Brandon Bryant, Star of Drone Documentary, is a Liar

| December 31, 2015

The views expressed here are personal and do not represent the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or the United States government.

I’ve recently written about Brandon Bryant, ex-Air Force drone sensor operator (or as they apparently call them in Norway, a “pilot”) over on my blog, PickYourBattles.Net.  Brandon is the star of a new Norwegian documentary called Drone, where his personal story is apparently the meat of the flick.  There is just one problem.  Brandon Bryant is a liar.

In the short video embedded above, at one point Brandon claims, to an audience in New York City, that the FBI called him to inform him that he was being targeted by ISIS.  Then the video shows him telling that exact same story to an audience in Germany, where instead of ISIS he says that the FBI told him he was being targeted by a conservative right wing “Christian Patriot” group.  This is par for the course.  Sadly, most in the media seem to ignore Brandon’s utter lack of credibility.  Or at least they don’t carefully research him.  I guess I can’t really blame them.  After watching more than forty videos of Brandon running his yap, I do not begrudge them for passing up on the experience.  Still this charlatan needs to be exposed.

I know Brandon hates him some TAH so I had to show up over here.  And when asked to pile on as a guest blogger, I just couldn’t say no.  Kind of like Bryant couldn’t say no to violating his oath of office because he was scared that he might be “ridiculed.”  Yeah he said that.  In public.

To be fair, those of us in the defense business know that ridicule strikes fear into the hearts of even the most courageous soldiers, strike that, “warriors.”  Mortars, rockets, small arms, and anti-aircraft artillery are one thing, but we’re talking about ridicule here.  This ain’t X-box, ridicule is the real deal, it’s like being in “the shit.”  In fact, I may have just now developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) simply from the thought of ridicule.  I am viewing a computer screen right now, so there is a case to be made.  If you’re Brandon Bryant, of course, or one of his Legion of Jerkoff superhero sidekicks.

Not only does Brandon claim PTSD from being a drone operator with only a handful of lethal actions from ten thousand miles away from the battlefield, but he has also publicly stated that he’s waiting on his VA benefits so that he can have a place of his own.  He’s too good traumatized to get a job and he claims to be homeless.  Never mind that he lives with his mother in Missoula, or at least he did, and was using the generous GI Bill to go to school; a bounty that comes not just with full tuition, but also with more than $1000 a month in Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).  Still, Brandon will tell ya, he’s homeless and he’s a “disabled veteran” with no income.  He says he has nothing.  He touts a “physical injury” from his time in the service, but somehow that doesn’t keep him from literally doing back flips on internet video.  If you don’t watch this video for any other reason, it’s worth watching just to see that.  But to be fair, I can’t swing a stick without hitting a homeless disabled veteran doing gymnastic maneuvers.  So there’s that.

But show some compassion, dear reader.  Brandon is too disabled to work.  Especially not while also fitting in his globe trotting and fine foreign dining, and giving speeches and attending long Q&As about his European film.  That poor bastard really pulls on my heart strings.

I’ve known Brandon online for some time now.  When I first became acquainted with him, I thought he might have something of substance to offer to an important discussion.  Turns out I was wrong.  His story morphed over the years from wanting to be a voice for drone operators serving under bad leadership, to him later claiming that distance technology is cowardly and bad.  Of course, there are many who agree with him on that point.  We in the biz call them the enemy.  They hate our distance warfare capability as much as Brandon does, and they prefer making hand-to-hand IEDs.  You know, what Brandon would call honorable combat.  Practically a fist fight.

Now this self-proclaimed expert on war is writing letters to the President of the United States, as though he has some kind of moral authority despite the fact that he directly violated his oath of office while he was serving.  That doesn’t stop him from making lofty proclamations, though.

Not only have I learned that Brandon will lie without a second thought, as the video above demonstrates, but his motivations are not pure.  They weren’t pure when he was in the military, and they’re not pure now.  It’s still all about him.  He knows nothing of service despite his collection of Reader’s Digest quotes to the contrary.  He admits that he’s always wanted to be a hero and that he grew up with comic books.  I think it’s fair to say that him plagiarizing the words of Captain America from a Marvel comic both at his Tedx talk, as well as during his ramblings at the Drone documentary premiere in New York City, shows that he hasn’t lost that love of fiction.  Brandon is all about spreading fictions.

