Navy’s Recruiting Solution?

| April 3, 2024 | 44 Comments

Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! Every Sailor is a Recruiter! I *love* the Corps!

New materials launched for Every Sailor is a Recruiter program

By Diana Stancy

The Navy is providing new resources to all Navy commands as part of its Every Sailor is a Recruiter initiative, months after the service missed its recruitment goals for the first time ever, and as it joins the other services in attempting to dig out of an historic recruiting crisis.

Commands will have access to the so-called “Every Sailor is a Recruiter Commanding Officers Smartbook” and the Navy recruiting E- toolbox website with the hope of getting the fleet to help bring in additional recruits, according to a new naval administrative message, or NAVADMIN, released this month.

The Navy’s Every Sailor is a Recruiter campaign launched in July 2022, and aims for current sailors to share their positive experiences in the service with potential recruits.

Under the program, sailors may earn up to two Flag Letters of Commendation if they successfully refer someone who signs a future sailor contract. These are worth one point each toward advancement, according to the service.

Military Times

Believe it’s called Multi-Level or Referral Marketing and is a mainstay of pyramid schemes. Think Amway. Bravo, Navy, this will rake in the recruits.

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Prior Service

Enough with recruiting woes. I say let’s bring back conscription, but the catch is we build units filled with conscripts and led by shake-n-bake conscript leaders so “regular” servicemen don’t have to lead or serve with them. Make them all light infantry and rapidly-deployable (so their home life sucks). They’ll be called the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Speedbump Divisions and their sole purpose is to deploy to war and slow down the enemy’s initial efforts.


We may also need a Sandbag Division or two.

Green Thumb

The All-Points Logistics Brigade.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I enlisted, we also had the draft and it worked out in those days with people being drafted and people enlisting, and we also didn’t have the same people running things as we have today.


I would argue Johnson was worse.


Johnson was WAY worse. A good read on how bad is McMasters book Deriiction of Duty. Enough to enrage anybody who served then.


Same here Jeff but that was back in the Viet of the Nam days when we had flaming monks.
They didn’t need a stupid sign to make their point.

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Prior Service

I suspect even the worst draftees were still more American than the average “American” liberal of today. I agree with your point circa Vietnam era. I want no part of them today, especially with the prevalence of social media and the fact that a draft board would no longer screen out the raging stupidity of their “life style choices.”


Back then people claimed they were gay to get out of the draft but knew they were lying. Today, such folk honestly don’t know what gender they are looking in their own pants.
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Army-Air Force Guy

If the draft was now, and somebody said they were gay, then they’d get to come in as an E-3.


Were things easier on the enlistees vs the draftees or did it all suck?


The only difference I can remember is that enlistees had a wider choice of MOS because they were in for 3+ years vs. 2 years for draftees. Whether you were US (draftee) or RA (enlisted) if you wound up in the Infantry you were equally miserable.

There are a lot of folks who can now claim to have been volunteers, since they enlisted, whereas they only enlisted because they had been drafted and chose to trade an additional year for an MOS other than 11_. One of my brothers-in-law, for example. Got his draft notice and ran down to the recruiter and enlisted for Signal Corps. Spent his SE Asia tour in Thailand, living on the economy and playing almost every golf course in Thailand. The Fickle Finger of Fate, though, had it in for him. He managed to be in Saigon (can’t remember why) on the evening of January 29, 1968. Surprise! He wound up on perimeter guard at Tan Son Nhut watching the fireworks up close and personal. It ain’t just the Marines where “every man is a rifleman” when things go sideways.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(snort!) If I were younger, and in, the only way I’d participate in this travesty would be that 1) I’m THIS CLOSE to getting out, and 2) I’d recruit my worst HS enemy. You know, the three-letter jock with barely two brain cells to rub together, the one who gave perpetual atomic wedgies, etc, etc.


Ah yes, of course. As a dog returns to his vomit, so shall the services return to their past follies.

The National Guard tried this back in the 2000s. If I remember right, contractors were involved, millions of dollars got embezzled, and some folks went to prison over it.

Let’s do it again.


G-RAP (Guard-Recruiter Assistance Program)… we Regular Army types had A-RAP for a while. I just found the box my goodie kit came in. IIRC, we signed up and received a boonie cap, t-shirt, and some cards or something. You also got cash for referring people who enlisted and shipped. It didn’t really matter in my case, as USAREC snatched me up within a few months. Oh, and they are still sorting out all the G-RAP fallout: Recruiter Assistance Program (


Yeahhhh my nephew (who was an AGR officer) got involved in investigating that particular kerfluffle. Left a shitload of pissed off people in his wake, many with felony convictions.

