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| March 18, 2024

Major Patrick Sorensen

Army major honors fallen soldiers with Native eagle feathers in hair

Granted a religious accommodation to wear eagle feathers, Maj. Patrick Sorensen said each represent a fallen soldier or comrade he has served with.

An Army Major who posted portraits in full uniform while wearing traditional Native American eagle feathers in his hair, said the pictures are a tribute to both his Native identity and fallen soldiers he served with.

“We wear these medals on our chest and they represent the different achievements and deployments and things that we’ve gone through in our military service,” Maj. Patrick Sorensen told Task & Purpose. “For me, I think it’s more important that I recognize and remember my soldiers and so I wear my five feathers to represent the soldiers that I’ve lost.”

Sorensen, a marketing and public affairs officer at the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, or TRADOC, is one of just a handful of military members granted a religious exemption to wear Native American dress and hairstyles with his Army uniform.

Task and Purpose

I would never accuse the good Major of being a transparent self-indulgent attention whore, but why not wear the uniform with pride and keep the dead animal parts to more appropriate garb.
Just me. Thanks to Andy11M for the link.

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