Todd Patrick Golding and his phony Marine career

| July 31, 2015

GOLDINGTODD613--Todd Golding s  6/12/2013  SCOTT MASON

The folks at Military Phonies send us their extraordinary work on this Todd Patrick Golding fellow who has been loving this whole anonymity of the internet thing. He claims that he retired as a WO5 in Marine Corps and he’s been trolling a bunch of discussion forums related to military service using the screen name “TPGUSMC”, “tpg USMC (RET)” and “TPG” and the longer he’s on the internet, the bigger his stories have grown.

He started out being a Beirut veteran, which is comical because he was 11 years old when the barracks were bombed on October 23, 1983. But he claims that he was injured in Beirut in April, 1983 and got his first Purple heart and the first Bronze Star with “V” device.

Todd Patrick Golding Beirut

His only award that year was when he earned the Boy Scout rank of Tenderfoot, according to the Winchester Virginia Star;

Todd Patrick Golding tenderfoot

He claims the he earned Purple Hearts in Beirut, Somalia and in Afghanistan. He earned a Silver Star in there somewhere. He also claimed that he served in Desert Storm. His career in the Marines came to a sudden end when he lost both of his legs – well, actually he began claiming that he lost one leg, and then the other came off after a while when no one called him out on the one leg thing. But, ultimately, he claimed that he lost both legs in an IED explosion while riding in a “command HMMV”;

Todd Patrick Golding lost legs

Well, he praised the medical folks at Walter Reed for working so hard on him, and I have to agree, they did wonderful things for him, because, apparently, they grew his legs back for him. Here’s a 2013 photo of him;

Todd Patrick Golding with legs

Todd Patrick Golding with legs1

Amazing, isn’t it? A medical f***ing miracle. Well, the truth is that he spent about six months on active duty in the Marines. He claims that he was injured in a rappelling accident in the Winchester Star;


Yeah, well, he didn’t get out of the Marines in 1998 like the article claims. He was busy committing grand theft and stalking in Winchester;



In all of the years that I spent rappelling, I’ve never seen or heard of a snap link that “snapped”, so I doubt that story, too. Regardless, here’s his FOIA;

Todd Patrick Golding FOIA

Todd Patrick Golding Assignments

Yeah, no service during any of those wars, no Combat Action Ribbon, no Purple Hearts, no Silver Star. There is an NDSM, though.

You should click over to the Military Phonies link because I just hit the highlights of his assbaggery. He even dragged his dead father-in-law into the whole stolen valor thing, too. His claims are so extensive, you’ll wonder why the Taliban aren’t begging us to leave them alone. And the worst part of it all is, it looks like he did it just to get unearned praise from other forum members.

I leave you with some photos of him in case you’re ever in Winchester, VA (looking at you Brown Neck Gaiter and Sniper).

GOLDINGTODD613--Todd Golding s  6/12/2013  SCOTT MASON

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And a TROLL All in one !!!!!!!


And a 120 day wannabe

Green Thumb

A true steaming pile of Phil Monkress.

I can only imagine that he works in the All-Points Logistics office of Disability Assistance.


I sent this off to a buddy of mine in Martinsburg. He and I opened the Vet Center there years ago. He’s plugged in to the Vet community in Winchester so we’ll see. Oh, he also is missing one of his legs so if they meet, it should be interesting.


Ah, life is wonderful !!

A little past 0615 here in the MDT Zone. The heat tab is breaking the horizon in the east, a blue moon is setting in the west, I hear the Harley’s out on US20 that are heading for Sturgis, I’ve got a full pot of coffee, I and the old guard cow have already done our morning PT before the heat index bulb explodes and there is a fake Marine Warrant Officer waiting on the table for dissection.

Can it get much better than this?


BS Claw! You’re lurking ready to pounce when Jonn posts the Weekend Open Thread. /smile

I predict that the thread will have an awesome picture/photoshop of the DRC members and will be the hot wash/AAR of the DRC’s most recent legal failure. I don’t have TAH SCI so this is just a guess.


Jonn usually doesn’t post the Weekend Open Thread until about 1100 my time, so there’s plenty of time for personal hygiene and goofing off before I go into the stalking mode.

BTW, the Marcels are singing “Blue Moon” on the Dish Network Oldies channel right now and I’m digging it. The Del Vikings with “Whispering Bells” was on earlier.

I also am awaiting the AAR on the DRG.


