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| March 18, 2024

A few little things today.

Remember all the Afghans who helped us over 20 years in Afghanistan before Biden cut and run  before we pulled out like a trucker from a 16 year old hooker  before we mostly peacefully evacuated our troops and equipment? Seems we are running out of visas…67,000 of them in the processing queue and multiple thousands more needed soonest.

Since its inception, the program has been beset by slow processing, exacerbated by low staffing at the State Department and shoddy record-keeping by the military or contractors, making it difficult for some Afghans to prove their work with U.S. troops.

As of September, more than 67,000 completed SIV applications were awaiting what’s known as chief of mission approval, according to the State Department’s most recent quarterly report on the program. Another nearly 11,000 had received that approval and were awaiting their visa interviews.

But the faster processing also means running out of visas more quickly. With about 7,000 visas remaining, lawmakers who support the program say the State Department expects to run out as soon as August.

Makes you wonder how many folks are still left in Kabul? Not to mention why would anyone help us when this is how we treat them afterwards?

Big Navy’s been on a firing spree:

The commanding officer of the USS Ohio sub’s gold crew — Capt. Kurt Balagna — was relieved by Rear Adm. Nicholas Tilbrook, the commander of Submarine Group 9, “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command,” the Navy said.

Balagna appears to be the third Navy commander relieved this year. However, since last September, Navy leaders have fired the skippers of the USS Georgia and USS Alabama as well. II

Meanwhile the Marines at Pendleton have been getting hit as well.

Col. Seth “S.W.” MacCutcheon, the commander of the School of Infantry-West, and Maj. Nicholas Engle, the commander of the Reconnaissance Training Company, were both relieved on March 8 by Brig. Gen. Farrell Sullivan, the commanding general of the service’s training command.

Both units are based out of Camp Pendleton, California, and follow five other firings of leaders in charge of training programs in the Marine Corps in the last eight-plus months. III

My initial reaction at all this was to wonder how future generations would look at this administration. Will they regard this as a purge of non-loyalist officers? Or will they look at it as a condemnation of our selection processes that so many apparent bozos are being promoted or selected for command?

And just when you thought you heard it all…seems there is a new type of theft going on. There is a difference in the background radiation of steel processed before August ’45 and after:

All the steel produced after World War II was irreversibly irradiated with radioactive cobalt isotopes during the process of mixing iron and carbon as an unexpected consequence of global atomic testing. As a result, nuclear fallout has been a part of all steel made after the Atomic Era. Steel made before World War II is now known as “low-background steel” and is usually found in old shipwrecks, artillery shells and other wartime materiel.

Its use in medicine and high-tech research, along with its limited supply, means low-background steel is exceptionally valuable — and like all things with such a high value, some aren’t too concerned about where they get it.

So as a result scrappers and salvagers are finding – and as much as possible disassembling – WWII shipwrecks in defiance of international agreements which regard these as the tombs of fallen warriors.

In the Pacific Ocean alone, there are an estimated 13 million tons of sunken warships, with potentially tens of thousands of war dead entombed inside. Analysts have discovered that at least 40 of these sunken vessels, which are also the graves of British, American, Australian, Dutch and Japanese troops, have been disturbed in the hunt for low-background IV

One would think if reprocessed now that the higher background radiation after years of nuclear testing would contaminate it, right? Seems not.

Oh, and the government of Niger is basically severing military relations.

Niger or the Niger, officially the Republic of the Niger, is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is a unitary state bordered by Libya to the northeast, Chad to the east, Nigeria to the south, Benin and Burkina Faso to the southwest, Mali to the west, and Algeria to the northwest. Wiki

According to the White House we have fewer than 700 military personnel there. Note that for western Africa, it is strategically located. But – the newly in power military government says they are offended by the US and that the agreement with the US was made without Niger’s permission (meaning the old government did it and the new junta doesn’t want it.)

Niger military spokesman Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane…also rejected what he said were allegations of a secret deal made between Niger, Russia, and Iran AOL

Which tells me that either they are sucking up to China, or to Iran and Russia and are lying. Your pick.

