Eight Illegal aliens with links to ISIS arrested across the US

| June 12, 2024

Eight illegal aliens were arrested in the United States over the weekend. One illegal alien talked about bombs. At least two of these illegal aliens entered last spring, one of them used a Team Biden ap to apply for asylum. These arrests did not just occur in one city. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made arrests in New York City, in Philadelphia, and in Los Angeles.

From The Daily Wire:

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was reportedly monitoring the men after becoming aware of a potential terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland originating out of central Europe, NBC News reported.

Federal border officials said the suspects were vetted at the border, and no flags came up when they were screened against existing databases. They claim information later became available that indicated the men had ties to terrorism.

This is far from the first time terrorists from around the world have entered the southern border under Biden’s watch. Examples include an ISIS terrorist from Uzbekistan, a Hezb-e-Islami (HIG) terrorist, and an Al-Shabaab terrorist.

The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has worsened as a direct result of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. Since then, Islamic terrorists from around have gathered in Afghanistan and started rebuilding their organizations, and the U.S. has very limited options to surveil and disrupt their networks.

Additional reading:

Saavedra, R. (2024, June 12). Biden slammed after 8 suspected ISIS-linked terrorists cross U.S. border, roam American streets before being caught. The Daily Wire. Link.

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Jus’ sayin’…

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They are un-uniformed illegal invaders, agents of a hostile organization, and therefore, completely eligible to be shot as spies. They won’t get a last cigarette, as that would be unhealthy.


smoke em if ya got em…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Lillian Leach & the Mellows, “Smoke From Your Cigarette”
1955 on the Jay Dee record label. Met her years ago at UGHA.


These 8 are the ones that got caught. How many are there that weren’t detected and already setting up shop. Getting ready to do some nasty shit on our home land. Bidens immigrant plan for the destruction of our country.


Catching the dumb ones is good, but I’m more concerned about the rest of them.


Agreed.. but if the dims can’t get the event they want to allow them to suspend the elections from the terrorists they’ve allowed into the country, they’ll have no problem staging another false flag like Jan 6th.. the feebs have done it enough by now that they’re getting pretty good at it..

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What? They’ve been here before? And deported? And now they’re back again?
Take them off to a backhoe dug deeep hole, shoot them, shove them in. Cover with a layer of quicklime and dirt.
Lather, rinse repeat until the hole is almost full. Use the rest of the dirt to smooth over the hole.
Dig another hole close by, just as large. Start process again.

Could build golf courses on top. Gotta think green for the environment. Keep the climatologist happy.

Good plan overall, but why waste ammo??


Could take a lesson from the Khmer Rouge and use plastic bags. They did a few million Cambodians like that. Ammo saver.

Last edited 29 days ago by Jimbojszz

I’m a huge fan of Pinochet’s methods.

Who doesn’t love a ride in a helicopter? I mean, I hate Chinooks, but a Blackhawk?

We must have a whole fleet of Kiowas just rusting away somewhere.

That’s a lot of effort. Instead, try for a political accord with PETA by offering to feed them to reintroduced wolf populations.

Get a few more grizzlies and catamounts along the southern border, as well. Maybe some moose – they won’t eat ‘em, but a bull moose damned sure knows how to keep strangers off his territory.


Thank God! They caught every bad guy terrorist that got through the border. EVERY ONE!!! That was a close one!

The Pefo Joe administration and the democrat marxists want a mass casualty event. They desire it. They are pushing for it.

Emergency powers.

Cancel or severely change elections.

Ban guns.

Hope for a counter reaction to assume even more power.


And the Chicoms (most likely) will exploit “The Event” (as WEF proggies call it) to invade Taiwan and jack-up America harder than the left/libtards even expect.

Japan thought the about same way in ’41, didn’t work out some well for ’em.


They’re already here in far greater numbers than we realize.

Those who vote and live by feelz will soon suffer for realz — and they’re gonna take the rest of us with them.


No, I heard those were Chinese students…not tourists!


If it were still possible to afford groceries, they might decide to just stay here and make the most of it.


Thanks, Democrats!!
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Forest Bondurant

I wonder how many of these fucks already in the country were screened with biometric devices after being snatched up in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere?

How many of them served time in GITMO?

Where did all that information go?

Seems some of those records could improve whatever version of the Terrorist Watch List the government is using.

(I anticipate the names and addresses of some conservative Americans are on a different Annex of that document…)


If you want to see a partial picture of what is going on take a look at this. The list of child rapists, murderers and thieves is practically endless. This is just the ones are getting caught.


Note that when Trump was president there were a total of 11 terrorists caught. Since Biden has been president so far there has been 362.

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I think it would be easier to stop the illegals at the border than have to pay to get them out of here. We need more alligators on the border, the water should be a deterrent. We need solutions… pungy sticks.

Hack Stone

Just put up an sig reading “This Entry Closed”. It works aces in Gun Free Zones.


This is the sign that is posted, Hack…

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Da, comrade, is whole plan!
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How about “Front Toward Enemy”?


Do you mean solutions like mercuric acid or like dig a ditch fill with pungy stakes?


Nile Crocs… meaner than Alligators


That isn’t the worst idea I have ever heard.


I’d be willing to sponsor a visa for Gustave.


2 moats are needed. 1 filled with alligators, crocodiles and piranhas. Wide and deep

Second moat needs to have a live electrical wire placed underwater, out of sight. Make trip wires about 4 foot from shore to ensure they can’t come out easily the same way they entered.

Make it a live web cam like some do when eagles are sitting on their nests, waiting to see the eaglets hatch.


You forgot bull sharks and electric eels.


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Some leaders get it done.

Amateur Historian


Amateur Historian

Riiiiiight, I totally trust the government to keep me safe #sarcasm

Hack Stone

They are doing a heck of a job protecting us from Grandmothers praying in front of abortion factories.


We must not all grandma to pray for any babies that aren’t related to her.


Also I was today old when I found out that supreme Court justices are not allowed to pray.


I need more ammo


And Fugas…


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That’s a good start but I wouldn’t stack it under a window.
And I like the .30 cal cans for a quick bugout in the middle
of the night. Easy grab and go with one hand.


GB, been getting some deals and excellent service from these fellows right up the road from you in The Sooner State. Check him out.



My favorite source long time.


“818” (9/11 x 1000) or whatever is coming… hope y’all got ammo, water, canned goods, gas, booze, etc. for at least a week.

Last edited 29 days ago by Anonymous

I bet somebody shot his dog.


Brought to you by Sleepy Joe Biden policies.