Tuesdays with Claymore

| December 9, 2014

Paws up, don’t shoot!

Tolerance collision

Socialist…Democrat….same same


Stephen Colbert is a national something or other

Poor people are poor because of cars?

Some dude is the new MSNBC anchor

Your mileage may vary

Pennsylvania taking a shot at Florida’s reputation

Republicans should be “targets”

Red state blues

Butthurt Brigade finds swastikas on wrapping paper

…except at abortion clinics, but other than that.

Marky Mark and the DUmmy Bunch

Ah, college…the best 15 years of my life.

Crappy Star Wars trailer gets GRR Martin off his ass to finish his friggin’ books before he croaks

Home owners associations are full of little commie wannabe dictators

Breaking news: most Americans can tell the difference between a thug and and thug cop.

“Letting guns fall into the hands of criminals”

Well, at least they can’t call it workplace violence

Chlorine sickens 19 furries…300 million sickened by finding out what furries are

Tortured alert

Snakes on a plain (moron)

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‘Some may say we are just “parasites”.’

Yes, grasshoppers and locusts, you are just parasites. If you can’t cut the umbilical at age 18, you’re a parasite, a tapeworm, an ebola-carrying mosquito. (Shush, Hondo.)

Did you little mousies know that if you don’t want something on TV, it goes away for good? Poor ratings that make a show bomb quickly result in cancellations.


I have never been able to finish any of these tuesday links. My head almost explodes.

2/17 Air Cav

For idiot versus idiot debate, the HOA thread stands above the rest, which is saying a lot.