Slavishly supporting the party

| October 19, 2006

More of my thoughts on Steny Hoyer and Ben Cardin and Hoyer’s idiot comment about Lt Governor Steele “slavishly” supporting the Republican Party issues.

Steny Hoyer and Ben Cardin both voted 99% with Bill Clinton in the 90s. They both slavishly supported the 1993 tax increase – the same tax increase that raised taxes on the lowest income American families, the dead and Social Security recipients despite the fact that they had promised us middle class tax cuts. The George Bush tax cuts that Lt Governor Steele supports cut taxes on lower income Americans. Some had their marginal rates cut from 15% to 10% – a 33.3% reduction – while others with lower incomes had their tax burden reduced 100%. While Clinton, Cardin and Hoyer raised taxes on the poorest taxpayers, President Bush and Lt Governor Steele support lowering taxes on the poorest American families. And can I mention that unemployment is down, wages are up and tax revenues are up – the whole goal of sound income tax cut program.

Before the 1993 tax increase, Social Security recipients paid income tax on only 55% of their benefit (since they’d already paid income tax on the money when they earned it). Clinton, Cardin and Hoyer raised that from 55% to 85% – a more than 50% increase on taxable income in one year. And those elderly people who had died in 1993 before Clinton, Cardin and Hoyer passed the increase, had their survivors burdened with the tax increase because Clinton, Cardin and Hoyer made it retroactive to the first of the year. Yeah, Clinton, Cardin and Hoyer really care a lot about the “working men and women” of Maryland.

They both slavisly supported the 1994 Hillary Healthcare take over of 1/7th of our economy – which everyone can now agree would have devastated our economy like the same imbecility has wracked the economies of Old Europe. In fact, Ben Cardin in his campaign ads claims to be an expert on socialized medicine – if he is an expert, why does he still support socialized healthcare for Americans. An expert would look at the failure of the system in Canada and Europe and say it’s a mistake. I don’t know why he considers himself an expert – unless he’s counting all of his votes over the last 30 years for socialized medicine as some sort of expertise on the subject. And what does Hoyer know – he’s been a politician since he was 27 years old in 1966. All he knows how to do is fool people. (Can I ask at this point, what kind of woodchuck name is Steny Hoyer – it sounds like some species of endangered field mouse).

Oh, what was the 1% of the times Cardin and Hoyer didn’t vote with Clinton? It was welfare reform that Clinton had be dragged kicking and scream into by House Republicans weeks before the 1996 election – the only campaign promise Clinton kept from the 1992 election. The only Clinton program that worked (and I’ll remind the reader that Clinton promised his Democrat base that he’d reform the reform – another promise he never kept, even though not tinkering with it was the best thing he could have done).

And what has the Democrats done to those who don’t “slavishly” support the party? Well, Joe Lieberman is clawing his way back into a seat that had been securely his just a few years ago.

Or James Traficant “mouldering” in jail after being thrown overboard by Democrats because of his criticism of Democrats in Congress and President Clinton. Don’t get me wrong, he probably deserves to be in jail, but look how Democrats have protected loyal Lousiana Democrat William Jefferson with 90 grand in his fridge. Zell Miller couldn’t get a job mopping floors at the DNC after supporting George W. Bush in the last election. Lovable old Ed Koch is a pariah among Democrats after supporting the war against terror and Rudy Giuliani. How many Hollywood Democrats are ostracized now because of their support of this administration?

So tell me, who is slavishly supporting whom? And who treats their members like slaves?

Not slavishly supporting Democrats this week are Don King, Russell Simmons and Mike Tyson.

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