But public service and public discourse are not the stuff of fairy tales.  And there is an important discussion to be had about our nation’s national security and how our military capabilities are utilized.  Sadly, Brandon is hurting this discussion and the credibility of better people who inexplicably enable his shenanigans.  For some reason, these more serious people are not relegating Brandon to the kid’s table where he belongs.  Perhaps these journalists and lawyers are just taking their time, as I did, figuring out his lack of character.  I suspect, however, that many of Brandon’s foreign friends, like Tonje Hessen Schei, are not too troubled by his character so long as he follows a particular script.

And that script is infecting and hurting an important discussion all over the internet.  Hopefully the fine folks at TAH can help foster and improve the discussion by continuing their fine tradition of exposing this guy for the fraud that he is.  Brandon likes social media and a lot of people are eating up the piles of manure he’s feeding them.  I hope that those who hate liars as much as myself, and who love their country and want our capability to remain strong while we debate the proper use of that capability, will help get the word out on Facebook and Twitter about this scoundrel.

Thanks for your help.



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I’m sorry Green Thumb.

Giant, putrid, colossal, mega T-Rex, Fucking stinky, turd.

Green Thumb

No problem.

The word on this turd is spreading as we speak.

He has already been called to the carpet on other things. Word has it that he just blends in with the hippies and floats away.

I have an odd feeling he is about to have a bad day.


So , this scumbag is not above lying….well that works out well, he contacted the right person in contacting that OTHER Liar…..OBOZO HUSSEIN THE TURD!

Jonn Lilyea

Yeah, if you look behind you while you’re on camera, and there’s a “Democracy Now” banner, you’re not doing anyone any good.

B Woodman

I hates me some Democracy Now, and Amy Goodman. She grates on my last raw nerve.

Dave Hardin

I just had to block the FBI on my phone. If I answer every time they call to say I am on another terrorist hit list I have no time left to clean my weapons.

I keeping wanting to start a career as a Professional Veteran Victim but I can’t seem to choke down what little pride I have left to go public with it.

I want to collect from my PTSD but it was caused from watching the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. Not sure who to file against, I can’t get near chocolate ice cream anymore.

If Brandy or what ever her name is starts looking for what might be left of any pride maybe they will find it during her next PAP Smear.

Phuk Ewe Bryant, shit stain.


Welcome back, Dave

Dave Hardin

Thanx, Only hours left now. I have a suspicion that some of my loved ones are hoping I will make a New Years Resolution to become more palatable to the general public.

B Woodman

My, your loved ones, they have them some dreams, don’t they.

Perry Gaskill

You’re bad to the bone, Dave…


By my calculations Dave is now an hourly single digit midget.

Hang in there Buddy. Freedom is only a drag bag away.

Climb to Glory

Fucking shitbag. You want to be famous there Brando, welcome to the world of This Ain’t Hell. You’ve now entered a world of pain. Good luck with that, fucko.


Those videos are worse than seein’ granny nekkid


We in the biz call them the enemy.

The money quote, as applied to bastards like Brandon Bryant here.

He may claim to find being a Remote Executor of Military Force (note the acronym) immoral, and to prefer a “hand to hand” fight. But I don’t notice this “fine individual” re-upping Army and requesting Infantry as his branch, either.



AW1 Tim

He was also quite happy to accept the pay and benefits the went along with the job, too.

When you take the King’s shilling,you follow the King’s rules. He could’ve asked for a transfer to another MOS or for CO status,etc.

Lots of options, but it seems the little fellow was more interested in face time than taking the honorable path out of the situation he says was so bad.


If he preferred hand to hand he should have volunteered for training and assignment to a Special Tactics Squadron.


Fuck him. Every time this poster child for retroactive abortions comes up, I get a little more ill to the stomach.


