Kerry: no boots on the ground in Iraq

| January 5, 2014

As we read yesterday, al Qaeda-affiliated insurgents have regained at least two cities in Iraq in recent days. So, as he was leaving Israel yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry vowed US support to the government of Iraq with limitations. From Fox News;

Speaking as he left Jerusalem for Jordan and Saudi Arabia on Sunday to discuss his effort to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Kerry said, “We will stand with the government of Iraq and with others who will push back against their efforts to destabilize … We are going to do everything that is possible. I will not go into the details.”

Kerry then added, “We are not contemplating putting boots on the ground.”

Of course, we can take that with a grain of salt, because that was the same promise that the Obama Administration made to us in regards to Libya and months later we discovered that the promise wasn’t kept.

Sky News also reported that ISIL had received a boost in recent days from local Sunni tribesmen, who had joined them to fight the forces of Iraq’s Shiite-led government. That marks a chance from the years prior to the U.S. withdrawal, when major Sunni tribes turned against Al Qaeda.

Well, that’s because those tribesmen support whichever side happens to be winning at a particular point in time.

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Didn’t we know this would happen, once we left? I think so.

And do I believe anything kerry the liar liar pants on fire says? No.

I only hope this is not another version of ‘here we go again’.


Billions and billions of dollars with the oil in Iraq…and we pullout to fight in Afghanistan? WTF- Afghanistan? The Iraqi oil money will now go where and fund what?

2/17 Air Cav

“We are not contemplating…” means nothing. First, it’s present tense and locked into today, not tomorrow. Second, comtemplative means to mull over, thoughtfully, at length. In other words, it’s a relative term. So, he said nothing. Third, he’s a lying liar who serves the lyingest liar there ever was.

A Proud Infidel

Who changes sides more often, Middle Easterners or B. Hussein 0bama & Company?


“We are not contemplating” implies that someone, other than sKerry, is paying attention. Barrycade is on vacation in Hawaii. He’s so focused that in his weekly address, he blamed Republicans for ignoring those who depend on food stamps. From Hawaii, where we’re spending a million bucks a day to let him play golf!!


Please, please let us not put troops back in Iraq. When we fought for even Vietnam it was to keep Communism at bay in the north. Though we did not succeed because the war being fought from Washington is always a no winner, we accomplished the mission at hand until we left. In the mid east it is not about Communism or people crying for freedom. It is a religious war between people with NO sense of religious freedom or tolerance. There is an old saying, “never come between a man and his God”. As long as the Muslims will slaughter their own over their flavor of Islam, please let them have at it and leave them alone. The people of Iraq have had the choice of freedom from the time we were there until now. They have no heart to be free so let them live under Sharia law. If they export their terrorism to Americans or our interests anywhere in the world then bomb the living crap out of the country, Dresden style. And then bring our planes home. I am tired of American blood and loves being spent so they can shoot us in the back, all to continue their centuries old religious conflict.


Make that ” I am tired of American blood and LIVES being spent so they can shoot us in the back, all to continue their centuries old religious conflict.”

2/17 Air Cav

What’s up with the Chin-er girls? I always wanted a girl who is 41 kg–I think.

2/17 Air Cav

Huh? What the heck happened to Emily, Joy, and Emma x 2. I swear they were there a minute ago.

HS Sophomore

LBJ said a lot of things about not sending American boys overseas to fight a foreigner’s war, too, before Vietnam.

B Woodman

I’ll believe Joe Bite-Me’s lying lips when I DON’T see it.