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| April 21, 2024

B-52 in a 70 degree bank during refueling from a KC-135

The story behind the photo.

Cruel hunter parades tortured wolf with TAPE around its mouth before taking wounded animal to bar & finally killing it

A CRUEL hunter allegedly paraded a tortured wolf around a bar before he took it outside and killed it with his gun.

The terrified creature appears in a sickening image cowering with sunken eyes and its mouth taped tightly shut.

Cody Roberts, 42, was fined $250 for being in possession of the live wolf but it was not illegal to kill it, sparking outrage from animal rights activists.

Roberts posed with the traumatised animal, flashing a toothy grin while hooking his arm around its neck and raising a can of beer.

The wolf was already injured before Roberts ran it over with a snowmobile.

He reportedly dragged it through the Green River Bar as regulars swilled beer before taking it behind the bar, torturing it and killing it.

Jeanne Ivie-Roberts, a family member of Roberts, re-enacted the disturbing scene with a wolf skin in the same bar.

She posted photos to Facebook of herself with her mouth taped shut, just like the wolf, while holding the skin in front of her.

Ivie-Roberts wrote in another post after Roberts’ picture went viral: “I love and support you Cody”.

She also celebrated the news that animal cruelty laws didn’t apply to Roberts’ case, and another family member claimed they were getting death threats.

Animals rights activists were up in arms and became even more furious when it was confirmed Roberts would only face a small fine.

The Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy wrote a letter to officials.

It stated that Roberts actions clearly warrant a punishment more severe than the $250 ticket he received for possession of live wildlife the Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy wrote in a letter to officials.

It added: “Such an anemic response on the part of law enforcement will be seen by some as tacit approval of his crime and can only motivate other like-minded individuals driven by hatred of wolves to engage in similar, repugnant behaviour.”

More at the source; The Sun

Oral surgeon who guided prison guard through extraction of inmate’s teeth given absolute discharge

Dr. Louis Bourget will not have a criminal record.

The oral surgeon was charged with assault after he permitted a correctional officer to extract an inmate’s teeth in October 2020. The incident was recorded by another correctional officer on his phone.

Bourget, who operates out of the Gander Family Dental Clinic building, received an absolute discharge on Tuesday at Supreme Court. It’s the lowest level of criminal sentence that an adult offender can receive. It’s a finding of guilt but no criminal conviction is registered and there is no probation order.

In October 2020, two correctional officers from the Bishop’s Falls Correctional Centre — Ron McDonald and Roy Goodyear — accompanied an inmate to the clinic.

According to the agreed statement of facts, when the patient was sedated, Bourget was explaining the procedure to the guards, and he then suggested one of the guards remove four teeth. McDonald took out the teeth while Goodyear recorded the whole thing.

According to the statement of facts, Bourget said he “got caught up in a teaching moment” but regretted the decision after the procedure.

In court on Tuesday, Justice Melanie Del Rizzo said there were several things to consider in delivering her decision, including the pressures of the pandemic, Bourget’s financial loss, his guilty plea, his low risk to re-offend and his completion of sensitivity training.

She also acknowledged the victim’s psychological harm due to the incident, breaches of his bodily integrity, and that Bourget did not report the incident.

“The sentence must be proportionate to the gravity of the offence,” Del Rizzo said.

“A criminal conviction is not in the public’s interest.”

Bourget would not do an interview following the decision.

However, following the incident he served sanctions from dental boards in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dr. Paul O’Brien, registrar of the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Board, said the matter likely won’t arise again.

“Nothing happens next because unless there’s a conviction, the same set of facts were there for the disciplinary action, so nothing’s changed,” he said outside the courtroom. “We will discuss it with their legal counsel and see what they have to say, but other than that, I have nothing to comment.”

Bourget has offices in Gander, northern New Brunswick and the Halifax area.

Source; Yahoo!

Afghan sex offender avoids deportation over risk of ‘mob violence’

An Afghan sex offender avoided deportation after lawyers claimed his treatment of women would put him at risk of “mob violence” in his home country.

The 31-year-old asylum seeker was jailed for 12 weeks for “outraging public decency and exposure” and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

However, the Afghan was awarded refugee status and avoided deportation after claiming it was a breach of his human rights to deny him asylum in the UK.

Doctors told the immigration tribunal that the Afghan man, referred to only as DH, continued to act “inappropriately” towards women despite his conviction.

An immigration tribunal judge agreed with lawyers that his “risky behaviours” would expose him to “ill treatment” and even “mob violence” if he returned to Afghanistan.

Christopher Hanson, the tribunal judge, therefore ruled that the man should be granted refugee status, allowing him to remain in the UK.

The disclosure follows controversy over a similar decision to grant asylum to Abdul Ezedi, the Clapham chemical attacker, despite a conviction and suspended jail sentence for two offences of sexual assault and exposure.

More at the source; The Telegraph

Fake cop arrested in Houston after pulling over undercover deputies

A man accused of impersonating a cop picked the wrong vehicle to pull over in west Houston over the weekend.

Shaun Arnold was in a white Hyundai Santa Fe with emergency lights and sirens on when he tried to stop undercover deputies in the Memorial area on Saturday, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The undercover deputies alerted other HCSO units who pulled Arnold over on a traffic stop. They said he was “fully equipped to deceive” and wore a police uniform, ballistic vest, body-worn camera and badge.

Investigators also found a BB gun, Taser, police radios and other “police-related equipment” in his vehicle.

Court records show Arnold is a convicted felon and this was at least his fourth arrest for impersonating a police officer.

