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| February 12, 2014

Craig sent us this photo that he found of The Round Ranger, William Derek Church for your lunch time viewing pleasure;

Derek Church 4

Kenneth Boyle sent us this DD214 last night and a mobilization letter;

Kenneth Boyle DD214

Kenneth Boyle Mob letter

The MOB letter means nothing, like those 2 mobilization devices on his reserve medal because we know he was mobilized, but never deployed. Here’s the email he sent, if you can decipher it in regards to my questions about the CIB;

i dont have a purple heart, never did, and thats what i have on last records when i left medical it was back in 1991 when they said I got CIB when detached with infantry unit, I always asked the same thing but they said it showed up in report at Fort Knox Ky. I am just trying to be honest here and show you the things I see, When getting back in my records have been screwed up. When getting back in me and the Recruiter had to go through a lot of crap, this is everything I have im standing here at a stand still. I tried to get records straightened out at Fort Knox and the lady working on them said your records are all screwed up and missing, so where do I go from here, Im asking for your help, I have no clue if Fort Knox couldn’t who next. The Purple Heart I know nothing about.

So he knows that he didn’t earn a CIB, but that doesn’t stop him from getting CIB Plates on his truck;

Kenneth Boyle plates

And an “I served in Afghanistan” sticker;

Kenneth Boyle truck

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  1. A Proud Infidel says:

    WOO-HOO! I GOT #100, *Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck…*, as Curly woulda said it!!

  2. ArmyATC says:

    Nah. That’s just one of the movements in the William Derek Church doughnut drill.

  3. A Proud Infidel says:

    @Red Ghost, I was a 12C during my three years of AD, and it was that when I ETS’ed in 94. They listed me as a 21C when I came back into the NG in 2003, it drove me up the wall!!

    Yeah, I did OSUT in A/35th ENGR, loved every minute spent at good ‘ol TA250 doing the AFB! Did you ever get to “water blast” anyone using the MK Bridge Boat’s hydro jets, or did you use the “27-footers”?

  4. AW1 Tim says:

    As I posted elsewhere about this jackwagon…….

    You’d think that with all that bling and all that time in the service, that someone would’ve taught him how to shave.

  5. A Proud Infidel says:

    @104, AW1, maybe he’s growing it for night camouflage before he raids the dumpster behind the doughnut shop?

  6. Red Ghost says:

    @A Proud Infidel. A/35th July to October ’87. All the cool Charlies were in Alpha. I really can’t remember what boats we had at TA250 in 87. I got stuck on launch and retrieve. I was the only National Guard Chuck. My Guard unit, E/132nd had the prop boats when I reported after OSUT. We got MRK IIs in ’89. Last time I was at TA250 was for trainup for Afghanistan in 2012. Different experience as a SFC in Multi-cam than a private in BDUs. Got good morning Sergeant’d by a SSG Drill Sergeant. That was cool. As much as I enjoyed my time as a Bravo, I’m really glad I went to Afghanistan as a 12C.

  7. A Proud Infidel says:

    A-Stan as a 12C? I had to reclass to 11B in order to get myself deployed, didja use the MGB over there? And yes, A-35-3, 12Chucks Deluxe, Class 1-92!

  8. A Proud Infidel says:

    I went straight to Korea after AIT, we had MKII Bridge Boats and two 27-Footers. 50th Engineer Co. (AFB), formerly E Co. 2nd ENGR BN.

  9. MAJMike says:

    Damn. Just, damn!

    That’s the perfect image of Joe Shit, the Rag Man.

  10. jonp says:

    I’m not questioning whether he earned the CIB, Purple Heart or anything but it leads to a question.

    If you are active duty and your records get screwed up like that are you required to wear the ribbons in your file? Another way to put it is can you pick and choose what to wear or are you legally required to wear what is in your records until you can get them straightened out and taken off of them?

  11. OWB says:

    Jonp, my units didn’t much care, at least on the enlisted side. On the other hand, were there an error, I would refuse to wear something that was not earned. What could they do? That would be a VERY interesting disciplinary hearing: “Sir, are you ordering me to wear an award I did not earn?” Might get the records fixed very quickly.

  12. Red Ghost says:

    My unit, the 132nd Multi Role Bridge Company, emplaced Acrow and Mabey Bridges (think oversized Baily Bridges). One section ran a Ribbon Bridge operation in the wet season. No MGBs. We were the only Army bridging unit in Theater. The Marines had the MGB but I don’t think they emplaced one the entire time we were there.

