Washington Post’s profits fall

| February 28, 2007

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Josee Rose and Jonathan Vuocolo, the Washington Post’s fourth quarter income fell nearly 7%;

The Washington-based publisher’s net income fell to $95.5 million, or $9.97 a share, from $102.4 million, or $10.65 a share, a year earlier.

Results from the latest quarter included a charge of $3.30 a share for early-retirement buyouts among other items. Results from the year-earlier quarter included items such as a charge of $1.80 a share associated with Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes.

Operating revenue rose 10%, to $1.04 billion from $948.7 million a year earlier, due to growth at the company’s education, television broadcasting and cable television divisions, offset by declines at the newspaper and magazine publishing divisions.

While the Washington Post faces the same advertising pressure as other publishing companies, it finds relief from those problems because of its Kaplan and television operations.

I hate to take comfort in others’ misery, but the Washington Post has made it so easy for me to abandon that particular trait.

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