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| January 4, 2014

I don’t know if you need one, but here’s an open thread. MacDonald’s employee of the month, Cody Stermer is pulling a Wickre and pretending to be a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy when he calls and texts us, so Maricopa County Sheriffs have been notified that there’s a phony deputy out there. His phone number is 480-299-0869 and White Pages says it’s Cody’s number.

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supposedly with wind chill, our first day of Basic at Leonard Wood hit -75 with the wind chill (January ’77, what was described at that point as the coldest Midwest winter in recorded history.) Got colder the year after, though. That was when nuclear winter was the topic du jour, not global warming.

According to the Today Show, the average temperature on Mars is -20. So all of you below that, enjoy some extraterrestrial weather….

Green Thumb

Its almost War Eagle time!


GT: best of luck, fella. May your team receive a second third episode of Divine Intervention if needed. (smile)


Wow, so much awesomeness to comment on here today. First: To John Robert, I hope you have a speedy recovery and get well soon. Second: The winter of ’85. Talk about miserable. We were living in Aitken county MN. North of Brainerd, South of International Falls. That whole winter sucked. Imagine being a kid and not being able to go out to play for months on end? And for you young shits, that’s pre interweb, cell phone, computers(for us anyway), facebook, video games(unless you count pong. I don’t). And top it off with black and white tv(sure, color tv was available, but my pops was old school) and a whole three channels of shit to surf. Plus four younger sisters who cheated at board games. FU winter of ’85. And lastly: That KC/Colts game. I was in KC for about a year during the 2012 season working on a project. I would watch the games occasionally with a co-worker, his brother and several other rabid KC fan friends of theirs. Even though that season was a record 2-14 dismal showing, these guys were absolute fanatics. How this game must have been for them. I thought of them when I read 2/17’s first comment in #33, and I thought,” uh oh, 2/17 is going to be sad real soon”(since it’s now Monday). Then I read #41, and I could almost feel the anxiety that must have been present as his fingertips addressed the keyboard. And finally #43, acceptance of the horror caused by the comment at #33. How I wish I could have watched the game with those guys in KC. The cheers, high-fives and back-slapping at such a firm lead must have been deafening – only to slowly be replaced by frowns, silence, and growing panic as the scores became closer and closer. Then finally, to realize that the season was officially over. Post season dreams of a game next weekend washed away like the rain. Ahhh, the tears of unfathomable soul crushing despair. So…Delicious… And it’s all 2/17’s fault. Wow. This has to be a record post for me.… Read more »

2/17 Air Cav

“Wow. This has to be a record post for me. Both in terms of length AND the level of prick I achieved in part three.”

Actually, CWORet, I smiled and chuckled while reading it.


Glad to see you’re a sport about it, it was in good fun even though I may have got a bit carried away. Except for part2. That stuff was evil. So glad I live in VA now. Winters here(even counting the next couple of days) are so mild compared to Northern MN. Get’s cold, sometimes snows, warms up a bit and melts the snow. Repeat a time or two, then spring. We do get a fair blizzard every now and then, but not so bad.

P.S. I did not dare call nor text those KC boys after the game. They would have driven here and found me.


I spent an hour on the phone this afternoon with my sister, who lives in Decatur 250 miles south of me. The temperature down there is about -8F, which is 2 degrees warmer than it is up here in the Great Frozen North. She can’t keep her furnace running because the wind is blowing snow into the furnace vent, which makes it shut off. She’s upset that her kids want her to quit her teaching job and move down where they are (Texas), where it is also bitterly cold right now.

I just wish she had picked a different house to buy when she moved to Decatur, because a 90=year=old Federal Revival brick with a conservatory that has leaky windows may look great in a picture, but it’s brick and plaster with no insulation and REALLY needs a complete gut and rehab, and she didn’t do that before she moved in. That house has more problems than a mouse in a corncrib.

I find that when the snow blows through the screens and up against the windowpane (double pane glass), it acts as a wind barrier and stops any possible drafts. So my living room is nice and warm and my workspace where my computer is, which didn’t get the snow blowing through the screen, is chilly. But my car started, so I went to the store and got a gallon of milk, and came home.

The cats are fine, thanks for asking. Dinner!


FSU gits’er done. No last second miracle for War Eagle. Great game (second half especially)…officially the end of the BCS era.


Uh, well, no, Jonn, but then I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Smell neither farts nor minions, and see no crowds.

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He claims (Cody) that the number is his daughter’s phone and that she is being harassed.


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Phildo is still ducking calls.

Numbers and faces have changed.

When you call senior staff asking about the legal department, you get colorful metaphors; better than the usual racial slurs from certain staff members (operator).

You still get a call back as well from our very own poster child.

Simple questions just are not given priority and then you are blocked. But when you call from a company phone, it just rings away.

And APL is still getting funding why?

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I saw some dude hanging out front of the local gay porn shop downtown as I drove past it last night.

I thought of Phildo Monkress and his boyo, Paul (of the Ballsack).


An Air Force friend had a link on his Facebook page.


I have never heard of this tale. It would seem that it would be worthy of a major Hollywood treatment, but with the left controlling the film industry, they would have to rewrite it to fit their agenda. Maybe the tank commander would be the son of a white Midwest college girl and a Kenyan exchange student, and he could introduce health care to the Europeans.

John Robert Mallernee

Comrades in Arms:

Frankly, I’m baffled.

My, what a queer situation!

According to a published news report, from the AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE (i.e., AFP), the state of Utah doesn’t recognize gay marriage.

This development really has me puzzled and flummoxed.

Folks, it’s EASY to recognize gay marriage!

If the guy is happy, and the gal is happy, then obviously, they’re feeling gay in their marital bliss.

Despite the past few days of wintry weather, I won’t need to gather any faggots for my crackling fireplace, as it’s merely a looped DVD program on my large screen television.

Heh! Heh! Heh!

Yuk! Yuk!

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507


I saw what you there did with ‘faggots’ John. Well played, sir. Well played.

Green Thumb

There once was a poser named Phildo…..

Who’s weapon of choice was the double-ended dildo….


He got Paul on the board
To fall on his sword
And now their careers are no-go

Green Thumb

Paul works the balls….
Phildo works the cock….
Paul bends the taxpayer over….
Phildo starts to rock!

John Robert Mallernee

Guys, you have GOT to see this newspaper “advertisement”!

It’ll definitely have you rolling on the floor!

The URL is: