Maybe, just maybe, there’s some hope for this country

| May 2, 2024

UNC Chapel Hill students defending Old Glory from pro-Palestine protesters

In the on-going “protests” around American campuses in support of Palestine and their Hamas terrorist leaders, there’s a lot to bring your hope for the future down. Drag queens unironically leading children in chants of “Free Palestine”, when merely being LGBT in Gaza will get you thrown off a roof. People ripping down the American flag to raise foreign flags as they demand that Israel stop eradicating the terrorist menace. Entitled, spoiled brats breaking into and occupying Ivy League college administration buildings and then having the gall to demand the school provide them food and water.

In all that, there has been a bright spot. Frat boys, seen above, banded together and kept our flag from touching the ground as the terrorist sympathizers tried to rip it down again.

Fox News has the story;

Anti-Israel protesters on Tuesday morning successfully replaced the American flag on Chapel Hill’s quad — which had been flying at half-mast after four Charlotte officers were killed in the line of duty Monday — with a Palestinian flag before UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts responded with law enforcement officers to return the American flag to its place.

Activists, some of whom were not affiliated with the nation’s first public university, attempted to take it down a second time but were met with resistance from a smaller group of students.

“Today was a sad yet empowering day at Chapel Hill,” student Guillermo Estrada, class of 2027, said in a Tuesday post on X. “When I walked to class, I saw the Palestinian flag raised on our quad flag pole, and was immediately upset at the act that these ‘protestors’ had made. I cannot say I am fully educated on the Israel/Palestine conflict but it upset me that my country’s flag was disrespected in order to advocate for another.”

Estrada added that Chancellor Roberts and officers who replaced the flag the first time “were met with profanity, middle fingers, thrown bottles, rocks, and water.” Videos circulating on social media show a group of students singing the National Anthem and chanting “USA” as the American flag was returned to the pole.

“When the flag was raised once again, the Greek community began singing the National anthem. As the Chancellor left, the quad erupted into chaos as protestors began removing the flag once again, preparing to destroy it,” Estrada continued. “My fraternity brother and others ran over to hold it up, in order for it not to touch the ground. People began throwing water bottles at us, rocks, sticks, calling us profane names. We stood for an hour defending the flag so many fight to protect.”

Estrada went on to explain that he comes from an immigrant family and a “military community” where he “saw first hand the sacrifices they make.”

“I will not stand for the disrespect these ‘protestors’ cause for the sake of another country,” Estrada wrote. “My LDOC will be memorable in knowing that my fraternity brothers and others fought to keep the flag up. But it was also be memorable in knowing that so many yearn to disrespect it.”

The student’s post went viral, garnering more than 25,000 likes as of Monday morning. A GoFundMe created for Chapel Hill’s Pi Kappa Phi chapter has raised more than $57,000 “to throw this frat the party they deserve.”

A barricade has since been established around the flagpole.

Chancellor Roberts told WRAL in a live broadcast of the protests, “That flag will stay there as long as I am chancellor,” as The Carolina Journal first reported.

“Tell students that we will keep them safe from a small minority of students who want to disrupt their experience. This university is for everybody,” he said.

The university on Tuesday confirmed that approximately 30 protesters were detained after they allegedly refused to leave an encampment on the quad despite receiving a statement from university administrators telling them to clear the site by 6 a.m. or face expulsion.

At 6 a.m., UNC Police “calmly approached the group and detained approximately 30 people who refused to leave. During that time, the protesters attempted to block the UNC Police vehicles by standing in front of them and throwing items at officers. Polk Place was cleared in approximately 45 minutes. Afterwards, UNC Facilities cleared the area of significant debris,” the university said in a statement.

“After the area was cleared, the remaining protesters escalated their tactics, attempting to forcibly enter South Building by pushing officers and refusing to comply with requests from Facilities and UNC Police,” the university continued.

“For the last several months, we have spoken regularly and respectfully with the demonstrators on our campus, consistently supporting their right to assemble and express their views. We have also clearly communicated the University’s long-standing policies on the use of shared public spaces. We have been clear that students and community members can assemble and make their voices heard, but University policies must be followed,” Roberts and Provost Chris Clemens said in their statement.

Chapel Hill’s school-wide alert system, Alert Carolina, issued a “critical” advisory on Tuesday notifying students that classes and non-mandatory activities were canceled in the afternoon.

Tuition for North Carolina residents at the elite public university comes to just under $9,000 and just under $40,000 for out-of-state students.

The protests at Chapel Hill come as students at elite schools across the country protest against Israel and in support of Gaza amid the ongoing war in the Middle East, with activists setting up encampments on campuses, occupying buildings, clashing with law enforcement and resisting arrest. The protests began at Columbia University and have since spread across the country to schools everywhere from Massachusetts to Tennessee, Texas to California.

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Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

FUCK YEAH!!! ‘MERICA, BITCHES!!! Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear backwards hats and say “Bro” all the time. Bravo Zulu!
I notice the protesters and their Soros paid masters wear masks. Some wear that PLO shit-stained rag to hide their identity, but some of these gullible sheep are STILL wearing masks to show their obedience to The Message.
My alma mater USF, went all Col. Kilgore on the fools protesting and some girl was crying on the news today she got suspended just before she graduated for planning the rally. She was warned, but since accountability is kryptonite she Fucked Around and Found Out. Zero sympathy to her, Zero Fucks for her cause.


