Jarrett Otto Gimbl; phony wounded Marine revisited

| October 15, 2014

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We talked about Jarrett Otto Gimbl last month. He had his ass beat at White Castle while he was being tossed from the Marine Corps after a few months in service and he was using that ass whooping as an excuse to lie about his service, calling himself a sergeant and claiming injuries from a deployment to Iraq that never happened.

I guess he picked up his show and moved it to Florida, where he piqued the curiosity of our new friend, Sharon Aron Baron, who writes at Coral Springs Talk. She called yesterday and asked us about what we knew of young Jarret;

After doing an online search, I spoke with Retired U.S. Army Infantry Platoon Sgt Jonn Lilyea who served in Desert Storm and is editor for This Ain’t Hell, a site that exposes military frauds. He provided me with discharge papers that he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Lilyeah said his readers became suspicious of Gimbl after seeing him on a segment on FOX News.

“A lot of my readers are standing in line at the VA,” said Lilyea. “People are revered now for their military service and people like him are taking advantage of that.”

She also called Jarret;

During my interview, Gimbl told me he was a Sergeant in the Marines. His DD214 says he was only a Private E-1.

Gimbl also told me he served for six years. He wrote on his Linkedin page that he served for three years and nine months yet his DD214 said it was only four months. This makes the total amount of time that Gimbl served in the Marines 15 months including basic training and his Primary Military Occupational Specialty or PMOS.

Well, now the Coral Springs community is sufficiently warned and if their reaction at their Facebook page is any indicator, they’re not pleased he’s in their town.

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What a maroon.


I bet he gets “tuned up” again from someone in his new neighborhood in 3…..2…….1…


Sharon Aron Baron? Is that a real name?

I’ve got a cousin who lives down that way who was a Marine Officer and currently is a honcho at a private security firm….I may have to reach out to him and let him know about this fine individual! Perhaps he can give Jarrett here a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup.


LT…You know it’s odd Sir. I Googled, “a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup”

First three hits…all TAH, but number one is…”BOLO-Officer safety; Dennis Howard Chevalier” from August.

Just something off topic I thought to be cool.


“a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup”



Love it.


A good buddy of mine and fellow Marine Officer in the reserves is a cop in Coral Springs. I’ve forwarded him this information to let him know to keep an eye out for this fine, upstanding citizen.

Sharon Aron Baron

Yes, that is my real name. Aron is my maiden name and I married a guy with the last name of Baron. It was fate I’m sure….or a good sign!


Mrs Baron,

So this guy is saying that he DID NOT speak to you for the article you wrote. Have a look at this POS in action:



Sure likes selfies of himself.

A Proud Infidel®™

This couldn’t happen to a more deserving POS!! :mrgreen:


Dare I say it:

Splash. Out.


Just below the Coral Gables facebook linked story about this fraud, there is a story of a true American Hero. Believe his story has been brought up here before. SSG Mast, who lost his legs as he was clearing a route for an assault force. The Sheeple who have been supporting Gimbl should read this, and see what a real hero looks like. Screw that fraud Gimbl!!

Sharon Aron Baron

Thanks for brining up Mast who lost both of his legs to an IED. These are the servicemen that need our recognition. Sadly Gimbl, is merely an undeserving distraction here.


Hey Sharon,

Now he’s plodding through Coconut Creek, FL area playing his little game. He claims the owners of Bru’s in Coconut Creek didn’t allow him to bring his service dogs (now plural), and encouraging his followers to write and post his claims on FB.


The facebook page he was using to scam people is down. The one he set up for his “Dog”, where he told people what a hero he was, and begged for donations.
I hope all his lemmings have woken up now to the reality they have been had by a con man.

Sharon Aron Baron

Hi page goes up and down depending on how much he’s getting harassed by people tired of his game. The link is https://www.facebook.com/GunnyESA tell his 12,000 followers that he isn’t a hero and his ass-kicking, not his oversees service, got him VA benefits for life.


Well…by the trend he could be in the running for USMC Commandant.

Apologies to my Marine brothers/sisters….but it was right there.


