Emanuel Lutchman arrested for planned Rochester attack

| December 31, 2015

Emanuel Lutchman

NBC News reports that Rochester, New York resident, Emanuel Lutchman was arrested for plotting an attack on a Rochester bar tonight to punctuate his support for ISIS. His plot was discovered by an FBI informant;

When Lutchman allegedly said he hates it in the United States and was ready to “give everything up” to join ISIS abroad, the overseas individual told him, “For now do wat you can over there.”

Lutchman met with another FBI informant he assumed was a supporter on Monday and indicated he wanted to target a club or bar, suggesting he could sneak a bomb inside the facility, according to court documents. The complaint says Lutchman also said they should kidnap a couple of people and kill them. He said they should wear masks to avoid being identified by law enforcement officials.

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle;

In late December, authorities began monitoring Lutchman and connecting him with three informants that Lutchman was led to believe would help him carry out a New Year’s Eve attack in Rochester.

Lutchman has past arrests, including mental health arrests. As well as his robbery conviction in 2006, he served several months in local jail this year for petit larceny and menacing.

He also has a pending domestic violence case involving the same woman whom he admitted to criminally menacing, records show.

A product of the entitlement generation, Lutchman went begging for guns and bombs, his back-up plan was to use knives and to kidnap people from the bar and kill them. He said that he knew where he could beg for a machete to use from a friend. Pretty soon these guys are going to learn to avoid FBI informants and do their own work.

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Good save!

You are hereby sentenced to any eternity with a dysentery infested Rosie O’Donnell sitting nekkid upon your face.

May God have mercy on your soul.

The Other Whitey

Just another peaceful individual peacefully practicing the Religion of Peace.


Use his own machete to chop him up pig size for the pen!



We are busy today and tonight.

Sent from NSA issued Samsung Bomberang!

Carlton G. Long

I’m waiting for his “Dindu Nuffin” defense.


I sincerely hope this individual does not offer a plea of insanity as a defense. If he does, it should not relieve him of his guilt. There are some states in which a verdict can be ‘guilty but mentally ill’, meaning time in a state mental hospital, and if deemed cured, transfer to prison and serve the sentence.

Holden Magroin

Not one to throw a wet blanket on the party but very few of these FBI informant based terrorism cases have stood up in court. Most have made the .gov look ridiculous when the facts of the case were made public.

Just saying…



Criminally menacing a woman, worse yet, more than once? Now why would I expect this bar he intended to attack was where he’d have cased quite a few times? Such as a gay bar with a Turkish bath in the back room? Looking at his picture, this dope looks like he tried to fake being of Indian descent with the mark between the eyes. Hey ladybug, a bit too high with the ashtray mark.
The last paragraph of the story really hit me hard. Yep, I remember seeing that dude standing on a corner with a sign in his hands. It read, “Broke and Desperate. Please help with food and bombs. Nuclear if possible”. Just as I passed him I farted and told him to bag it and use for chemical warfare.

Just An Old Dog

This fucker is low hanging fruit. The kind of idiot who would end up carrying a gun in a place tucked in his pants and shoot his own balls off.
The FBI will brag about catching this fucker, but the real deal isn’t going to be this easy.


yep, couldn’t agree more.


Nice prayer stain on your forehead, dicklips.