  13. CBSenior says:

    @jonp What happens when there is a clerical issue with your pay. If the Army over paid you, are you allowed to keep the money. Hell No, they fix the mistake take back the over payment and do not really give a Fuck if it puts you in a bind. Your career is your career, it is your duty to make sure all of your paperwork is correct and fix those mistakes. Even the mistakes when corrected are not in your benefit.
    Even us Navy guys know how much that CIB means. It means a lot to us as well because we know what it takes for Army folks to MERIT that Distinction. We also know that, an Engineer who never deployed overseas, was never near a combat zone, was never in the Infantry, not only will not earn a CIB but they cannot earn a CIB.

  14. CBSenior says:

    Speaking of the CIB. I was looking at FatWater 1. Can an Army Troop get a Purple Heart and not have a CIB or a CAB? Is not the Purple Heart wounded in Action.? So how can Turd Burner Church play dress up, have his fakie PH and not sport a fakie Action Badge.

  15. Hondo says:

    jonp: can’t speak for other services. In the Army wear of awards (personal decorations/unit awards/campaign or service medals/ribbons, and badges) is generally optional. Commanders can require wear of awards for the following:

    (1) Parades, reviews, inspections, and funerals.
    (2) Ceremonial and social occasions.

    Otherwise, wear of awards is optional unless circumstances dictate wear is prohibited.

    See para 29-2 and 29-4 (prohibited wear), AR 670-1.

  16. SJ says:

    115: My best buddy (RIP) only wore 1 ribbon: a DSC.

  17. PFM says:

    Standard order format for MOB orders, please. Uniform worn would be DCU at that time, and for God’s sake if your going to fake a uniform at least download the freaking AR 670-1 .pdf which is all over the internet and look at it, please :). Might help a little bit in your jackassery.

  18. PFM says:

    #110 – No. See “Army Values”.

  19. A Proud Infidel says:

    @112, Red Ghost, YEAH, those looked like Bailey Bridges to me, too!! While I was an AD 12C, we were told that at that time ALL of the US Military’s portable bridges were designs stolen or “borrowed” from other Countries. The Assault Float Bridge (AFB) was stolen from the Soviet Red Army via U2 Spy Plane photos during the Cold War, the Bailey Bridge was stolen from the British, their WWII invention, and we “borrowed” the MGB (Medium Girder Bridge, known amongst 12C’s as the MEAN GREEN BITCH!”) FROM THE Aussies!

  20. Red Ghost says:

    @119 And of course the Ribbon Bridge was acquired from the Soviets vis the Egyptians through the Isralies. I had a German LTC tell me that the Soviets stole the Ribbon design from the Germans!

  21. Sparks says:

    @100 Proud you the man for hittin’ 100

    @99 Green Thumb I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing the Truck Stop Special. (needed eye bleach afterwards) Walked into a truck stop latrine in east Memphis off I-40 and there they were, going at it double time. I slowly backed out and mumbled something like, “every fuckin’ place ya go”! I went to the women’s latrine instead and stayed there with my wife to walk her out. I was…traumatized, you might say. Didn’t know two fat assed truckers, I assume, could do that. So if THEY did, I am sure Church would have “felt” right at home and “fit” right in.

  22. FU Boyles says:

    “Last duty station: EN BN DET 2 MC”

    You couldn’t make anything better up?

    Also, does the fact that Aug 04, 2004 fell on a Wednesday catch anyone’s attention?

  23. ghp95134 says:

    @115 Hondo:
    …Commanders can require wear of awards for the following:

    (1) Parades, reviews, inspections, and funerals.
    (2) Ceremonial and social occasions.

    Otherwise, wear of awards is optional unless circumstances dictate wear is prohibited.
    My Dad’s story: A Medal of Honor recipient was in their unit but never EVER wore any ribbons on his Class Bs or Class As. As they were falling in for a Division parade the commander noticed this soldier not wearing any awards and ordered him to “Go back and put your most distinguished ribbon on right now!”

    The soldier returned to formation wearing only one award — the one he was MOST proud of:

    “Good Conduct Medal ribbon.”

    Dunno when this happened; Dad was in the 505th in 1947, then spent time in 77th SFG (53), OCS (57), leg units (~62), 1st/6th/5th/Training Groups (62~68).

    (Army Brat. 68-70 at International School, Bangkok … woo-hooo!)

  24. CIDMP says:

    Any Guard/Reserve folks on here school me as to how a soldier can go 23 years and never attend a formal military school? How long does it take for a Reserve enlisted member to accrue 23 years of active service? Does the Reserve require 2 years in grade to retire at that rank? Is ANCOC or the 1SG Course required prior to promotion to E-8? Did this poser even attend a basic course to become a Combat Engineer?Puzzling indeed.thanks……

  25. OWB says:

    CIDMP: I don’t think it is possible in modern history, at least not on the Air side. But, there will be a personnel office in the state Adjutant General’s office that can answer all those questions for you, and will also have access to this clown’s specific records.

    Hondo? How does it track in the Reserves?

