Bipartisanship my foot

| November 13, 2006

To celebrate the new spirit of bipartisanship, the Democrats have announced that they will block the President’s nomination of John Bolton to the UN post he’s occupied for 15 months. All of this bluster while the President is meeting with Senate Democrat leaders where Harry Reid says (apparently talking through his hat) “The only way to move forward is through bipartisanship and openness”.

So this is the definition of bipartisanship? As long as we do everything the way the Democrats want it done, we’re “cooperating”. The next two years are going to be a bawl-fest. I can’t see the President caving on anything – I could be wrong. He’s had his fingers bitten during the last few rounds of “bipartisanship”, I really hope he’s learned his lesson.

Edited to add; Michele Malkin is “Blogging for Bolton” . Word on the street is that Voinovich has changed his mind and will support Bolton’s nomination. I haven’t been able to confirm that yet, but I’ll keep trying. We need pressure applied to the lamest duck of all – Lincoln Chaffee.

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