Thursday morning feel good stories

| October 8, 2015

Marine_7002 sends us our first story this morning – it’s another Craigslist ad gone bad. A father and son went to Battle Creek, Michigan looking for a used car they saw in ads, but they were given a bogus address and instead of a used car, they were jumped by three thugs and sprayed with mace. The son pulled out his revolver and shot at least two of the thugs who bolted. Two were found a few blocks away with chest wounds and the third is still on the run. Its not known if the last little piggie (going wee-wee-wee, all the way home) is wounded or not. UpNorth updates that the third thug was captured.

A fellow in Harris County, Texas, didn’t recon his target too well. For one thing, most of our feel good stories happen in Harris County, Texas. His second mistake was breaking into the home of a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy heard him trying to break in, so as soon as he came through the door, the deputy put one in his chest. The injured man un-assed the AO and jumped in a waiting car, but he hasn’t appeared at any area hospitals yet.

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  1. Why do people not realize that much of Craigslist is a scam and potentially dangerous, and if they must answer an ad, to insist on doing it in a public place, in the daylight.
    Shooting the bastards in the chest is a solution to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, put some mission planning would have done better.

    • Common Sense says:

      Agreed. I work for a company that provides classified ad services to newspapers. We participate in Safe Trade, a free organization that lists police stations that have agreed to let people complete their sales on their property, either in the parking lot or even in their lobby.

      If someone won’t agree to meet at a police station for a transaction, they are bad business.

  2. B Woodman says:

    No “D”s today, but it’s good to see the armed citizen (as opposed to Kalifornication serf) being prepared and fighting back against thug intrusions.
    Makes the coffee go down just a little bit sweeter, even without sugar.

  3. GDContractor says:

    In other news, The Cubs murdered The Pirates last night. Steve Goodman is smiling.

  4. Old Trooper says:

    a round in the chest? That’s gotta sting like the dickens! Too bad it wasn’t a fatal round to the chest.

    • Hondo says:

      Might have been. According to Jonn’s article, he’s not showed up at any hospitals for treatment so far.

      • Tom Huxton says:

        Yeah the ones DOT do not tend to going to hospital. They end up in dumpsters, rivers and vacant house fires. Kind of a` Street Funeral.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    When are these silly and inept wannabe criminal elements going to understand that in Texas, the Wild West may be civilized, but it is not yet dead?

  6. Marine_7002 says:

    Wonder if the sheriff in Harris County will allow that deputy to count that episode towards the deputy’s recurrent range training. 😀

  7. wireman611 says:

    I just love these bedtime stories (third shift),

  8. Roger in Republic says:

    The dude in Harris county will turn up eventually and be recorded as another unsolved murder in Handgun Control’s bogus stats.