Democrat feud; DLC vs. Kos

| August 18, 2007

Donald Lambro of the Washington Times reports a growing rift in the Democrat Party between the Democrat Leadership Council and the internet lunatic fringe;

The groups held dueling conferences this month, and the Yearly Kos Convention clearly came out on top. It drew 1,500 liberal activists — including 500 bloggers — and a half-dozen Democratic presidential candidates, led by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The New York Democrat has been embraced by the DLC as one of its own.

The DLC drew 350 elected officials to its conference but was snubbed by all the presidential candidates. However, Mrs. Clinton’s husband, a former DLC chairman, delivered the keynote speech.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga stepped up his war of words against the DLC this month. The founder of the Daily Kos blog and the annual Kos conference considers DLC members “Republican-lite,” as opposed to true Democrats.

“The DLC doesn’t want a victorious Democratic Party unless such victories happen using their formula. We’ve been there, done that, and it simply didn’t work,” Mr. Moulitsas wrote in his blog last week. “Even working out of their own playbook, we couldn’t get that magical majority of the popular vote. We lost control of the House and Senate. Things truly seemed hopeless. We as a movement sprung from those failures.”

The article goes on to say that the KosKids consider Hillary Clinton the DLC’s candidate and they don’t think she can run against her own negatives.

“She is also the DLC candidate, literally,” [Kos] wrote earlier this year in a blog that quoted from a Ford memo accepting the DLC chairmanship in which the former congressman wrote, “I assume there will be an effort to help Senator Clinton’s campaign, and I would support such an effort.”

Well, who does that leave?

Barack Obama, who has decided he’s going to cut back on his debates because everytime he opens his mouth these days, everyone discovers that he really is a blathering idiot and little more than a nice suit. So that’s quite a strategy – hide the candidate from discussing issues until the election. We could even put up a cardboard cutout of him at the Inauguration ceremony if they’d be more comfortable with that. I’m sure the Kossacks will like him for the obvious reasons – they think Americans would feel too guilty to vote against a purportedly Black man. They would – so the rest of us will, too.

Or maybe openly hypocritical John Edwards, the prettiest girl in the presidential campaign, who can only seem to raise enough cash when he mentions Ann Coulter’s name. Victory-hungry Democrats won’t tolerate the scandals that’ll erupt around him if he won the nomination. I figure his happy face will collapse before the primaries begin.

Or maybe the prince of peace Dennis Kucinich, who is quickly becoming the heir apparent to the mantle of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, the original moonbat.

Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd nor Joe Biden will get the KozKranks’ support – they’re too conservative (as Democrats go) on the war and taxes. So who does that leave?

There’s still time to get Cindy Sheehan, I suppose – that’s one candidate all of the KozKids can get behind. Maybe the DLC can put lipstick on that pig. 

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