An Update on RADM Giardina

| November 25, 2014

There’s been some recent news – again – about RADM Timothy M. Giardina. For those who’ve forgotten , RADM Giardina was the former Deputy Commander of STRATCOM who was relieved of duties (and who reverted to RADM rank) after being accused of using altered poker chips at a local casino. “Altered”, as in changed to make them to appear to have a much higher value than they actually did ($500 each vice $1 each).

RADM Giardina was offered NJP (!) for this act, and accepted same. He also apparently lied to investigators during the initial investigation into his conduct. He initially told investigators that he bought the chips in question from a guy in the caniso’s rest room. He later changed his story to say e merely “found these items” in the casino’s rest room and decided to use them. Currently, “that’s his story and he’s sticking to it”.

Well, information has now come out that his DNA was found underneath a sticker attached to one of the chips to alter its value. In truth, that’s not definitive; the investigator who discovered it indicates migration of DNA is possible in such cases. Draw your own conclusion as to what you believe that evidence indicates.

But either way – sheesh, Admiral.  As I said before:  you flushed your career  for freaking $1500?  Really?

Of course, RADM Giardina now says he “deeply regrets” lying to Iowa state investigators and giving them that initial cock-and-bull story – which he says was an “error in judgment”.  But he also says, “This lapse in judgment does not make me a thief and a criminal.”

He also claims he “doesn’t have a gambling problem”.  Um, yeah.  Whatever you say, Admiral.   But the investigative report on your conduct in this incident obtained by AP appears to indicate otherwise.  It usually takes quite a bit to get banned from multiple casinos.  And smoking butts out of an ashtray is generally the act someone who desperately wants a smoke, but can’t afford a pack of his own.

There’s an old saying that seems applicable to me here.  It starts out, “Fool me once, shame on me . . . “

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Since we had all that musical accompaniment in other threads I’ll leave this for you to enjoy.
First thing I thought of…


D’OH, popped into the wrong thread. 😀

Green Thumb

I always go with Red 9.

Cut this guy some slack.


I wonder how many troopies RADM Giardina hammered for lesser infractions during office hours?

“Do as I say…not as I do” mentality.


That would be Captain’s Mast…same thing, NJP…


Sorry I’m just a dumb jarhead.


Another addiction claims a military member’s career. Some do drugs, some have multiple sexual partners, others gamble. Won’t be the first time and certainly not the last. Will be interesting to hear what paygrade they allow him to retire at. Probably RADM (O8) as he was an O9 when he got caught.


NJP is a limited trial where the CO is the Judge and Jury. Evidence is presented, witnesses may appear and the accused is afforded the privilege to speak if warranted.

Then again, the CO can just slam dunk your dumb ass as well.

In general, NJP is a good thing as it permits a person to man up, apologize, ask for forgiveness, take the awarded punishment and request permission to get back to work.

In the case of ADM Dumb Schitz here … NJP was a good call. If he had requested a Courts Marshal he would be going to jail.


Suddenly a new SECDEF candidate emerges…

2/17 Air Cav

You know what an error in judgment is? It’s shooting an air ball from the key. It’s parking a car and thinking you have another two feet before you would the car behind–only to knock bumpers after reversing 6 inches. It’s thinking your wife would appreciate the exercise bike you bought for her, w/o her asking for it. What an error in judgment IS NOT is lying and cheating and stealing.


100% spot on, Air Cav!


“It’s thinking your wife would appreciate the exercise bike you bought for her, w/o her asking for it.”

OH SHIT!! hahahahahaha if you did that you’re a glutton for punishment.


Well put!


Ash tray diving that’s right out of Trailer Park Boys.

Common Sense

“deeply regrets” “error in judgement”. Bah!

Addictions are difficult. I’d have far more respect for him if he had lived up to his oath of honor and said “I was wrong. Stealing is wrong, regardless the reason. I accept full punishment” That’s what a real man would say.

Instead, he issued weasel words. No integrity, no honor.


“But he also says, “This lapse in judgment does not make me a thief and a criminal.””

Actually, sir, you are, in fact, a thief and a criminal.


Well. He was actually correct in saying that his lapse in judgment did not make him a thief and a criminal. What makes him a criminal is his having engaged in criminal activity. What makes him a thief is having stolen something which did not belong to him.

Not so much a lapse in judgment as a lapse in good character. Conduct unbecoming, and all that. And stupid.


Play stupid games……


And he still gets to retire as an O-8.

Some punishment.


But he also says, “This lapse in judgment does not make me a thief and a criminal.”

Well…yes it does Sir! I guess they just aren’t paying those Admiral ranks the bucks they use to.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Actually Giardina that lapse in judgment does indeed make you a thief and a criminal in addition to a giant lying turd. I won’t call you admiral because your very presence in the Navy is a disgrace to the service and to the senior officer ranks.

I hope they treat you like an enlisted man for your transgressions and you lose all that you’ve worked for during your career.


It is very unlikely, but they could still slam him for this incident by just saying he violated some other article / trust.

He could “technically” be given one each “NJP” for each offense (lying, theft, conduct unbecoming, etc). Or given NJP for some of it, then a court-martial for another offense involving this incident. But yes, he was afforded a huge break for this one.

I think he’d be more respected for outright saying at the start “I have a gambling addiction, I need help” and get more leniency and understanding. Since this isn’t enough to make him see the light, he is on his own.


If he were an E-6 or below, he’d definitely lose rank and get 45/45 for the offense, plus lose some money.

It gets tiresome continuing to see senior officers, or even any officer get a slap on the wrist. Us “lowly” enlisted folk get thrown to the wolves.

I know of a captain who got a DUI and caused him to miss deployment because of it a couple days before getting on the plane. Still has a job 3 years later and its like nothing happened because he had his lips affixed to the commander’s ass.

If Giardina were an E-6 or below, he’d lose rank, half pay for two months, 45/45 MINIMUM. If he were E-7 or above, he’d have to retire immediately, or get kicked out if he didn’t have 20 yet. Especially these days.

The auto-response would be something like, “well, due to his mostly honorable service, we’re cutting him a break. But he’s only going to get an O-8 retirement because we’re serious about this. He might even need to go on welfare because O-8 retirement is going to be tough on him…”