Would be illegal aliens being advised to vote in US elections

| April 17, 2024

An organization allegedly linked to George Soros is passing flyers around in specific areas in Mexico. These are areas where Mexicans intending to illegally enter the U.S. pass through. The flyers inform them that they don’t need documentary proof that they are citizens. The readers are told that they could simply swear that they are eligible. One objective of this information campaign is to ensure that Joe Biden gets elected for another four years.

From the Post Millennial:

Flyers allegedly being distributed at a Soros-linked NGO resources center in Mexico are encouraging illegal immigrants to vote for President Joe Biden when they get to the US, per the Oversight Project, a watchdog group for the Heritage Foundation.

The flyers, reportedly obtained by Muckraker.com stated, “You do not need documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote. You can vote if you simply swear you are eligible.”

Muckraker claimed to have discovered the flyers in a Resource Center Matamoras (RCM) location. The Oversight Project said that flyers were being distributed to illegal immigrants who use RCM assistance in coming to the US and were even found on the walls of port-a-potties at the location.

Muckraker reported that they had recorded a conversation with RCM founder Gaby Zavala in which Muckraker said that they were “just trying to help as many people as possible before Trump gets elected.”

Zavala laughed, per the recording, and said, “We are in the same boat.”

According to the Oversight Project, Zavala was previously an organizer for La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), which is listed as a partner for George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

The Post Millennial has the rest of the article, including tweets supporting their article, here.

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Progressives don’t even hide it:

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“Why is all of mainstream media’s and Democrats’ compassion and sympathy always given to illegals and none for Americans?”
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One of my oldest friends is black, and he keeps complaining that the government keeps putting black people at the back of the line for resources. First it was the Hispanics, and now its illegals form all over the globe.

Him: Why?
Me: Who are you voting for in November?
Him: <reluctantly> Biden…again.
Me: Has he made things better for black people?
Him: Well, no. Its probably getting worse.
Me: If Biden and the Democrats are keeping black people down, but you continue to vote for them why should they change?
Him: Because…
Me: Because?
Him: I just can’t not vote for Biden…
Me: Then things will never change my friend…never change.

Note: He has recognized the troubled history of blacks and the Democratic Party. He’s just been conditioned for almost 60 years.


Y’all, know what LBJ bragged about.

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tom reynolds

It’s easy to fool a man, but very hard to convince him he’s been fooled. Lots of people wakening up but it doesn’t matter. They will steal this election even if it takes Biden getting 8 billion votes. And the republicans will shake their heads and say “darn it,it was close but we lost fair and square”. “Where do I pick up my check?”


Pedo Joe can always sign an executive order on November1 this year, granting illegals here on election day as eligible to vote. Even if SCOTUS would declare it illegal, imagine the chaos when 20-25 million illegals show up at polling places all over the country, demanding the right to vote.

USMC Steve

Except when the prez does an executive order that is illegal on its face, it has no legal force. And executive orders are only effective upon federal employees, so most of those election poll workers would be able to freely ignore it, except for the socialist democrats, who would be doing it anyway.


Maybe you should find and share LBJ’s thoughts about blacks voting for democrats.

USMC Steve

A good many blacks are mentally challenged that way. They know the socialist democrats hate them, and don’t give a rats ass about them, but they cannot muster up the brain cells apparently to do something more intelligent and less self destructive than supporting that hate group.


35 million illegals means:
– 35 million mail in ballots for democrats
– Blue cities and states keep power with census appropriations and electoral college.



“…adventurous abroad and despotic at home…” Bobby Lee weeps as Santa Anna grins.




But, but, but…
We were told by “re-lie-able” sources in government that its just a Right-Wing Conspiracy…
How conspiracies have come true in the last few years? All of them…
What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About 6 months…


In person with proof of citizenship and a photo ID or it’s all
over for America as founded.

Hack Stone

It seems to work pretty well in Mexico. And India, with over 1 Billion people, and based on the phone calls Hack Stone receives every day regarding full coverage on his funeral, burial and cremation expenses, are all named Alex or Amber. It must be pretty confusing when they head to the break room in the Calcutta call center, and all of the lunch bags have Alex or Amber written on them.


Plus, let’s make the able-bodied vote in person and get the purple finger so they can only vote once. And let’s bar the deceased population from voting.


Democrats in action, getting the Teamsters to chant “Death to America!” (and Israel) In Dearborn for votes this November:

Left/libtards hate America, Israel and folk who work for a living, just so y’all know.


Joe Biden told black voters that Republicans were “Gonna put ya’ll back in chains”. Got a news flash for ya, kids. The Democrats never really let you out of chains. They just made them attractive.


Party of slavery, Bull Conner and the KKK.


Why restrict voting to just citizens and non-citizens, we should let anyone alive on earth vote in US elections. We can call it “equity”.


One planet, one vote.


Two community organizer NGO’s here in the US have been given about 500 million dollars from the Brandon admin. They are distributing similar leaflets instructing illegal immigrants to register to vote and “vote for Biden to keep the border open.” Anyway, that is the English translation of the leaflets.


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Amateur Historian

We’re pretty damn close to being a conquered people, aren’t we? They want illegal aliens to live here, vote for our leaders, be sworn in as police officers, and to take over our military. How long before illegal foreigners are elected to office? We’re losing our country and it is very hard for me not to lose hope. The shameful thing is all of this has done without a shot being fired. We are a farcry from who we were.


Ignorant, selfish foreigners will happily harm Americans for a Green Card.
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I haven’t been this surprised since I found out that all the journalists working at NPR were all Democrats. Let me tell you, that was quite a surprise, who would have ever guessed?


Paging Captain Renault…

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO our government and mainstream media have become a complete and total political WHOREHOUSES.


Of course, D’Rats gotta resort to chicanery. PINO, can’t generate excitement. Even in democrat heavy stronghold Pittsburgh. The boos were loud & heavy. He walked into a local fast food joint to maybe replicate Trump’s Chik-Fil-A moment & it went bust. Most patrons didn’t seem too pumped, and it wasn’t helped that his handlers & secret service tried to keep anyone even mildly curious from approaching. Veg-all Joe also couldn’t resist telling more of his fantastic fairy tales. A phuqqing pos serial liar.

Biden suggests uncle eaten by ‘cannibals’, but military says his WWII plane lost at sea (youtube.com)

USMC Steve

They should do to Soros what they are doing to Trump and keep hauling him into court for various criminal endeavors. Might not bankrupt the old war criminal, but we would get some cash infusions into the economy, and it would keep him busy, maybe slow his activities.