I am just awe struck that he accomplished so much in six months. Now I feel like I just frittered away my 23 years in the Army. I only wish I had his degree of motivation. I wish I could meet him to thank him for his extrordinary dedication and sacrifice,….. right before I punch him in his throat and piss on his face.


Shouldn’t that read extraordinary “defecation” ??


Perhaps the USMC gave him some Motrin 800mg to grow his legs Back. It works for everything else.


No shit… “Hey Doc, I dislocated my knee caps can I get some motrin?” Sure, but just 1 and a canteen of water.

Kevin Thomas

Haha! Parris Island…jk..jk! ?

John Robert Mallernee

That was good for a laugh.


Sweet. TWO NDSM’s! Awesome. Sadly, I don’t see where he was a sniper. Pffffttttttt!

This gent has to be a top seed in the tournament.


Winchester VA? Just a nice drive down the road from me for some apple picking in the fall. Maybe I can get a deal on a bushel of rotten ones to chunk at his head.

Or would that violate the new Army cyber bullying regulation?


I know how he grew his legs back. He was recruited by a timejump recruiter to go fight Therbligs on LB247, and accepted their offer of Xtrabling plus two new legs. Then he scrammed off to Beirut just in time to see the truck bombers, got the timejump back to The World and sat there on his fat ass while his legs grew back in a Legomold.

Such a piece of lawn fungus he is.

Combat Historian

Did this fuckhead even finish bootcamp? Sure don’t look like it from his record of assignments…


no he did not
Maybe before graduation he time traveled back to Beirut and upon his triumphant return , didn’t feel the need to compete training and bumped up his return date.
High speed low drag level guys like him are so bad ass ,that actually completing training is a mere formality

HMCS (FMF) ret.

Dude is a REAL DEAL, 127% disabled, sekrit nekkid swimmin, anal buttsekks warrior from the “Call of Booty – Buttsekks Warfare” peter puffin’ platoon!

Beirut vet at age 11? Fought at both Battles of Fallujah? Lost both legs then appears to have “regenerated” them back? Drags an honorable Marine’s name through his bullshit lies? Criminal record (SOP for SV shitbirds)?

Time to make this dude Google famous for the turdburgular that he is!


This . . . individual may in fact be a disabled vet due to receiving a medical separation because of an injury during IET. But he’s obviously also an absolute, 100% LSoS.

Hope he enjoys being “Internet famous”.


If he is, pisses me the hell off…really due to his lies, and betting he has convinced the VA of some of it.


He’s got me torqued too, amigo. And from what I’ve seen of how gullible the VA often is when awarding disability ratings, I won’t take that bet.


Round Ranger separated at birth? Just sayin’.

B Woodman

Was a Marine? He looks like he ATE a Marine!

I’m going to try to pass this to Virginia, via circuitous routing, and see if there can be a throat punch on this “boy’s” near future.

JarHead Pat

Did he even get out of bootcamp? What a turd, these pukes are everywhere.


[…] This Ain’t Hell blog: […]


…In all of the years that I spent rappelling, I’ve never seen or heard of a snap link that “snapped”, so I doubt that story, too.

You know what he did, don’t you? He looped his rope OVER the gate of the snaplink. That’ll get em almost every time unless they have some dumb luck.

I’m certain that if he is blaming an injury on “snaplink failure” (and it was a “US” steel snaplink) — HE was at fault and he was acting alone. No qualified mountaineering/rappel instructor would ever throw loops over the gate.


rats …. forgot the stop-bold command!



I was an instructor at Huckleberry Creek Mountain Training Camp near Greenwater WA back in 1976-77 and agree that he looped the rope over the top of the snap link.
It was the instructor’s fault for not checking that before he went over the edge.


Wait … The VA is growing legs back and they can’t seem to make Vet’s Choice or the appointment system to work?

Where are their priorities?

19D2OR4 - Smitty

Wait, they can regrow legs now? I have some friends that might like that news. I wonder if they can also make it so I dont have 12 screws, a plate and a nail holding my left leg together.


Call Planned Parenthood and tell them about your leg.
They might be able to sell it for you and get you enough money to buy a new Ford Focus !!!
Of course they have to cut the rest of you up before they can sell those body parts…


[…] . . . . . […]

Silentium Est Aureum

Todd, there’s a “lawer” in FL who knows as much about TAH as anyone.

Better hurry, though. I hear he may not be able to spell sue in about a month.


Well, since his story is so true, I guess in the name of honor I must print up everything that he posted and the truth, send it to the local newspaper. Threaten a friend with”going to my lawyer” That’s not nice and all your friends, oops ex-friends will laugh you out of town. Please don’t come to mine?


