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| July 31, 2015

In Sparta, New Jersey, two teens were just looking for their friend’s house when they accidentally knocked on a door of an off-duty policeman, late at night in a quiet neighborhood where recently there had coincidentally been a burglary recently.

For some odd reason, the off-duty policeman wasn’t particularly happy that strangers were knocking on his door late at night and began cussing at the two innocent teens. they ran to get back in their car and leave with the cop hot on their tails. For some reason, when they tried to run him down with their car, he began busting caps in their direction. So when other cops responded to their 9-1-1 call to report the guy who was shooting at them, somehow, they ended up in jail along with their weak-ass story.

In Lufkin, Texas, poor Jose Cazares went to a lady’s house to talk to her, even though he didn’t speak English well enough to talk to police officers without an interpreter. Apparently, breaking down a glass door means something different in Spanish than it does in English, because the woman misunderstood and shot Jose in the foot. The translator must’ve not understood either, because poor Jose was arrested in his hospital bed for criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

In Iredell County, North Carolina, a home invader tried to turn his life around in someone else’s home. There was a struggle and shots fired and the intruder un-assed the AO.

Yesterday, we talked about the fellow in South Bend who was made DRT by a 73-year-old. It turns out that the DRT was a violence counselor by the name of Curtis William Trent who had been a felon, but he turned his life around and founded Project TRUCE, an anti-violence group, then he turned his life around again and broke into the old man’s home. Then the old man turned Trent’s life around again for him.

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Frankie Cee Confederate Partisan

What is ours, stays ours. Trying to take something from us can get one killed,wounded, or at least, arrested.
Guns save lives, and property.


Will someone PLEASE tell me what un-assed is supposed to mean?


“Un-assed”: to leave or vacate quickly.


“fired three shots from his personal gun as three teens fled his street in a car early Sunday morning — an account that’s largely consistent with [the teens’ story]….The trooper reportedly said he entered the street to try to stop their car, and opened fire when the car didn’t yield.”

Wait a sec…. So, they were release and not charged with anything (because they were in fact telling the truth)? Yeah, this really isn’t my idea of a feel-good story. Sorry, but fuck trooper trigger and his shitty lawn. Also, one burglary a year ago doesn’t seem terribly recent to me. Is knocking the standard MO for NJ burglars?


Last sentence in the article says the cop won’t answer the door for the reporters. That’s a good thing for them. Trigger Ted-the Tactical Turd might shoot them.

Not sure if this is a cop I want in my neighborhood…


Gotta admit that one sounds fishy. From what I’ve read there was no evidence of any attempt to actually break in, nor were the kids armed.

Just about every other feel-good story I’ve read here included details on how the front (or back) door was damaged or wrecked when someone attempted entrance. It’s been pretty obvious a criminal act was at least attempted. Here, not so much.

A Proud Infidel®™

It sounds like that cop has some comes or another. Maybe he’s still mad at the world for being rejected from the daily doughnut evaluation team!

Old Trooper

Well, actually, Lex, the standard MO for most home invasions is that they knock first and when there’s no answer, they break the door in.


Well, true; but that’s less common at night. A knock at 2:00 pm looking for “so-and-so” gets you a “he doesn’t live here.” A knock at 2:00 am is more likely to get you noticed/shot at.


I’m not sure, but I think the description of the DRT-dart fellow should have been ‘violent counselor’.

Hot weather does bring out strange behavior in people.


“turning his life around” – he was SPINNING!

Roger in Republic

Yep. But the spinning has stopped.


It’ll start again during decomposing ?


If I keep reading this each morning, it has to be without drinking a coffee…last week I had to dry clean two bedspreads @ $25 a piece. My crew said sit on the floor. Huh? The dog has his recliner. SU and get me another bedspread said with ❤