I doubt he could do any worse as CMC as the one we currently have foisted onto the Corps by the mouth breeders, snot gobblers, thumb suckers and other assorted politicians, in uniform or out.

2/17 Air Cav

Gimbl is a rare name in itself but when it is preceded by Jarrett Otto, well, how many fingers are my holding up? Nonetheless, I must concede that it is possible that there are two Jarrett Otto Gimbls in the world, just as it is possible that I will one day find a cure for the common cold, even though I am not looking for one. Plus, the Jarrett Otto Gimbl featured here has a NY accent, a LI accent to be more precise, known thanks to his crazy call to Jonn. Coincidentally, a Jarrett Otto Gimbl was born in 1987 in Suffolk county, Long Island. (The internet is a bitch. Imagine capturing a single page from a Long Island town paper’s birth announcement 27 years after the paper’s publication!) Anyway, the paper gives the exact DOB, which would make that Jarrett Otto Gimbl 27, not in his 30s as reported by one newspaper. And if this is the same Jarrett Otto Gimbl, it also makes him the son of a real-life hero, a fireman of the year. So, there may be daddy issues here. I wonder if Dr. Chevy Cheeseballs, PhD will take the case?


Ah, the little pleasures! Spent a few minutes sending links to the original story to everyone that commented or liked his selfies. Only reply was from some psycho gal who claimed her husband had three Purple Hearts and would know if Gimbl was lying. Eventually, she admitted they knew he was lying. Just got thru sending updates. Waiting for feedback.


Hah! Don’t forget the Cocuzzo sisters (Kaitlyn and Brianna) they have been cheerleading for a while, and usually the ones who come to save their damsel in distress.

They are the chief lemmings. Man, Gimbl has them baited. It’s really too bad. They are really exceptional supporters of veterans, but unfortunately they are getting duped who’s a liar through and through.

Green Thumb

Moved to Florida.

Any guesses on this shitbag’s potential employer?

2/17 Air Cav

Try Linked-In. he’s there. And just as one newspaper says, he’s in (or was) in retail. Think big box store!

Green Thumb

I bet this turd has some experience cleaning boxes all right.

Yo, Phildo, you like them young, don’t you?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m thinking he’s the one being paged when someone says “Cleanup in the Men’s restroom” or “Cleanup on aisle five”.


It says Clear Channel, but I heard somewhere he’s claimed to a DEA agent???

Green Thumb

Would not surprise me.

They all do it.

Stermer, BH Austin, Phildo, Chevy, etc. It is a long list.


What a damn shit stain.


I bet he curses Al Gore daily for inventing the Innerwebz.

OIF '06-'07-'08

I would like to invite Jarrett to my local White Castle for a really big hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup!


Dang Snail Mail.

I guess he never got that letter from HQMC yet.
You know, The one that was suppose to clear his name and issue an apology to him.
I still love the night when I gave Jonn’s phone number to him. He was a Billy bad ass until he found out it wasn’t me and that Jonn was recording the call..EPIC !

Joe Williams

If, anybody can answer this question, Please do so. Does he attend the big Pow Wows in Oklahoma. Tulsa has several each year. I would do my best to expose him. Thank You Joe

2/17 Air Cav

“You’ve pissed off the wrong Marine.” That’s what he told Jonn. I wonder if he used that line at White Castle, too.


Hey, Gunny Service Dog FB page is back online…of course, with a heavily redacted DD214 that again does not address the actual issue.


Totally ignoring the false claims of rank, duration of service, reasons for discharge, cause of his injuries, etc… Gimbl is a lying, con man, and a huge sack of stinking fecal matter. Oh, and his little clan of dumb ass douche bags straphangers on his every bogus word…get a life dummies. You are being played with bogus sob story from a proven scumbag.


So this clown is claiming via his “Dog Page” that he was in the VA Hospital for depression, yet the discharge papers he shows are his medication list. He didn’t cover them all, and the first one listed is an Anti Biotic used for treatment of bacterial infections… Not depression. Plus the attending Physician is not a Psychiatrist, as would be the case if he were admitted for depression. You get admitted for Pysch issues, you go to a Psych Ward, and your discharge is signed by the resident Pyschiatrist. Plan for follow up is with his Primary Care, if he was in for Psych issues it would be with a Social Worker or Psychiatrist.
This guy cannot lie worth a shit.
had some woman who was supporting him block me after I messaged her. Thing is, I know relatives of hers and friends. He has a lot of really well meaning and good people suckered.