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 *gasp* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 *choke* 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 BBWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

GFY Todd.

Oh and *BRING* *IT*, Pussy.

Hack Stone

Does his attorney specialize in real estate law or Social Security claims?

A Proud Infidel®™

Oooooh I’m shaking already, I wonder if he’ll go full throttle TURBO-STUPID? Hey Golding, GFY, you and your retarded hound dog too!! Nice job growing your leg back, wanna share your secret with other Vets? GFY one more time you moldy jelly doughnut-guzzling glittery gargoyle gonad-ogling rotten cabbage-brained booger-eating bedwetting thumbsucking Care Bear-lusting candyassed bucket of slug snot! I bet I have more time on station as a USAF Submarine Door Gunner than you do time overseas PERIOD! OH, the Grand Theft and Stalking? I bet you were Bubba & Thor’s favorite ‘lil piggy! OOOH, threatening The People of TAH®™ with lawer actions? Like they’ve never heard that before, *YAWN*.


I’m Sooooo Scared, ahhhhh what to do…
Hmmmmmmm ! ! ! !
What a attention whore ! ! ! !
Dumb Ass ! ! ! !

Daisy Cutter

Let Golding sue, he won’t have a leg to stand on.

*badda bing badda bang*

Dave Hardin

Ya just had ta do it, didnit ya.

Daisy Cutter

I have to act on my thoughts before they leave my head forever.


Says he is a Marine veteran and regenerated a leg. I have no words except “It’s called SHAME, learn about it”


Somebody let Shane’s wife know about this new process for getting her leg back.

Hack Stone

Boo! Hiss! Too soon. But, oh so funny.


B-a-a-a-a-a-d! Very b-a-a-a-a-a-d!!


Todd Golding.

How about a change to Todd Gelding.

Wonder if those will grow back?

Just curious…



According to one of last years LSoS’s, there are Army issue prosthetics for that.

But if technology exists for growing new ones, here’s my list for who should report immediately for treatment. Oh, you caught that several members of Congress made the list?

3/17 Air Cav

I especially like the photo of him throwing the beanbag. I the name of the game he’s playing is called “cornhole” how fitting!


3/17, the “Cornhole” game is the third most popular game at all the county fairs.

Most popular is “Chicken Bingo”, then next is ” How Can I Get My Family Tree To Branch?”, otherwise known as “In which states am I allowed to marry my first cousin?”

Just an Old Dog

What a piece of rancid cat shit. He thought he could be an anonymous troll and reap the praise for being a wounded war hero ( double amputee) at that.
A Curse on you Golding. You are a scumbag of the lowest order. I hope your fat ass gets triple diabetes and the worst side affects that come with it.
How ironic would it be if they had to amputate your legs for that and your kidneys shut down and you ended up being confined to bed, covered with contact sores and covered in your own feces and Urine.
And as a kicker living for another 40 years in that state. Just a Eating shitting machine that brings in benefits for your relayives to spend on themselves as you slowly rot in a dark bedroom while they ignore your pleas for food, water and pain medication.


I just don’t friggin understand. My little one is reading here so I can’t cuss. Honey, these people were in the Military and have the right to say bad words. Most had to fight and shoot bad bad people. You mean like that Dallas man that makes you cuss. Yes, honey but he’s a ASSHOLE ?



Daisy Cutter

Golding means a whole new meaning to the phrase “Grow a pair!”

Daisy Cutter

Seriously, I read a few of his posts and I should say up front that you don’t know what to believe or not. That said, in some of his posts he talks about working with the wounded warriors. If that is true, think of how they would feel if they knew about his double-life where he self identifies as a double amputee and decorated war hero.

But hey, it’s frickin’ America dawgone it! You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t let a little thing like reality get in your way.

Hack Stone

I self identify as the Media Relations Director for a 3rd party software vendor in Bethesda MD.

Hack Stone

I guess that legs are like chia pets. Just add water, and they magically appear. Since he lives in Northern Virginia, perhaps he can fill that billet at All Points Logistics in Reston.

