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| March 31, 2024 | 8 Comments

Glock 42

Happy Easter, y’all.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The young lady is properly attired in mourning black.
I would be more than happy to escort her to the place of worship of her choice (church or other).

Tox, didn’t you mean to say that you would be more than happy to worship her…and she could choose the place? FIFY

That Sister Golden Hair Surprise pic takes some of the sting out of seeing the Plasticized Abomination. But I guess it’s appropriate for Glock Fan Bois to celebrate the resurrection of old Tupperware.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’ve been sensing a theme with the firearms over the past week. All in .380ACP.
Tell me you bought a new .380, without telling me you bought a new .380.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

The Pirates Cove


I gots a feel good story:
I had to travel for work today to be on a customer site first thing tomorrow. As I was arriving to the hotel, I stopped to buy a six-paquito of Yuengling. I grabbed a sixer of tallboys and saw one of them was badly dented. I grabbed a different sixer and while paying, told the clerk about the damaged can and jokingly suggested that I could find a good home for the other 5 cans. I was in the parking lot when she came out and offered me the remaining cans on the house since the sixer was otherwise going to the dumpster. Not quite water into wine, but I’ll take it!🤣🍺


Not too bad! 🍻 I’m in no position to give away damaged products, and we–like most big box stores–simply destroy anything deemed unsellable. A manager signs a form, AP meets someone down by the compactor, and perfectly good Bass Pro inventory is crushed. During the heyday of my tool buying, I’d read accounts of Home Depot and Lowes cutting up and discarding power tools worth $100s because their SKUs were no longer valid (holiday promos and the like). At least Home Depot would usually mark stuff down as much as 75%, and I’ve gotten a few of the “penny deals”, where products drop from the $0.02 price point (75% off, a $100 item will go to $75.06, $50.03, $25.02, and then to $0.01 if it’s not removed from the shelf in time).

Haven’t had a Yuengling in a few weeks–there’s some Light in the garage but it might be time to donate those to the next fire (old, canned beer makes for a nice noisemaker with the occasional fountain of boiling liquid). I’ll probably stick to Evan Williams tonight, but maybe try to find some Yuengling Black & Tan tomorrow.


The 42 is a good choice for those wanting a .380, but the 43 isn’t much larger. Probably the most popular Glock we sell is the 43X. It arguably renders the 42, 43, and especially the 26 all but obsolete. Yes, the grip frame is a bit longer, but that just means that someone with average sized hands can all three fingers around it. I’m used to wrapping my pinky under with subcompacts but do prefer getting a more solid grip.

The 43X offers 10 rounds of 9mm in a Slimline pistol. Shield Arms and [likely] other manufacturers sell 15-round magazines for it. Four-plus more rounds than the 42/43, and the same capacity as a standard 26 mag without the chubby feel.

Glock G43 vs Glock G42 vs Glock G43X vs Glock G26 size comparison | Handgun Hero


While I was on the site, I couldn’t help pulling some other comparisons:

The Desert Eagle is far heavier, but not smaller in some dimensions than the Hi-Point 10mm: Magnum Research Desert Eagle 6″ vs Hi-Point JXP 10 size comparison | Handgun Hero

Then we have the size difference between two revolvers, one with double the power of the other (.44 vs. .22, I think that’s how power factors work 🙂): North American Arms 22LR vs Colt Anaconda 8″ size comparison | Handgun Hero