  26. A Proud Infidel says:

    CIDMP, Guard and Reserve Personnel are required to attend the same Basic & AIT that AD Troops are, as well as the “Wienership” (*OOPS!*, Leadership) Schools. WLC (Warrior Leadership Course, formerly PLDC) for E4 to E5, BNCOC to make E6, and ANCOC for E7. There’s also the First Sergeant’s Course and the Sergeant Major Academy for those who make it to the top of the NCO food chain. Lardboy’s school claims are like the rest of them, utterly ass-sniffingfartgulpingshiteatingmuthafuckingpisspantssonofabitchingmonkeyshit RIDICULOUS!!

  27. Hondo says:

    CIDMP: the 23 years listed on Boyle’s purported DD214 is the amount of time he’s held that MOS. That’s determined by when he first was awarded the MOS.

    That figure does not represent the amount of active duty time Boyle might have. That would be shown in the portion of the form that’s not shown – specifically, in the part of block 12 to the right of the rightmost edge of the photo. That 23 years figure would also not necessarily be the amount of time that qualifies for reserve retirement purposes.

    A member of the reserve may serve 23 years, but serve only a small part of that on active duty (e.g., IET and maybe an occasional school). All of it might or might not qualify for reserve retirement, depending on their level of participation and type of assignment. But barring a break in service, it would still count for pay purposes. The details get a bit complicated, but in general terms an individual in the reserve components has to participate at or above a given level annually to receive credit for retirement for that year’s service.

    From what I’ve seen, schools are sometimes omitted from DD214s. I’ve never been able to get a definitive answer whether that part of the DD214 is supposed to be career cumulative or cover only the period of active duty for which the DD214 in question was prepared. I’ve seen DD214’s prepared both ways.

    I believe – but am not positive – that reserve TIG requirements to retire at a particular grade are generally the same as the active duty side of the house. I could easily be wrong about that.

    My assessment is that this guy was a “career SPC” (that’s possible in the USAR or ARNG in TPUs; promotions there can require open slots at the next higher grade) who had no desire (or maybe lacked the ability) to get promoted. Apparently he still managed to do just enough to avoid being pitched. Under those circumstances, he might well have attended few schools at all after IET.

  28. RGR 4-78 says:

    Good morning willie and kenney, how are you this morning, it truly is a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

    As your perimeters slowly close in around you do you give any thought to making yourselves right with the world around you.

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  29. MSGRetired says:

    Are you really this stupid, this would have all blown over by now if you had just done the right thing. But your continued lies and stories just continue to make it worse. You have rallied even more Veterans to post about you and your Phony claims keeping your name in the Google Highlights !
    So lets try this again.
    1. Post public Apologies that outline each and every one of your claims as being a lie. Now that PUBLIC so everyone can read it on your Bill n Louise Facebook page and also on your very own TAH Thread.
    2. Turn over all military related items that are in your possession. ALL OF IT, especially the Purple Heart Medal to one of the following. The American Legion Post right there in Lenoir, or the closest VFW Post. Advise them that they will receive a call wanting verification and an inventory list of items turned over. Post on TAH where it was turned in to.
    These are the two thinks keeping you from a peaceful existence as an ex-phony. Also be aware that all eyes will be upon you in Lenoir for the rest of your life and any lapse in judgment on your part will bring the Full TAH crew down on your head again !
    Any questions e-mail msgretired2011 at yahoo dot com but I don’t think I can explain it any more simple than I have posted right here!
    So if your gonna be dumb be tough and live with the consequences or you can do the right thing.

  30. MSGRetired says:

    William Derek Church, The Liar of Lenoir. Phony Ranger, Airborne, Sniper, SSG, Combat Medic, Combat Vet, Vet, BSM and Purple Heart Recipient.

    I just love feeding the Google Search Monster. You are pretty well embedded into the internet for ever at this point.

    Oh and lets not forget the Stolen Valor Tournament coming up soon, I am sure you will be a high seed, who knows you might even make the fecal four or better. What an accomplishment that will be.

    Guess what day it is, no it doesn’t mean you and the Hippo get to mate, its Hump Day for most working people.

    Enjoy your infamy you get more famous everyday !

  31. MSGRetired says:

    Quick revive and Plug for old Churchie Boy

    William Derek Church, The Liar of Lenoir. Phony Ranger, Airborne, Sniper, SSG, Combat Medic, Combat Vet, Vet, BSM and Purple Heart Recipient.

    Good Evening, another week comes to and end, a work week for just about everyone else but you. Sent out a few e-mails today to check on the progress the VA is making in regards to the FRAUD Investigation. That should be coming to an end very soon.
    Also had a couple of requests for your Military records, the ones that the NC ARNG released under the Freedom of Information Act. I would guess you are in for some rather embarrassing questions real soon.

    That is all .