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Maybe Niger just doesn’t want trannies in the country.


The FJB administration has been very clear. African nations are free to partner with whoever they want for their security needs so long as to say United States. Because if you don’t partner with the United States you weren’t black.


Must have been Marines that said No to Uncle Joe.


Don’t forget they did make recruiting mission last year, the only service to do so. That needs to put a stop too.


Pre-war steel has been a thing for a long time now. It is very important for large medical devices, particle accelerators, Geiger counters and other things that are not allowed to emit background radiation even in tiny amounts. You’re correct that it has to be very carefully processed in order to keep becoming contaminated. But it is worth about 25 times regular steel. However, we’ve almost reached the point from where they stopped the above ground testing to now for most of the steel is now low enough to be used for both purposes. It would be more helpful if the DPRK stopped testing.

Of course it’s mostly China that’s looting the wrecks.


My bet is on Russia, and possibly an Iran connection in Niger. Unless you start seeing a bunch of railroads pop up in Niger, then it is China raping all the mineral wealth! I hear they have a big pile of antimony to help make batteries.


Is it rape when you pay off key government officials? Sounds a lot more like prostitution to me.


Depending on the amount paid, it could be closer to “Quality Escort”.


I think they are going for the full girlfriend experience. Maybe even a threesome with a bunch of coke.

Hack Stone

It’s not “rape rape.”

Whoopi Goldberg
International Scholar

Anna Puma

HMS Exeter, HMS Encounter, and USS Perch have been completely removed from the Java Sea seabed by illegal salvagers.

More recently a Chinese salvage barge has gone after HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.




Mine the wrecks and surrounding areas.

Or, if we want to just discourage the theives, contaminate the wrecks with low-level radioactives. Would not take much. Of course, using high-level neutron emitter waste will both “activate” the steel, rendering it worthless, and tend to deactivate anyone getting close. Heh.

Hmm. Some of both, just to make things spicy….


Start sinking the SOB’s… without warning..


And how many of those “refugees” are sleeper agents?

Imma gonna go with the purge thing AND the piss poor selection process.

Does anyone think that the ChiComs GAF what the world thinks of them being grave robbers? Yeah, me neither.

I pick “All of the above”.

Green Thumb

Has Austin showed back up to work yet?


That’s racist


Just to be clear are we talking about the showing up to work part? Or the wondering about it part?

I would think Austin is just as fit to be SECEF as Biden is fit to be President. Give that man some Hokas, have him walk up the short back ramp to his private jet and he will be GTG.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Anyone looting WWII sunken ships should be made to stay (at the bottom) with their ill-pilfered loot. RIP, motha’farquers


See above for suggested methods.


First, the Trump administration made it much harder to get interpreters to get visas to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

And these policies making it harder he left in place until he left office, despite DOD calls to loosen them to get interpreters out after the Peace/withdrawal deal was signed by the Trump administration and the withdrawal date a few weeks after the start of the next presidential term was set.

His administration refused to loosen the policies.

In the weeks before the election Trump announced he was withdrawing troops by Christmas. Clearly a carrot to encourage voter support. And order for withdrawal was drafted and the joint chiefs received it on 11 November 2020. I tried to find the date the order was signed by the president but couldn’t. The only date I could find was the date it was delivered to the join chiefs.

Then immediately rescinded. Replaced with an order to withdraw 2500 troops.

Then, inexplicably, Trump would not Pentagon to draw up a withdrawal plan for the remaining 2500 troops. Pentagon insiders are on record saying this was interpreted by senior Pentagon officials as a signal the U.S. would not be withdrawing by May 1 despite the Trump brokered deal with the Taliban to do so.

This made some sense because by the end of the Trump administration the Taliban was on the strongest position militarily it had been in since the initial invasion. Pentagon analysts had warned the Trump administration that, despite two decades of efforts to bolster the Afghan government and train and equip Afghan forces, a full withdrawal would result in a total collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban within weeks.

This left 2500 troops in Afghanistan when Biden took officer and no withdrawal in place with 14 weeks until the withdrawal deadline. And the Taliban in the strongest military position in two decades…….