Did you notice the heavily redacted DD214(by way of photoshop) was removed? It was a gigantic gray blob, excepts for the bottom right corner where it shows “honorable”. The only thing is: that’s not being questioned. His ethics, for sure there’s skepticism about him being honorable. This issue is the rest of the DD214 will prove whether or not he deployed and was wounded in combat. Of course, those of us who had a DD214 could pick up how sparse the award section was, because he didn’t fully block that out in the mess of a DD214 he posted just days ago.

Since you’re reading this blog and trying your hardest to make your documents match your fantasy, Jarrett, read this: you blew it with that last DD214 you posted. You know, the one that just has your NDSM listed in the award section. You pretty much outed yourself to any veteran with a DD214.

Here Jarrett: get some tips for this guy. He goes a few counties over where nobody knows him for freebies. It’s your life!

Just an Old Dog

Looks like Sadie is a popular dog…
Someone else by the name of Karl Moore is supposedly a Disabled Vet trying to get her to Maine too…


That sure is the exact same dog…if the dog even exists at all. Which is pretty doubtful.


Kicked out of Bru’s Room in Coconut Creek, FL and blaming the place for not accepting his service dogs. Same shit, different place. Coconut Creek, FL area watch out…poser on the prowl.


If this sack of flatulent prunefarts wasn’t so disgusting, I’d suggest someone go kick his seat out from under him.

I just don’t want to see anyone get inundated by the corpulent fat tsunami. You could suffocate.


Well, looks like this turd is on the hunt for more attention again. This time he is denying he spoke to press.



Don’t mess with coke, folks!


This guy’s whining is world class


His life is like the Truman Show for military non-hacks. Hey SW Florida, somebody grab a Louisville Slugger and finish the job. He must hate baseball season #batterupgimbl

Just an Old Dog

His Gunny Service Dog page was noticed by a Marine who he was at Fort Sill with him.
The Marine said anyone who was in the Marine Detachment because as soon as they checked in they were told “Stay away from Gimbl, hes a scumbag”.. he was accused of stealing and was a liar back then, telling people he left his job as a big executive at AT&T.. walked away from a huge salary like Pat Tillman.
Apparently the Asswhupping with the bat happened before he went out on appealate leave because he went back to Fort Sill and said he whipped the guys ass. Apparently he took a plea deal to try to get an honorable. The Marine was under the impression he did but it could have been Gimbl lying,, Again…
By the way his Dog facebook is down.

Green Thumb

This scumbag and Angelo Othchy could be twins.

Just an Old Dog

By the way he posted some of his VA findings. He had 2 findings for 0% when he got out in 2008.
He appealed and had 3 more findings added in Jan 2013,, those were all 0% as well. It looks like they were all related to his ass-whupping. Hearing loss, ringing in the ears, cracked nose, cracked orbital socket and closed-head injury.
By the way he used a VSO from the American Legion to help[ him file.

Just an Old Dog

Correction, he gets 10% disability for ringing in his ears.

Also on the News Story Comments he freely admits he Kept half the Money he raised To get Karl Moore his service Dog.
He claims that Moore wanted to use it for “Personal use”, since he drove back from Oklahoma instead of flying with his dog. He says he gave the money to a different vet in Arizona.


This guy got his ass pounced on pretty good over the past few days….


Green Thumb

This is the type of turd that ends up in a ditch on the morning news.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

See what happens when you have fractured taint syndrome due to “exposure” to cocaine… you have to lie about your service, deal with a 0% disability rating from the VA and be world famous on the ‘net for your bullshittery.


I have a marine who lied for the past six years about his service. Told me he was a Iraq vet. Got a copy of his DD214 from his ex wife. Never stepped foot in Iraq. Any suggestions would be most helpful. If needed I can be reached at 720-233-7844. Thank you Mark A. Caudill