Frankie Cee "In the clear"

Some of those who haven’t served my wonder why there are those of us who just plain don’t like the military phonies. I am going to try to copy and paste a conversation, started by a currently active duty friend of mine, one who was “detonated” in Iraq. The phonies wish they could be as strong as guys like this: He says: “My second deployment was a meat grinder. it was a short one but by the time it was over my PLT barely had enough guys to leave the wire. That deployment the mind set wasn’t if I get hit but I wonder if today is the day. That deployment killed good men and it broke others. However everyday was crystal clear and the bullshit that didn’t matter truly didn’t matter. I never thought I would wish to feel that way again. Go figure times change. – Lets tell stories @…I don’t think im friends with XXXXX on FB but it probably hit him the most. Also to XXXXXX and XXXXX” One of his battle buddies says: “Was an honor serving with you bro. Yeah one surely fucked me up. But it also made me better. Your a great man, and not a day goes by I don’t reflect on that one.” My friend replied: “Man if it wasn’t for you keeping the PL and PSG in check none of us would of come home.” Another of hys battle buddies says: “As bad as that deployment was I think it made us appreciate life a little more. Losing XXXXX, XXXXXX and XXXXXX was one of the hardest things we ever had to deal with… Especially since we were all so young when they were killed…But I think it prepared us for future deployments and for life outside the military. Hell after that I can honestly say that there has been nothing in my life that has seemed too hard or unfair. Because the truth is that it could have easily been one of us that didn’t make it home… Honestly I have to say without you and XXXXX and… Read more »


This POS should be the poster boy for legalizing abortions. Under those recommendations, hell, no one would want any of his body parts!
SOS, every one of those bow tie boogery-begging specialists makes one wonder: Now why do doctors not offer testicle prosthetics? Start the process with an electric prodding device inserted into his corn hole moving forward finding a location for the new balls he never had. If only I could photo shop and forward my work. I’d fittingly have him a new set of legs that had originally been on an ass. Then I’d have a picture of him taking a crap and nothing but empty brain matter flowing. In other words, brains for shit!!

Dave Hardin

Listen up Pyrite. You were never a Marine. Not ever. Not for one heartbeat of that miserable life of yours. Pyrite has been passed off as Gold, claimed to be Gold, people that don’t know any better think its Gold, It ain’t Gold fool. It’s fool’s Gold. You are the Pyrite Marine, tried to make your ass out to be a Marine you have never been a Marine Golding.

Your records end the moment you left the hospital at NAS Beaufort. END of Story. You were a Recruit with 1 that’s One dumbass month of service. Your records show that you never completed Recruit Training. You were NEVER a Marine.

You were injured in some manner, you are so full of shit I doubt you were injured in the manner you state, your time on Active Duty with the Marine Corps ends the moment you leave the hospital.

Probably went home to finish Physical Therapy for a couple of months and sadly that time counted as active duty as well. You were not a Marine. You only got 1/3 of the way through basic training. You were not at Parris Island long enough to be called a half assed Marine. You are a third of nothing; the only thing you have completed is being full of shit.

Produce a DD214 with service that shows you completed Basic Training after 93/03/26 and DO NOT call yourself a Marine until you do.

According to the official records provided by the FOIA request you are not a Marine. You never were. THAT IS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW IS……..YOU WERE NEVER A MARINE.

You went to Boot Camp, washed out from an injury and went home. That is what those records show. That is all those records show. Until you produce a DD214 that says otherwise you are nothing but a sorry shell of a man the bellows bullshit and make about as much difference as a fart in the wind.

Dave Hardin

Whats wrong Golding, I know you read this stuff. You see shitbird you were never given an MOS, not even a basic one. Nothing. You get that assigned upon completion of boot camp, which you didnt complete.

Where is that shooting badge? Everyone goes to the rifle range Golding, you didnt do that either did you scumbag? Nope, nothin, nada, zip, you were not even an UNK, dont know what that means either do you dumbass.

No Golding, this paperwork clearly shows you never got through boot camp. Sucks when someone can actually read what it means doesn’t it?

Clean up your act Pyrite, get some help, you have some serious issues with this fantasy world you have built. Nothing wrong with building castles in the sky Todd but when you decide to move in to them someone will eventually come around to collect the rent.

Of course you could always just produce a valid DD214. But it will just say you joined with a guaranteed promotion to E-2 and you pissed and moaned about it until they put the NDSM on it.

The only thing you ever defended during your failed attempt to become a Marine was your bed pan.

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY Todd Patrick GoldBRICK, I was Army during my Military Career, and I’ve done at least a dozen shitloads more than you ever have. I’ve talked to Dave myself, he’s someone who’s NOT afraid to say what’s on his mind and he’s a BTDT (Been There, Done That) Veteran like many a TAH Regular. You wanna take some of the heat off of yourself? GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and admit that you fucked up and lied about your past, that’s a good step toward beginning to UNFUCK YOUSELF, which is what you need to try to do! The alternative is to lie low and snivel like many another walking bucket of lying toad and slug snot that has been exposed on TAH and other Phony-Buster websites and blogs. It’s YOUR CHOICE, creampuff Sparkle Pony!


