Patrick Haab; Anti-immigrant phony

| December 14, 2012

A few years ago, you might have heard about Patrick Haab who held seven illegal immigrants at gun point in Arizona’s Maricopa County. He claimed he was an Army Reservist sergeant who had just come back from an Iraq deployment and, of course, suffered from PTS. He was featured on Fox News’ old Hannity & Colmes Show at the time.

Well, you know the story already because he’s showing up on TAH. Scotty did the research and chased down his records.


Yup, a couple of months in the Guard and a few months in the Reserves. He did rocket up to PV2, which almost like a sergeant, right?  (SEE UPDATE BELOW, WAS A SGT)  And who hasn’t suffered from combat stress after counting bullets as an ammo handler? From his records, it doesn’t look like he even went to basic training (HE DID, AGAIN, SEE UPDATE), yet somehow he finagled a job training young cadets in Kentucky and wearing Sergeant rank.

Patrick Haab

So, whatever line he’s using works. He fooled the media then and now some military school.

UPDATE: OK, here’s the DD214 he sent me. It looks like he was a sergeant, but I don’t see any service in Iraq or Kuwait. He has a Kosovo Campaign Medal and a UN Medal, but it looks like his OEF Support was pulled from Michigan. In the comments, you can see that he said “I mistakenly said Iraq when I meant Kuwait and said Special Forces when I meant Special Operations” because those six (or seven) illegal aliens had him all discombobulated. Like he was on drugs for his PTS when he was arrested, even though it looks like he only deployed to Kosovo. Anyway, judge for yourself;

Haab DD214
I altered some of the addresses and his birth date.

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  1. Austin Strange says:

    How about all of you pricks piss off. I’ve known SGT Haab for a while now and he is the real definition of an American hero. Maybe instead of bashing on someone who has amounted to something in life you need to look inward and face your own demons. Nobody is perfect you lifeless pricks.

  2. Hondo says:

    Strange: most “American heroes” I’ve heard about or known don’t get themselves arrested for carrying a concealed weapon on a school grounds less than 30 days after being arrested for public intoxication/criminal mischief/unlawful (presumably) concealed carry.

    And most American military heroes actually manage to serve in combat, too.

  3. OWB says:

    Hey, Hondo! You got today’s ration of demons over there? I can’t seem to find any here.

    And just because I’m getting older, Austin Strange (you picked that one all by yourself?) doesn’t mean that I am lifeless. Besides, as one who has made quite a worthwhile life for myself, thanks to a great upbringing and catching a few good breaks here and there among some wonderful folks both in and out of the military, I not only have the innate right but have earned it several times over to call someone exactly what they appear to be. Should that appearance prove to be wrong, I am also very capable of appologizing for the error.

    How about you??

    As for being a prick, I simply don’t have the requisite body parts to be called one. Nor do many other members of this community. If by the use of that term you mean a prick tease, I am also not that. I can assure you that I very seldom tease anyone, and certainly not about that.

    Evidently your definition of American Hero is quite different from mine. I’ve known quite a few of those and buried a few more. None of them wore capes or thought they were perfect. Not sure that any members of this community think they are perfect either.

    But thanks for playing.

  4. teddy996 says:

    @155- I do. I think I’m perfect. I also have no demons inside of me. Both of those factors give me the proper clearance to say this to #153:

    Haab is a fucking shitbag, Austin. He’s a pus-filled sack of gonorrhea, and you have cheapened the word “hero” by associating it with someone who plays dress-up for drinks at the bar. Fuck you.

  5. Hondo says:

    Nah, OWB – no daemons here today, either. Not running Unix or Linux. (smile)

  6. Austin Strange says:

    Look I’m really sorry for what I said. I apologize to all of the American Military members that I offended. I realize now that I was wrong to post that comment and I now recall one event involving his public drunkenness and vandalism on base the day I left. I believed what he was telling me when we discussed his military background/service.

    I realize now that an American hero would not do any of the things that he has done and I do sincerely apologize to all whom I have offended. A real American hero does not lie about their military career. I would like to ask you all for your forgiveness. My Father is an American hero and I let him down by saying those things. It will not happen again.

  7. OWB says:

    Apology accepted. However, you need to know that while what you said was offensive, I, for one, was not really offended by what you said. We of a certain age and experience have really thick skin and are more disappointed than offended by what has now become common verbal discourse.

    Perhaps it is to your father you should apologize, since it is really only he that you dishonored?

  8. Anonymous says:

    People of the community I would like to point out something to all of you. If I may direct your attention to comment #11, I know this “Colonel Land” and do not be fooled by him. He may admit that Haab is no longer with USAC but he was one of the few that employed him without doing a background check on Haab. On that same note, he allowed him to carry a concealed weapon around cadets as a means of “security” for young teens. In my opinion, I feel as though these people are causing young Americans to receive the wrong idea of what our military really is. Do not be fooled by his chicanery. It seems to me as though he is trying to cover his own ass.

  9. Randy says:

    What you all should worry about is if he (Haab) is a close friend of yours and you have young teenage daughters in the house and you actually trust him with the young lady. This happen to our family.

  10. Randy says:

    Beware of the pediphile. It wrecked our home.

  11. Randy says:

    As far as being suicidal, I hope he does society a favor and eats a bullit

  12. Randy says:

    He Is a coward that preys on 16 year old girls.

  13. martinjmpr says:

    I’m jumping into this one late but I’ll say a couple of things: First off, I was in Kuwait at the same time (Feb of 04, in fact, I was in Kuwait for almost all of 04) and the only way to get PTSD in Kuwait would be if you got T-boned on 7th Ring Road by a Kuwaiti driving a Chevy Suburban and yakking on his cell phone.

    I also work in the insurance field where I have to deal with PTSD and you cannot be diagnosed with PTS if you merely know of or are related to someone who is killed or injured. It doesn’t work that way, the DSM-IV requires that the person who is diagnosed was exposed to or directly witnessed a violent or life-threatening incident, merely hearing about it or knowing someone who was killed is not enough. Unfortunately there are a lot of psychiatrists out there who will diagnose “PTSD” based on symptoms only (all of which are self-reported, naturally) even if the requirements of a life threatening event did not occur. I see it all the time.

    Final note: If Haab was deployed to Kuwait, he is authorized a combat patch. Bogus? Yes, but that’s the rule. When my ARNG unit went to Kuwait everyone proudly displayed their combat patches even though the closest thing the combat most of them ever saw was jockying for a computer at the free internet cafe.

  14. ItAllFades says:

    Is it really any shock to anyone that Haab was employed by the Forrest Hill Academy or Army Cadet Corps anyway?

    In their short history since reopening and taking over the old military school, they have had buildings shut down by the fire marshal for not being safe and yet they housed cadets in them, they’ve had allegations of sexual abuse by an Instructor, “Col” Land was relieved of his duties for Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer, and of course…this stuff with this moron.

    The organization has a long history, but is sadly run by incompetent “Officers”

  15. TheMainEffort says:

    I just saw this douche at a Walmart in Goshen, IN. Had a “Service Dog” with him (He was explaining to the old lady at the entrance what the dog was for). Had to turn away because I wanted to vomit from the bullshit stories of heroics he was most likely telling her.