So can I get paid for PTSD being an NCOIC and having to be in a TOC Listening and in some cases watching shit go down. I don’t think so what an ass.Life is so fucking hard on the end of a joy stick.


I watched some aerostat feed when I visited the TOC – not a REAL drone but does it still count?


exactly that’s what I’m saying plus I saw some shit in SOTF JTOC I should get PTSD for that. He is shit head.


I was on a crew that operated an Aerostar in Wardak. Can I get a hug?


Now I traveled around sweating my balls off in lovely cities like Baghdad, Mosul and Kandahar getting shot at and blowed up by people I never really saw, and using the same basic boomstick technology we had two hundred years ago. If only I had known I could have sat in an air conditioned office in CONUS, killing those same people I was missing with the boomstick, I woulda signed up in a heartbeat. Would have been glad to trade places with the Rambo wannabe here, and had some verifiable results to boot 🙂 .


Have we got a FOA this troubled, homeless, abandoned vet yet? I can see it coming back as a dry sweep technician or maybe a punching bag.


I thought this douchebag looked familiar. I remember a GQ article about him from a few years back.


Is just “turned 21” a little young for a pilot?


CAARNG….Your link to the GQ article was well worth the read. ESPECIALLY when it points out this skin head looking retard thinks Chelsea Manning is a hero. Damn, I’d bet him thinking about Rock Hudson or Elton John would put a lump in his britches! The video at the beginning of this article has me in doubt from the git-go. So the FBI can call him by phone but can’t figure out his location? Did he mean he was called by the “Funny Boys Institution”? Give the guy a hug whydon’tcha? Watching a video where he supposedly kills the enemy is every bit as demanding and intense as playing the X-Box games. I mean hell, somebody could get a really bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome/PTSD/close shots fired back at him from 10,000 miles away. There you are sitting in the middle of the desert in Nevada, dressed as a Johnny Cash impersonator, and outa nowhere comes a shit seeking bomb from all those miles away, with your name on it! Who you gonna call? Toastmasters of course! Yeh, they need some good entertainment, and serious war stories are the fillet of today’s wannabee heroes. Finally, from the standpoint of raw logic, how can ANYTHING/ANYONE be a target in danger if not even the Men In Black don’t know a physical location? As for the guy who wrote this story, until only a few years ago, liars like this who fooled a gullible public really ate my ass up. On a near daily basis I’d call in on this local A M station talk show and raise hell. Really consumed me the conspicuous lies some idiots would use as fodder for their hungry ego. In all honestly, since finding TAH to join in the pursuit of even bigger fish, I can say this in all certainty; ANYONE being served up as a topic with reason on this site will absolutely be the famous personality they always sought. Problem is, once TAH hell starts, you not gonna like it Bubba. Too many experienced souls who together can NOT be fooled and… Read more »


What’s up Jarhead. I remember reading that article at the Px Shopette at the CA Guard base that I enlisted out of. Issue was on the stands as soon as I got home from AIT.

Read the first few paragraphs with great interest due to the beginning of my military career and my deep interest in U.S. Military Affairs & Culture. Made it a page and a half before I thought to myself, “You know S……, this guy is one fucking arrogant douchebag. He knew what the fuck he was getting himself into.”

It was only after discovering TAH that I began to realized just how many Veterans will go to length to embellish or attempt to seek attention from their service by faking regret or bullshit philosophical pondering regarding the “humanity/morality/ethics” of what they did with no quandary while serving and then sought attention by faking dismay when they got out.


CAARNG…We are light years apart (I’m 70 now) but on the same day and page with respect to douchebags. From the day I began posting on TAH I realized the same thing you recognized. But here lately there seems to be a bunch of these phonies waiting in line to be exposed. Their every story grows with each telling. My biggest awakening was when I realized the “Sorry, my records are classified” crowd is from the same imaginary wannabe group as those you point out….faking regret (Damn, those are some terrible actors!), as well as those pondering the humanity issue. My bottom line stands pretty much where yours apparently does; those who always want to bring the issues up are begging to be somebody. It just seems to me they’d realize the millions of us with former or current service can sniff out a bullshit artist and just can’t keep quiet about it. One of these days we’ll have ENOUGH and do something to create some kind of public identifier to alert a very concerned but very gullible population. Truthfully, I believe most every person who takes the time to read and/or post on this web site would be interested in such an organization. Some time back Dave Hardin mentioned something along this line, pointing out the administrative logistics I had never given thought; but have not heard mention as of late. As always, I’d be willing to help free of charge in any way possible.