Dave, meanwhile in Las Cruces NM you have a “Special Forces Marine” recognizing real bomb components.

“It was a real bomb, I saw all the parts,” said Cavalry Baptist member Dennis Llewellyn, who said he was outside the church when the explosive went off. Llewellyn said he was a former special forces member with the Marines and recognized bomb parts that included an Eveready battery.”

Maybe the reporter got it wrong…who knows.

Dave Hardin

Well of course he recognized the bomb parts. Marines always use Eveready batterys. I used to keep the sub charges out of the HE if we were using MTSQ or PD fuzes.

Great for removing stups, with an Eveready battery of course. I have odds on the guy being full of shit.


I’m betting Dennis Llewellyn is just an alias for Clark Kent, cause he’s got Superman eyes if he saw bomb parts when the explosive went off.

Better put Jimmy Olsen on the scoop right now.


Sooner or later the question has to surface. Why is that so many posers decided to try the USMC route for their imaginary “history”??????? Do they think the Corps is made up of old dumbasses who are unable to find evidence and the truth? Or do they think we will not pursue it? One thing about Marines, Special Forces, and especially SEALS….some body is going to find you out sooner or later. In most “later” cases, it’s because over time the stories get biger and bolder when the poser assumes he’s got this far, why not just add more war stories and fake medals to my resume? Then there’s that really scary thought, just in case the regulars don’t pursue it for what ever reason; there’s ALWAYS TAH!!!! I really think a reunion of TAH posters should take place some time, just for the fun of it. Reunions of fighters who have been together through difficult times is one thing; but a reunion of hell-raising “Keepers and Exposers of The Truth” would be so many of all identical mindsets when it comes to phony posers. We could have a couple of piñatas with the faces of posers all over them. We’d have to have some special chocolate turds made by some candy company to pour out when it. What else are they full of?

A Proud Infidel®™

Let me know where and when, I’ll download pics of some of the most infamous critters known on TAH and have them printed on waterproof stickers to put in the urinals of whatever establishment we meet at, just like the pictures of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda in the urinals of many a VFW and AL Post!


API…My suggestion of a get together was serious; hope yours was the same. I think it would be a hell of a good evening when a bunch of rowdy no-matter-what-their age characters gather and get involved in some creative who knows what?? So serious I am that I have given thought to the idea and if others had the interest, we’d all need to see Jonn gets there at no expense to him for anything. I’ll put up the first $100 towards Jonn’s appearance. Without him we’d be just a bunch of crazy MF’s looking to end up in the same cell one night. With all the talk on this site, I KNOW we’d come up with a good time to be had by all. Pass the idea around if you are really interested. You know who would be the right person to handle the donations. All you have to do is get others involved and we can take it from there. No better time could be had than by a bunch of Character’s Characters!!!

Joe Williams

Jarhead, a little disagreement, I say sooner because we USMC and SPECOPS are much smaller and someone will know the truth. Please show your sorry ass in my state and see what happens. Semper Fi Joe


Joe,some how you have lost me altogether. Don’t know what you mean by “smaller and someone will know the truth”. Even moreso, I don’t know what your reference to in the “see what happens” means. Somewere along the line I believe you must have misunderstood something I posted. Please explain and I’ll make it right. S/F

Dave Hardin

Best I can tell he meant for “them” to show their sorry ass in his state.

Best guess.


Dave…thanks for pitching in your thoughts. Have to believe yours was on target. No offense taken. Would have been difficult for any who post on this site to have taken offense at what I said. Typo errors understood, we all make them. BTW, we are off to S. Fl. next week. As promised I am going to look up the piano player in Sarasota and record him doing a salute to you. All three of us having been in the Green Machine, it ought to be a hoot! S/F

Dave Hardin

Semper Fi Brother.

Daisy Cutter

It’s always hard with pronouns, something tends to get lost in translation. I took a double-take as well but I *think* he meant: “POSers, show your sorry ass in my state and see what happens.”

Just my two cents. Dave is going to be your go-to guy if talking about dangling participles. He’s always leaving his dangling.


The only thing that he lost was his mind, not from enemy action but from his persistent misjudgment.