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Stoploss would be more effective. Can’t get recruits? No problem! “Now hear this: Effective immediately, all ETS dates are extended indefinitely. That is all”.

AT1 ret

Called crock of shit, My active duty Navy buddy put in a name and neither he or the guy heard shit from it.

ex-JO2 Ray

I feel like they need to give current sailors positive experiences before this will work. I sense that the, “yeah last month we had 12 days of DEI training,” isn’t cutting it.

Forest Bondurant

Whoever thought of this scheme ought to be embarrassed of this dogshit idea. 

So what if Petty Officer Speedbump shares his story with a high-school kid, college dropout, or whoever else they come into contact with?   

It strikes me that a vast majority of people who are of age to serve do not meet the mental, moral, medical, psychological (or some combination) requirements to serve, or have been indoctrinated to hate the country that serving in the military isn’t an option.  Share your exploits with people like 19-year old Timmy Tentpeg, but that doesn’t change the fact he has a criminal record or has a litany of other issues trailing him.

I’ll bet the Navy is probably having a retention problem as well.

Here’s a link to the NAVADMIN:


Is it too late to bring back impressment?


Welp…they got rid of the lash and rum, but kept the sodomy, I thought we were told that the ranks would be swelling (c what I did there?) with eager recruits when the sodomy part was expanded? Guess I was wrong, huh?

Salesmanship 101(and that is what a Recruiter is; a Salesman/person?) generally figures that one (1) happy customer will tell five (5) friends. An unhappy customer will generally tell twenty five (25) friends. Do the math.

Maybe the Armed Forces wouldn’t have such a bad recruitment/retention problem if the Service Member’s job was to Defend America…instead of dying in a forever war in Bungfuk where ever, defending other countries and enriching the MIC? Jus’ sayin’…


“”Officially”” disappeared 😉 😉

Army-Air Force Guy

In regards to the pic in the blog above, I can’t count how many guys (yes, myself included😁) made all this noise about going to community college a couple of months before ETS who wound up dropping out after a year or two.

Green Thumb

And all the ghey sex you want!




Every sailor a recruiter! Next phase–Press Gangs!

Master-at-Arms, form a press gang, I mean recruiting party to go ashore at 0100 (closing time is 0200) to enlist recruits.


Under the program, sailors may earn up to two Flag Letters of Commendation if they successfully refer someone who signs a future sailor contract.”


That is all.


Hey Navy, sorry you’re going through some tough times but I’m sure it’ll get better for you.
Have you thought about Top Gun 3? It worked twice now…

Don’t forget to make it over-the-top sus like the first one. Think: beach volleyball but with furries, or a bar scene at a hormone clinic where T Swift is sung at a gender nonconforming wallflower…


That really doesn’t bother me.



OK, I laffed way yonder tooooo long and HARD over that. Good to see that you’re keeping an eye on the DA Form 6 to see whose day it is to be “that guy”. ninja approves! *snickers*


But, of course… was posted here before but kinda obligatory:

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone doesn’t understand why people are not beating down the doors to enlist when the military today is offering free travel and convalescent leave for abortions and gender reassignment. Aren’t they just as patriotic and eager to serve as cisgender service members?

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Oh, yes, they’re quite eager to serve their Communist overlords…..

Problem is, the military hasn’t bent the knee to the commies enough yet, so it’s not good optics for them to be good little soldiers yet, especially since America itself is still far too capitalist for their tastes

Hack Stone

Hack Stone cannot understand how the Navy missed their recruiting goals after the successful efforts of the cross dressing digital ambassador efforts. Have they tried reaching out to Dylan Mulvaney, that did wonders to boost awareness of Bud Light.

Forest Bondurant

Good point. I guess this fuckwit wasn’t making mission for the Navy.

US Navy hires active-duty drag queen as face of recruitment drive (


Look at the fuck-wits in this administration…
President Poops-his-pants and VP Cackle McSleeps-her-way-to-the-top. The SECDEF is Sicky O’Where-in-the-hell-is-he CJC Liar White-rage-insky.
We didn’t have this problem with the Orange Man…
I guess a failing military is worth not have “mean tweets”

Forest Bondurant

Not to mention the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has yet to be replenished. If this country needs the surplus for real, we’ll be more fucked than we are now.


This is what happens when you demonize and margianlize men and masculinity.

Feminism truly is cancer.


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If the military would start being something to be proud of again the recruiting problem would solve itself.