Thanks for getting the word out.

I heard a soundbite of his on the radio yesterday, claiming PTSD for supposedly reducing the terrorist population by one. If working to save US forces lives bothers him he should go find the Takliban and personally apologize. Never mind, they’d keep him and the Prez would probably give up five more Gitmo alum to get the oxygen thief back.

The Other Whitey

If poor widdle Brandy-boo got the PTS from running one of the cameras on a drone, then I should get a Silver Star for beating “Call of Duty” 10 years ago.

Green Thumb

I get flashbacks from the new Arnold Schwarzenegger commercials.

Does that qualify for a percentage?


A crashing bore, and way ahead of the herd on it, too.


Wasn’t this turd supposed to be one of the first recipients of that Distinguished Warfare Medal for killing a goat shed?

Oh, and at the same awards ceremony, he was going to receive a set of Combat Air Crew Wings to double his chances of getting a little chickee to drop her purty pink panties for him.

No? Okay, wrong again.

Doc Savage

Seems to me that PTSD has become the new “ADHD”…..something many of the shit biscuits of the world will claim to be suffering from in order to absolve themselves of responsibility & accountability, or to garner sympathy.


Nothing like a well placed shot across the bow to get one’s attention.

HMCS (FMF) ret.

“Conservative Christian right wing group”… waiting for our resident “SJW” to show up and start screaming this bullshit.

As for Bryant, dude’s mouth is writing checks that he’s not going to be able to cash real soon…


There is one kind of ridicule field soldiers never wanted to face. The ridicule of fellows who were relying on us. I don’t mean that one-time (okay, sometimes more than that) shaming that came from really screwing up. I mean the ridicule that could come if they were ever so thoroughly disappointed that they wrote you off as incompetent, unreliable. That is the ridicule we all would avoid at all cost. But that is one of the things we call honor.


Wow, just like the young john Kerry. This POS, like kerry, may become Sec. of State or even run for president some day if he marries a ketchup heiress.
He certainly fits in with the present crowd of liars in the white hut.
3rd degree shitbird.


“wingedryno” is a pretty good writer.

Silentium Est Aureum

Given his whining rants the last time he was here, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he didn’t just double down on the stupid, he shoved all-in and put the keys to his car and deed to the family homestead on the table as well.

Might work in his little circle jerk world, but it’s a big world outside his little bubble, and he’s going to find soon enough he’s not exactly welcome.

Silentium Est Aureum

Oh, and I got to fly a drone around the neighborhood a few times. Does that make me a pilot as well?

No? Shit. Can’t claim that now.


Silent E…You are now a qualified Neighborhood Drone Commander, and recognized as CEO of S E A Commercial Flight Line. Your lengthy record of injury free flights earns you a spot on the next U. S. Olympic Purrfezzional Drone Commanders team. Of course you will be sitting second seat behind Team Captain Brandon “Buzz Off” Bryant. He will guide you to new experiences in Drone Commando Competition. You are required to furnish your own bullshit repellant and goggles. Good luck, congratulations, we hope you can live up to Fuck Off’s….I mean Buzz off’s demanding training. Best you practice by doing what we all did when we were kids. That of course is making a small floor model television out of cardboard and getting inside and entertain a neighborhood audience. May your every day be one of 10,000 mile killer flights.

Pineywoods NCO


Lying sack of shit.

Argument for advocating forced sterilization.

Those are just a few things that come to mind….but I am curious what he is using his GI Bill for. His BS in Bullshitting???


The world is full of “Gimme free stuff I just want it” turds who love the limelight as much as they hate actually working for a living. Adam Kokesh comes to mind