  • In 2015, he was convicted of impersonating a police officer in Missouri.
  • In 2001, Arnold was convicted of the same charge in Jefferson County, east of Houston.
  • He was arrested again for impersonating a cop in Illinois the following year.
  • Court records show Arnold also has multiple other convictions in Missouri including stealing motor vehicles and theft.

HCSO said this time around he’s charged with impersonating a police officer and felon in possession of body armor.

His total bond was set at $15,000.

Source; KHOU

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The entire state of Wyoming wants a chunk of Robert’s ass. Even the ranchers against the reintroduction of wolves are pissed. Only one other person managed to unite Wyoming like this. Liz Cheney.

Green Thumb

And the dude that like to shoot elephants.

You know, for the “trophy” and all.


The object of hunting whether it is for food or trophy is not to let the animal suffer.

Cody you violated that rule and as a person who believes in karma, I hope it comes back to you in the ass.

Maybe the next time you go out to the wilderness you injure your back or legs. When you scream for help someone may hear you or maybe not, but the wolves will.

The wolves will come for you and if you are packing, let off a couple rounds to scare them off or help someone find you. Just remember to save one for yourself just in case the worse happens because you will feel great pain.

I hope your weapon jams.


Where’s he at?!


Beautiful animals minding their own business. Great photo.


I approve of the above statement.


It’s a strange man animal that takes pleasure in killing an especially helpless animal. Not for food, trophy or defense. That is often the first step down the serial killer rabbit hole.


Cellphones can get one killed in modern war. (Gosh, really, Raggy?)
We didn’t take ’em on OIF I because (common sense) they were an FM radio that would give away our position. The flap over Fitbit revealing operating locations later proved that. Today, young troops can’t find their way or socially interact w/o a cellphone– talk to people and learn how to use a map/compass, kids (Iran and the Chicoms are watching!).

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

Morse code.
It’s not just for radio geeks.

Hack Stone

Hack was just wondering if the mostly peaceful insurgents ever caught an enemy in possession of a cellphone, called his loved ones, and let them listen as he was being tortured. You know that they are sick enough to do that.


If it didn’t happen in Iraq/Afghanistan, Hamass did it on Oct 7th. They used victim’s cellphones to call home and post videos on their Facebook pages.


When I was a cop, a group of us cops were approaching a house we thought was occupied by a burglar. RING! RING! My wife was calling me! Grrr. I still kick myself in the ass for that…but I always made sure the phone’s ringer was off after that!


Do your friends still give you a razzing to this day about that, or do they say to new hires “don’t be MustangCryppie”.


But did you pick up the milk on your way home like she asked?


Around some parts of our country, youngsters can’t use a dictionary, locate, locate their own homes on a map, some can’t even tie a tie or their shoelaces. Males or females.


But they know about drag queens and pronouns! /sarc

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

I saw a man in his 50s stop in the middle of the driving lane of really busy parking lot to do whatever on his phone yesterday. People were honking at him and getting pissed driving around him. I don’t think it’s an age thing anymore.


At least he stopped to do it, and didn’t try to keep driving like I always see.

Green Thumb

I have know a couple of losers like Roberts.

Just another fat ass, loser bully who thinks he is a “real” man.

I feel sorry for this clown’s kids, if he has any.


Such douchery was felt “poh-tenshul” back in the day. Drunk college ‘tards broke into a pen with a ostrich, tried to ride the ostrich and broke its neck, then left it with its neck wrapped around a fence post– and that was “awesome” BMOC sh*t for those dorks’ fellow students. (Did an overseas summer school w/ some of ’em at the time. He seems about the right age.)

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
Green Thumb

Shaun Arnold is “Turd” Bolling’s hero.

I can definitely see a future for Shaun Arnold at All-Points Logistics.

I could see Phil Monkress appointing him the the APL Special Shitbags Unit.


What in the actual f*ck is wrong with these idiots?

Okay, I’d think the pucker factor is as high as the cool factor with the BUFF flying.

Feed the POS “hunter” to the wolves…film at 6 & 11.

Canadian “healthcare”?

What about the human rights of his victims? Feed this POS to the wolves too.

Wonder what happened to that whole “three (3) strikes and you’re out” thing? Send his azz to prison…while he’s wearing his cop “uniform”.

DUTCH in Atlanta

Thank you for not posting the photo of that sick s-o-b with the wounded and tortured wolf. That guy needs to have his jaw taped and to be thoroughly beat bloody!


That fuckhead who abused and killed the wolf is NOT a stupid person of the week. He is a scumbag, piece of shit fuckhead of the year.

Last edited 1 month ago by MustangCryppie

There may be more before the year is over, but he is in a very strong position to win the award at years end.


I don’t mind purposeful killing. Heck, I practice it on the reg.

Abuse of animals is without excuse and laughing about it should get someone treated similarly. (see: rock pile)

Even thank God for His gift when the mice run into my traps. (stopped using sticky traps unless absolutely needed because of guilt)

Who am I to question. (declarative, not interrogative)


I appreciate your kindness and mercy. Trapped one in a bottle that baited with a bit of pnb and released the little critter outdoors. No harm, no foul.

Anna Puma

Lock the animal torturer in a large room with the Afghan sex offender. Whom ever survives gets a pardon. And a trip to Qatar.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What Roberts (I refuse to call “it” “Mister”. Mister is a sign of respect. I do NOT respect such a person. back to the rant…) did may not have been illegal under the current law. But it was highly immoral and unethical.
I would not have any dealings with such a person. If I owned a business, any business, I would refuse any and all service to him. I would do my best to shame and ostracize him, publicly and loudly.
Let him crawl away to a dark corner and die in silent anonymity, unwanted, unloved, mourned by none.

“D*ckhead” is available to him, though.