, so instead of owning up he went into the fetal position in a corner while sucking his thumb. Maybe he took a double dose of Removacet instead?