Airman’s Gaza Hunger Strike

| April 3, 2024 | 51 Comments

Airman Starts Hunger Strike at White House over Gaza, Inspired by Another Airman’s Self-Immolation Death

By Thomas Novelly

A 26-year-old airman on leave from his overseas duty station is going on a hunger strike outside the White House to protest the war in Gaza — a move he said was inspired by the self-immolation death of another airman in February.

Senior Airman Larry Hebert, an integrated avionics journeyman from New Hampshire currently stationed at Naval Station Rota in Spain, began the hunger strike at midnight April 1, he told in a Monday interview. Hebert, who has served for six years, plans to continue the hunger strike — limiting himself to water and a juice supplement — for as long as he physically can.

“I don’t have a stop or an end for it right now,” Hebert told in a phone interview. “I’m going to go until my body cannot go any longer or we get the cease-fire and the end of unconditional aid to Israel.”

Oh look, another attention-deprived idiot. This one isn’t as dedicated as Bushnell was at the Israeli embassy. Thanks to MarineDad61 for the link.

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Yea. Not seeing the same level of commitment here.


It’s almost like he’s not even trying. The chicken made a contribution for breakfast…the pig made a commitment. Be the pig, Wing Wiper…be the pig.


Well, he did say as long as possible. Does that mean until he gets cold or hot, told to move along, as long as his leave is in effect, when he gets tired of reading passing bus ads advertising the best BBQ in all of DC?


FUCKING PUSSY!!! Hunger strikes are for WIMPS!!!! These soft-ass kids never last…no fucking commitment. Nobody goes full Bobby Sands anymore.
Water & juice boxes? Is his mommy going to drop them off on her way home from Krogers? I bet he still vapes though…

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Dumbass – “Sir, I’m going on a hunger strike for [insert lib cause] and you can’t stop me.”

OIC – “Ok”

Dumbass – “Ummm. . .”

AW1 Rod

Sorry, douche rocket, but true Commitment to Cause requires that you expire at the end of your strike. And good riddance.


Fuck that guy. He’ll get hungry and change his perspective. Or, he’ll starve to death. Either outcome is just fine with me. This is why I sold my field of fucks.


Put him in lock-up with a few worse military reprobates for a few hours before release to his unit… he’ll learn he was a “woke” idiot right quick.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder if he isn’t scarfing down some pizza whenever he thinks nobody is looking?

Forest Bondurant

If he is and gets caught by film or photo, I hope the images are plastered all over the internet.


The Air Force seems to have a lot of dumbasses these days.


Do they actively recruit weakminded Antifa f*cktards with a social justice, save the unicorns pitch or what?

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Honestly I think it’s some kind of generational issue. A lot of these “younger” types really do believe the BS coming out from the main stream media and liberal outlets like Reddit. It’s like they don’t have one bit of critical thinking skills or forgot the classic X-Files line “Trust No One”.
Seriously though my old fellow chock kicking AF crew dogs would run rings around these idiots if we weren’t all broken as f@#k now. smh


You may be right… Gen Z demand their employers be as “woke”-tarded as they are or they’re outta there:

Last edited 7 days ago by Anonymous

And, just in today, about Gen Z… even USA Today says they don’t have a right to have other people pay their debts:


We had our share of knuckleheads when I was in the USAF in the 80s but none with this level of commitment to dumbass.


I’ll bet the local food at Rota is fabulous.

AW1 Rod

The chow at the Golf Shack is pretty good, actually.


Pizza Villa


You spelled sangria wrong

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Someone give this asshole a can of gasoline.


Too bad I don’t live near DC anymore otherwise I have my new lunch spot.


C’mon, ‘tard, flick your Bic. Been done and better already.

Dennis - not chevy

6 years of service and a SrA (E-4); I don’t think his unit is missing its rocket surgeon. I mean the first rule of leave is one doesn’t do anything to embarrass one’s unit.


Think zem/zers leave has been revoked yet?


Good for that Airman. Well then, his actions should motivate Hamas to knock off all this crap. Everything should be back to normal in a few days. And then his stupid ass can protest some more whiles he’s in the brig.

Army-Air Force Guy

Maybe he’ll get caught in the D.C. gang war crossfire.


Probably the only way he’d earn a CAB.