So Biden had three choices….

1. Try to broker a deal to delay the withdrawal and essentially stay in Afghanistan longer. Which Biden refused.

Substantially increase US troop presence by sending at least 2500-3000 more troops to “secure” the withdrawal.

2. Which would have made the withdrawal difficult logistically and with respect to planning and they were already facing a very tight planning and withdrawal window.

3. Or coordinate with the Afghan government to leverage 8500 Afghan troops to provide the security needed for the withdrawal of the remaining 2500 US troops.

Based on best guess predictions on risk to US forces balanced against a collapse of the deal and Taliban initiating a full scale attack on the remaining U.S. forces the decision was made that option 2 would risk instigating a collapse of the deal and would likely lead to a greater risk of U.S.casualties than option 3. Especially given the limited planning timeline the use of Afghan troops already on the ground was the better choice.

So option 3 was decided. And the Afghan government made assurances, and indeed committed troops to assure the withdrawal.

However, when the withdrawal began and it become clear to the afghan people, mid level and junior Afghan government officials, Afghan government workers, and mid grade and junior Afghan military members…panic set in.

At the same time Taliban forces started taking positions to take and “secure” areas still being protected and occupied by US forces during the withdrawal.

The Afghan people, particularly Afghan officials and military members that had been loyal to the Afghan government against the Taliban panicked and started to flee…many besieging US positions with cries to be taken out of Afghanistan.

So the Afghan government immediately began to collapse…l and Afghan forces collapsed and fled as a result…resulting in a collapse of the Afghan force security perimeter protecting the U.S. forces.


You are correct after all. It was all FJB’s fault. Learning. Who knew it was possible?


Gee, who knew the cuttlefish was on Blinky Blinken’s Afghanistan team. I thought he was an unemployed Army Reserve office in Berkeley or Oakland, CA.


comment image


I haven’t heard the: “It’s all Trump’s fault” since 0930. Thanks for keeping it alive.

This made some sense because by the end of the Trump administration the Taliban was on the strongest position militarily it had been in since the initial invasion. Pentagon analysts had warned the Trump administration that, despite two decades of efforts to bolster the Afghan government and train and equip Afghan forces, a full withdrawal would result in a total collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban within weeks.

So FJB knew that as well then. So why did he say:

“I intend to maintain our diplomatic presedence [presence] in Afghanistan, and we are coordinating closely with our international partners in order to continue to secure the international airport.”

Let’s not forget:

We’re also going to continue to make sure that we take on the Afghan nationals who work side-by-side with U.S. forces, including interpreters and translators — since we’re no longer going to have military there after this; we’re not going to need them and they have no jobs — who are also going to be vital to our efforts so they — and they’ve been very vital — and so their families are not exposed to danger as well.

But the real kicker:

We’ve already dramatically accelerated the procedure time for Special Immigrant Visas to bring them to the United States.  

Since I was inaugurated on January 20th, we’ve already approved 2,500 Special Immigrant Visas to come to the United States. Up to now, fewer than half have exercised their right to do that. Half have gotten on aircraft and com — commercial flights and come, and the other half believe they want to stay.


Niger has had enough of the West’s shit for a’while now. Supposedly France’s Frogland’s Surendermonkeytavia’s troops have been gone since December.

It’s all about the uranium, baby! (apologies to Puffy)


Niger please!


Riddle me this, why are we taking purported refugees from Niger, like the one Brandon’s crew flew into the US among the 330,000 as airline passengers so they didn’t “surge” the border as Brandon invited in 2020 and thereafter. I note one of them is now in jail for raping a 15-year-old girl at some migrant center in Massachusetts.


Commissary doing away with plastic bags, when this gets to Quantico, the commissary will lose one loyal shopper. I travel in from a couple hours away once a month to stock up on things that the fam desires, spending $1K-$1.5K per trip thanks to Brandonomics these days. Ain’t no way on God’s green Earth that I’m going to buy, carry and maintain enough multi-use and cool bags to carry all of that. No way.