It’s a good thing that nobody told him about the Army Service Ribbon, he would’ve tried to claim that too. 🙄 Or, was that oversight, and he was getting around to claiming it? 🙄


It’s amazing what they can make with 3D printers nowadays…

Daisy Cutter

This article about Todd Golding giving a SAR award is available to post links and comments:

Dave Hardin

I am going to leave this here in case an interested party has trouble finding it other places. Seems things like to disappear on Service Academy Forums. I have read all the posts related to this I can find. I read them again and again. I spent time on this Service Academy Forum site reading posts there as well. AF Wife, you have no clue what you are talking about. Anyone that follows what I post knows I don’t hide who I am from anyone. As far as I can tell this Shane Fink guy was contacted on several occasions about an individual who was making claims about his service that were false. Fink’s response was to ban the guy asking questions and allow Golding to keep posting his bullshit. Even after it was insisted Golding be banned he left the posts up. Some of the people posting on that forum, not all, treated this like there were some questionable motive about why it was done. If Fink would have taken an interest in stopping an embellishing veteran that did not even complete Marine Corps Recruit Training from spewing his bullshit on your forum none of it would have been necessary. Even Fink’s last posts on the Stolen Valor thread reeked of arrogance. He worried about who used what user name and when. Who gives a shit. The Fickle Finger of Fink fucked himself when his conduct with the keyboard promulgated preposterous posts. Some of the other people that post on that site are nothing more than keyboard jockeys. They couldn’t lead a roll of shit paper to the head to wipe my ass. How that qualifies them to give advice about military service is beyond me. Lady, I have served with some fine officers. Some of the finest. As a Staff NCO I was proud to call them ‘Sir’, they earned it and I respected it. Every once in a while I had to change and burp some nit wit with bars like the moron that splatters all of his posts about his days at VMI. He never served… Read more »

Dave Hardin

Did I mention Service Academy Forums so the Google Gods might find this post? Service Academy Forums has a habit of deleting things. I dont want this to get lost if someone from Service Academy Forums is trying to find it. Maybe Shane Fink might be looking for it. Shane Fink should be able to find it. Shane Fink of Service Academy Forums can’t delete this one.

Daisy Cutter

So I take it on that this Tactical Nuke bozo is Shane Fink who is also the same person who owns, operates and administers the server for profit as an active duty Air Force officer.

We used to call that double-dipping but I don’t know if they still use that term. I think it may be a prison term now.

Fink’s hands are dirty on this one since he runs a ‘sanctuary’ forum for POSers, for profit. Someone claimed that one bad apple out of 21K users is a good track record. Sure, that’s assuming that everyone else is who they say they are.


I have some sympathy for those duped by posers, frauds, and other criminals, but it is limited. When exposed, those who defend the indefensible become co-conspirators.

To those who get caught up in the lies of criminals, may I suggest that before you attack those who expose the truth that you independently do some research? It will keep you from looking foolish and compounding your embarrassment. Willful ignorance is a terrible thing.

Keepin' It Real

This Shane Fink character of the Service Academy Forums is both a PU$$Y and a liar. I feel so much better now. I made it through all the required reading and followed the threads over on Service Academy Forums. I know a few people close to this and got their take on it all as well. LIE #1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fink (aka “Tactical Nuke”) posted last night and claimed that his beloved tpg was banned in Feb stating “This member, tpg, was banned in February.”: Going through the case file, Fink posted in a PM in Feb that “TPG hasn’t been on the forum since December, and it’s entirely possible he will not return, though that is up to him.” This means he was not banned at all and Fink was offering him sanctuary on his forum. Harboring tpg and feeling no remorse to the families that have lost loved ones in combat demonstrates the gap that exists. This gap is between those that have scraped mud of or banged sand from their boots after a long day in some God-forsaken hotspot and slept in a tent or mudhole. Then, back in the rear we have an officer of privilege that most likely works out of an air-conditioned office in an 8-4 job and uses his military time to make money while he is at work. LIE #2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A rumor was started that he angered a bunch of Fink’s forum members since they were told that the forum was shutting down based on threats by the stolen valor community. No such threats were made. Armed with this false information, many forum users marched forward and attacked ‘TASheehan’, holding this member responsible. A false narrative was floated that the attack is on the innocent people that are trying to receive and provide advice on getting in an academy. FALSE. I believe that Fink started this rumor. Forum members start turning on ‘TASheehan’ on pages 3 & 4. The truth is, and what Shane Fink does not want anybody to know, is that he will be faced with running… Read more »