Forest Bondurant

Speaking of which, I read (and heard on the radio) that 43% of the “yuts” in the DC school system are truants, wreaking havoc all over town and nothing is being done about it. (And no, Spring Break is over.). A few weeks ago, the District Attorney suggested prosecution is not an option, and cops have been hamstrung to do anything. Parents certainly haven’t been held accountable. That town is 61 square miles surrounded by reality, and has fallen because of libtard policies.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let me check my current inventory, aaaand NO fucks to give about him, oopso- Ahdashee!!!


I think the white house has a no smoking policy.


Just waiting for the Security Police to pick him up for AWOL.


Someone didn’t give this fucker enough wall to wall counseling. Someone should slap his command chain for not un-fucking his attitude.


I’m starting a “nothing but beer” strike inside my apartment until fuckstick here is in the brig pending a reading of articles 86, 88*, 92, & 94.

86: Absence without leave
88: Contempt toward officials*
92: Failure to obey order or regulation
94: Mutiny and sedition

*I sympathize, but you signed the contract, you swore the oath, you knew, or reasonably knew the outcome. You didn’t see me bitching when Colon Powell and Penis Cheney lied us into an illegal war! [I did… quietly, under the covers in a locked room with the radio full blast playing Type O Negative. Always communicate like the Naval Observatory has a mic up your ass]

Myne DD214 is my blanket, she is my shield. Cover me against outcomes for blatantly disrespecting the assholes (s)elected to ruin this once-great country.



comment image


Every time I see something like that it pains me for having been born in the wrong Fing era.

We are men made for these times. May we rise to the challenge.

“Double bacon cheeseburger, extra bacon, large RC, and a pack of Luckys, please miss”

“That’ll be 46 cents, sir.”


I wuz the Dude in that era…and I will rise to the challenge.

Some still photos are here…

Another place in the Home of Record Town the future Gun Bunny frequented..Whata ya have…

Just follow The Old Dixie Hwy…you’ll find it!


Now I want BBQ.


Adventure Car Hop..rte 1 Saugus MA


Being in my mid-40s, it amazes me how much things have changed over even the past 30 years. In ’94 I got my first job at McDonalds making $4.25/hr. I bought my Driver’s Ed teacher’s ’83 Chevette for $350 (forget his name, but he’d been an Olympian from what I recall–maybe he’d just tried out for it) the following year. At the time, McDonalds would do 29¢ hamburgers and 39¢ cheeseburgers once or twice each year. We could stock the bin (McDonald’s wouldn’t do the “freshly made” thing for another decade or so), so when I worked during those sales, I clocked in and immediately started cooking hamburger patties and building scores of burgers.

McDonalds used to be a quick and inexpensive place to eat; not the best food but something you could rely on to keep you going. Now, a trip to McDonalds sees you paying $10+ for a tiny burger patty and often cold fries. I made the mistake of stopping in for breakfast last week and wasting $9. The hot and spicy chicken biscuits tasted like something I could get at a gas station, and I forgot to bring my coffee into work, so it sat in the truck all day. After a few bites of the biscuits, I saved the rest to donate to Old Lab Bark Obama.


We stopped at McDonald’s for a hot lunch Friday when I was still working, and a coworker ordered 2 fish sandwiches and a small fry, no drink as he had one in the work truck. $14.00

And you’re right, the fries were lukewarm at best and gas station food tastes about the same.

They used to have the best tasting fries and shakes. Not so much anymore.

Anna Puma

Be like Airman S’Mor, here have some lighter fluid.


Me thinks this kids avionics “bay” should be red “X’d”, parts on back order and awaiting depot. Park his ass in the maintenance hanger as the new hanger queen until they can court martial him for damage to government property. Looking into my Magic 8 ball I see… a future opening for a new E-4 at Rota avionics shop. What a moroon…


Methinks his brain is XB3

Hack Stone

Well, he picked a good time for his hunger strike. It’s been raining in DC all week, and overnight temperatures are in the low 40’s. If the weather doesn’t get him, the local yutes will give him some of that DC hospitality.


Someone said “yutes”?

Old tanker

I would think that since he is trying to perform a political stunt that it would be a violation of the UCMJ, leave status immaterial. As such the SP’s AP’s whatever, (what the heck does the AF call their version of MP’s?) should quietly bag him up and stuff him inside the stockade pending either non judicial penalty, court marshall and eviction from the service with a BCD. Then dump him outside the base with a can of gas and a match.


SP is what the air force calls its cops.

Hack Stone

Everyone else just calls them assholes. 🥴

I kid, I kid.