Wednesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| June 12, 2024

Heterosexuals are awesome

Maybe there is hope…


I’m no Oregon law expert, but this feels wrong

I don’t get it why a woman wouldn’t want this

Bless her heart

She’s no biologist, but she’s overqualified for SCOTUS!

This is what American leadership looks like

How it started. How it’s going

Perhaps she really does represent the state?

Perhaps (s)he really does represent the state?

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Prior Service (Ret)

Ha. Can you imagine being a judge at Miss USA and the Alabama beast and the Maryland dude are your options? Yikes. Call me crazy but that should increase the odds for the normy contestants from 1/50 to 1/48.


Are they sure she only won Alabama. Cause she looks like Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas combined.


Silly me. All these years, I just assumed that Miss America had to be an unmarried female. Now, married men are allowed to win.


Maybe, just maybe, the understanding that women are being cancelled will sink in enough with the mainstream to finally put an end to this nonsense.

As long as you don’t appropriate someone’s culture, you’re okay, according to this Brave New World. Appropriating someone’s gender, stealing the opportunities for achievement and recognition, that’s okay.

Feminists decried beauty pageants for decades for objectifying women. Can you think of a more accurate depiction of objectifying women? Objectifying to the point of “becoming” a woman is defined by your ability to dress, wear makeup and act feminine? Didn’t feminists spend decades demanding equality on the basis of their minds and talents, not their bodies or appearance?

I have long said, and still maintain I don’t care who, what, or how you love, think, or believe, and I will defend your right to do so. Right up until the exercise of your rights interferes with other’s rights to the same. Now interfering is not the issue, it is the superseding of other’s rights. Transwomen are celebrated for demeaning women’s ability to bear and nurse babies, violating women’s rights, stealing opportunities and scholarships feminists fought to secure for the past hundred years, and feminists are silent. This is just one of the reasons I am not a feminist. They’ve always been crazy, and this is just proof positive. They’re like the trees advocating for the axe because the axe’s handle is wood.


Nailed it!


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Men can do everything better than women…including being women.


I like women…’specially women that were born women. I also like guns…Here are a few reasons why I like guns…
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I was doing some work in the post museum yesterday, and found this. 3″ gun, Model of 1905. Just the thing for that north wall.


Now you’re just coitusing with me, ‘D.


Left/libtards’ social-experimentation use for our military:
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P.S. Left/libtards just feel that’s nicer and more socially acceptable then putting up a commie flag like they actually want:

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1. Road trip to Idaho
2. Football ain’t for sissy bois.
3. Nothing good to say, so I’ll keep quiet
4. Flasher should have been pummeled into a wet mess.
5. Is he secretly a lumberjack?
6. 45 abortions? Whore.
7. A stupid judge? Say it ain’t so.
8. Checking his depends for absorbency and leak status.
9. Did it start with time out cards because they couldn’t handle the stress of being yelled at?
10. Was there a competition for putting golden corral out of business?
11. Speak up ladies before you lose everything that’s been hard fought for.

Dennis - not chevy

I wouldn’t call he a whore; no, I’d call her stupid.

Lately we’ve had discussions about the grand dames of TV and movies; how men were men and women were beautiful. As one looks into some of the histories of, say, Vivian Leigh and Marlene Dietrich, one realizes they weren’t uptight prudes. They were, in public, ladies of class and style; in private, not so much. Folks such as they destroy the fantasies of the younger crowd who think they invented sex.

Continuing with the history, abortion isn’t a new invention. Abortion was mentioned in Catch-22 and just about every history book about Western Europe in the years between WWI & WWII. And sex, the magazines my 80 – 90 something year old aunt read when she was young would make Hefner blush. (I found the magazines in a closet in the family farmhouse. don’t tell her.)

JFK had quite the love life. Eisenhower had his girlfriend, Roosevelt had a girlfriend as well. Benjamin Franklin wrote essays on how to pick a mistress and the joys of older women.

Romans had bacchanals and the ancient Egyptians had recipes for contraceptives.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession; the military is the world’s second oldest profession. The second was raised to provide funding for the first.

I’ve known women who, if they had as many pricks stuck out of them as they had stuck in them, wouldn’t be women; they’d be porcupines. These women were not ashamed of their sex lives; they were discrete and careful.

The point is #6 isn’t smart, classy enough, nor discrete enough to be a whore. She is a self-entitled, egocentric, privilege seeking, narcissist with no redeeming social value.


Someone had to teach a girl to be the first ho…makes teaching the oldest profession.


#6 may have been a poor choice of words on my part, but I didn’t have my thesaurus handy to pretty the word up.

And you’re correct, she isn’t very smart, classy nor apparently, discrete.

I wonder if she has a tramp stamp on her back with her name right side up and one on her neck upside-down.

Amateur Historian

Found a good use for number 4. It’s called compost. You don’t need to call the cops to make it. No one will likely come looking for the dirtbag you made out of it. It’s a win-win.


She had 45 abortions? Who’d want to eat her taco when it is haunted as f*?


That probably means she’s an easy lay. But looking at her. My guess is she goes to the bar near closing. When everyone is desperate for a lay. And the ugliest bitch looks fine after 20 beers.


She’s eligible for the Gold Medal Treatment.


They make brown bags for a reason. Not just for grandma to shop ya know.

Dennis - not chevy

Bring and extra in case someone’s falls off.

Commissioner Wretched

As Rodney Dangerfield said once …

“I went out with a girl once, she was a two-bagger. You wear a bag over your head in case the bag over her head breaks!”

RGR 4-78

Her uterus has been scraped more than the griddle at Waffle House.

Amateur Historian

I’ll call the Ghostbusters…


A local tavern we frequent on occasion for their great steaks and salads has a bar fly in there all the time according to our waitress. Our waitress calls her a yeast infection. Always there and damn near impossible to get rid of.


Once upon a time, a weirdo flashed my five year old niece.

(She pointed, and hollered) “THATS SO PATHETIC!”

Definitely kin.

Sister, hearing this and seeing the fleeing creep, grabbed an axe from a rack and chased him out of the store rageing all the way.

Definitely kin.


After 10 or so abortions I bet she can reach inside her cunt and just pull them out herself.


I wonder if she is either on the clinics Christmas card mailing list or if she has a card that gets punched. Buy 6 and the 7th is free.


Odie, she likely pulls those things out like baby teeth.


Planned Parentood Frequent Flyer


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KoB, as my friend Eric Cartman would say – RACIST!


I hope they catch on soon, otherwise I’m gonna wear out the mute and channel change buttons on my remote.