Midland TX train crash trial begins

| January 27, 2015

The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports that the case against Union Pacific will proceed in front of a jury this week;

There originally were 43 plaintiffs in the lawsuit, but plaintiffs’ lawyers announced Jan. 16 that eight families had reached a settlement with the railroad.

Lawyers for the remaining 17 plaintiffs will argue that UP had short warning signal times at the crossing and did not properly maintain the crossing.

UP will argue that it followed all federal regulations in operating the crossing and the train that hit the float and other parties are responsible for the incident. UP also will argue that the crash never would have occurred if the parade float — carrying 12 veterans and 12 spouses — was never in the intersection to begin with, as the National Transportation Safety Board determined that the float began to cross while the crossing signals were activated.

Of course, the most famous family involved in that particular accident, the Ladners, were one of the pairs that settled with Union Pacific.

Glasheen and Pottroff announce that 26 of the 43 plaintiffs reached a settlement with UP. Settling theri claims are: Richard Sanchez, Heather Sanchez, Alex Sanchez, Ava Sanchez, Todd King, Laci King, Aaron Kibby, Laura Kibby, Thomas Pleyo, Kelli Pleyo, Addison Baileigh Jones, Jadeelise Jones, Christopher Andrew Pleyo, Shane Ladner, Margaret Ladner, Mary Daylyn Michael, the estate of Joshua C. Michael, Ryan P. Michael, Maci D. Michael, Elsie Reichert, Michael R. Lubbers, Karen S. Lubbers, Patrick L. Michael, Sheryl D. Michael.

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And in a perfect/just world, when Ladner is found guilty, that settlement they got would be ripped right out of their bank accounts.

Green Thumb

The good part, I assume, is that Ladner will not/cannot ever show his face again around those parts (Atlanta).

He is a known turd, disgraced cop, valor thief and “caregiver”.


2/17 Air Cav

Well, their attorney got a piece of the pie–roughly 35% is a good guesstimate. Then there are the attorney fees for the other little matter affecting Ladner, not to mention whatever penalties may be doled out, ultimately. So, buck up, Sparky: Justice may yet be realized.

A Proud Infidel®™

That truck with everyone on board weighed maybe 40,000 pounds, the total gross weight of that train was at least 10,000 tons. Like Operation Lifesaver says, “Trains can’t stop, you can.” If that driver hadn’t stopped right on the crossing, it wouldn’t have happened, case closed. The parade organizers never corresponded with the UPRR either, and the grade crossing was a “silent crossing ” IAW an agreement between the UPRR and local Government, they shouldn’t have had to pay anyone even one red cent!


Remember, this is the same country where a guy sued McDonalds because their milkshake was cold and gave him brain freeze and there was no warning on their cup.

This is the same country where a person sued a gokart manufacturer that caused them to put a sticker on it that says “Warning: Item moves when in use.”

This is the same country where Bernath can sue a bunch of people because they told the truth about his lies.


It’s unfortunate that a sleazoid carpetsucker like shane ladner got anyting at all out of it. It is HIS fault that his wife was on that truck float, not hers, and she should be the only beneficiary of anything. And she should kick his useless, lying ass out of the house.


Love this little tidbit in the article:

“June 12, 2013: WAGA-TV in Atlanta and the Associated Press reported that Shane Ladner, one of the veterans who was on the parade float that was hit, allegedly lied about his Purple Heart medal and injuries sustained while serving in the Army.”


Anyone know the terms of the settlement? Sure, odds are that he (or she) got some sort of financial benefit, but do we know that as actual fact?

2/17 Air Cav

No, secrecy is part of the settlement terms, usually. It’s not like a plea bargain where the public is entitled to the terms of the deal. He got paid. The Mrs. got paid. You can bet on it.