At any graduation commencement, if any
“youts” shouts or displays any free/pro Palestinian crap, they should immediately be bum rushed before getting off the stage. And since participation trophies are what they’ve been raised on, their trophy can be the bill for the education, not wiped clean. A small example of how hard life is going to be from that moment on.


“The dildo of consequence rarely comes lubed”

This saying has been making its way around X and that would certainly fit the situation

Green Thumb


The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) knows a bit about this.

So does the American Taxpayer.


Stealing that saying. I mean, creatively acquiring.


Hand salute and a cold one for these fine men.

Green Thumb

Wow: “to throw this frat the party they deserve.”

Fuck Yeah!


I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down for violating there community guidelines


I read that in the voice of the announcer for the “Real American Heroes” beer commercials. 😉


A bit of trivia for CW – think you may mean those and the “real men of genius” Bud/Light ads – the singer on those ads was Dave Bickler of Survivor.


I’m old. 😉 “The campaign began in 1998 under the title Real American Heroes with 12 radio spots.”


Indeed, this is awesome, and hopefully inspires others.

I can understand people protesting Israel’s sometimes indiscriminate use of force.. but fuck right off with raising the Palestinian flag instead of the US one.

I hope the party is legendary.


Currently at $434k. Ho Lee Chit!

RGR 4-78

I don’t know how much an intergalactic kegger costs, but $434K sure would pay off a large amount of student loans for the Frat members.


You’d waste perfectly good donated funds for that? You ain’t Joe Biden, you can’t pay off student loans! That’s beer money, earmarked for stupidity and bad decisions! And… possibly… bail money.

Last edited 1 month ago by SFC D
RGR 4-78

You’d waste perfectly good donated funds for that?”



I guess I should’ve put a SARC tag on that, I thought it was pretty obvious.


Throw them a “rager”?

Dudes, this will be a Hulkout.


I pray these “patriots” have gotten the ball rolling on a new
force that will take back our country from tyranny.
Hope it spreads across America.
It’s gonna be a hot summer.

Old tanker

Outstanding. I haven’t been a proponent of frats ever, but this time I applaud this fraternity’s actions. I also agree that perhaps this generation does have some bright spots in it. I wish them the best of luck.


Today’s funny meme


This is North Carolina, so these American heroes will not face any consequences for standing up to the mob.
in California, those who fought back in defense of Jewish students, are going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A hickory shampoo would help the discussion along with these Marxist DildoCrat Libtard knuckleheads.
(I keep reminding myself to put my bamboo and wood shinai into my car….just in case. non-lethal, but packs a hurt)



jeff LPH 3 63-66

You would never see this kind of shit during WW2. Even the German Bund meetings were quietly except for some Americans disturbing the meeting with some fisticuffs held indoors with the American and Nazi flag side by side. Outdoor activities out in Suffolk County Long Island NY were kept Quiet. How about bussing all these protesters across the water over to gaza. Yea, I know busses don’t float but I don’t give a flying phuk if they all go down to Davy Jones, and I am now floating my idea on TAH to see if anyone agrees…


Put the busses on barges and tow them out over the horizon.

A Proud Infidel®™

Old buses make good artificial reefs, those will have meals for the crabs!


Kinda like Meals on Wheels for crabs?


I’m not sure that means there is hope, seems weird the frat boys are The ones doing the right thing.


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


Germans? (Forget it, he’s rolling…)


Back in my college days a bodybuilder frat house brother of mine hit the cover of Life when he was photoed putting a headlock on some pencil necked hippie type doing the same at a KU camus demonstration.

Prior Service

I’m man enough to admit I still don’t like frat boys but these ones did okay.


Kevin O’Leary was saying last night that he has his hiring managers using facial recognition software and other employers are already using it too in order to blacklist certain rioters from gaining employment with his/their companies.

I’ve already heard some of them screeching “no fair!”



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What STSC(SW/SS) said

Amateur Historian

HELL YEAH!!! Go Pi Kappa Phi!!!

As for the pro-terrorist protesters: Make Water Cannons Great Again!

Amateur Historian


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

All those heads on the ground & asses in the air (7:19)……what a target rich environment.
Paintballs or 22 shorts…


Wrist Rocket.


Wristrockets and marbles worked really well in Somalia.


In the garage next to my old helmet.


436K and growing.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is old enough to remember when “misgendering” guys who think they are girls would get you kicked off campus. Now you can openly promote the extermination of the Jewish population. We’ve come a long way since 2022.


Socialists are going to be social. They don’t have to be national socialist to hate on the Jews. But they do need a not ironically named at all scapegoat.


When the going gets social, the Socialists go National.

Hack Stone

It’s the West Coast, so the cop will probably be facing charges.


But why would the Portland University people call the police? I am guessing black lives no longer matter to them.


This is my alma mater; I was an out of state fuck attending that place in the late 90s.

This is the singular bit of good news to come out of that fucking dump in the past 15 years or so.

We’re fucked if we’re relying on the frat boys, but a W is a W, unless it’s an M. Then it’s upside down.


And if you tattoo a W on both asscheeks…

Green Thumb

You get a hole to plow!


One way you can plow the WOW, and one way you can plow the MOM.


You can do cartwheels and spell WOW MOM WOW


Over the past few decades I’ve moved around quite a bit, but there always something that calls me back to my home of North Carolina.

It’s little photos like this that make me proud to be from Carolina. And it also gives me a lot of hope for the future.