Google Gemini’s AI image generator causes Google’s parent company to lose over 70 billion

| February 28, 2024

The growing interest in utilizing AI image generators has led many companies to offer their own versions of the program. Google launched Gemini for this task. How Gemini responded to prompts has led to a lot of attention. However, this attention was not the kind that an organization desires. It’s a good idea to appeal to most of the members of your audience. In a nation where Caucasians still form the majority, generating images of the Founding Fathers as members of a minority group does not sit well with most readers and viewers.

From the Post Millennial

Google parent company Alphabet lost over $70 billion in market value, with stock prices falling as much as 4.4 percent on Monday following the pause on Google Gemini’s AI image creator and posts surfaced of Gemini’s responses in the chat feature.

According to Bloomberg, Melius Research analyst Ben Reitzes warned in a research note that problems that have arisen with Gemini may fuel the perception that Google is “an unreliable source for AI,” as many companies try to launch their own AI platforms.

“We have been arguing that Search behavior is about to change – with new AI-infused features,” said Reitzes. “This ‘once in a generation’ change by itself creates opportunities for competitors, but even more if a meaningful portion of users grow concerned about Google’s hallucinations and bias.”

The plunge came as Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said on Monday that Gemini’s image generating feature would be offline for a “few weeks” to address issues raised, according to the New York Post.

“We have taken the feature offline while we fix that. We are hoping to have that back online very shortly in the next couple of weeks, few weeks,” Hassabis said.

The Post Millennial has additional information at this link.

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Like most computers technology, it is only as smart, or dumb, as the person who programed it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


Slow Joe

ANCRN, I am afraid you are wrong. It is far worse.

These AI models are learning algorithms trained using YouTube videos and eBooks. Their creators have no real control over what the AI systems “think”, only over how they think, which is why they all have a liberal bias to some degree, with Gemini being the worst.

But nobody is really controlling what they say. This is why I suspect, that as AI models gain maturity and learn how the world really works, they will become more conservative, and then the Leftists will start howling and crying about conservative bias in AI systems.


Aw, they grow up so fast!

(Will be fun to see.)


Like Tyrus said on a recent episode of Gutfeld — it’s not AI, it’s the guy who made it. What’s the dude’s name who programmed it to think and generate those specific images? It all has a human source. Those are the problem children in all this.

Get rid of the books and let this shit continue unabated and you have every crazy leftist history revisionist’s blown fire hydrant wet dream.


I have a physical book collection of nearly 10,000 books. It takes up quite a lot of room and last year I started to reduce it. Then the AI stuff started and I realized that history was going to be a casualty and somebody needed to think about preservation of the past. So I have decided to keep it. “A book is a loaded gun”.

Molon Labe firemen, molon Labe.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What was that temperature that paper starts to burn?

451 degrees fahrenheit.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ray Bradbury had it right


Same. Between the wife (science/math) and myself (history/art) we’ve got a collection of close to 2000 books. Got a quite a few first editions of random books I grabbed in used bookstores because they grabbed my attention. Gotta keep them now, because give it 10-15 years its going to be like “The Book of Eli”…


They’ll get my books when they pry them from my cold, stiff, dead hands.


Got any “banned books” in that collection?


I do.. “Song of the South” and “bre’r Rabbit”


I have those too.


They would not appreciate my Mark Twain collection. 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and a number of the kids books such as the entire collection of the Hunger Games. Ironically, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, would likely fall to the ax today.

Slow Joe

We’ll see how long until Animal Farm and 1984 get banned.

The Left is rewriting the visual arts by remaking classic movies and TV shows.

How long until they start modifying the original works?

Soon AI will be able to make new movies with long-dead actors and actresses. At some point, someone will realize they can modify old movies and ban the original versions, and thus change history. 1984 by 2084. Orwell was off by a century.

Last edited 1 month ago by Slow Joe

1984 has been under the banhammer for a while.


More like 2034.


Don’t forget Harrison Bergeron:
comment image


Elon is coming…
Space X, Tesla, and X are all doing well.
He’s now coming for the rest. X is creating a search engine to replace Google, Grok as a less ‘biased’ AI, and payment system to replace Venmo, email to replace Gmail, and job boards to replace LinkedIn. I’d love to see the Leftist piggybanks in the tech sector get wiped out. I just hope he doesn’t become a Super Villain when all his projects succeed. You can bet the FTC will try and break up his holdings in the future.

Amateur Historian

Replacement for Google? Where do I sign up?


I use

Army-Air Force Guy

I really like DuckDuckGo, it doesn’t create a massive cache file you have to empty out every now and then. However, once in a while I throw it a curve ball search and I’m forced to go to google.


The Hallmark channel may be using Gemini to re-depict the British aristocracy of the 1800s.


Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte have already been made into series. Both are a huge hit. Or, they push the sought-after narrative so they are kept on air.

On the other hand, who else is aware that Grey’s Anatomy, in it’s 20th season, is conceived and written by Shonda Rhimes, a Black woman? I’m betting the majority of the fans of the show neither know or care about the color of the skin of the writer. Quality doesn’t need artificial anything to succeed.


I was actually referring to Jane Austen remakes.


Crispus Attucks, first American patriot to die in the Revolutionary War, was a free black man. There were significant numbers of black men who joined the Revolution because of promises they would be free.

Green Thumb

I imagine Google’s Gemini would say that the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is a good dude.

I would also imagine All-Points Logistics is investing heavily in the venture.


Yes, but he is in that rare category of Native Afro-Asian SEAL.


And them these shitbrains wonder why there will be an uprising.


Its pictures of minority nazis in ’43 were awe inspiring. (Did notice none were muslims, which would’ve been actual.)


Was that Kanye in an SS uniform ? 🤣

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about the WW2 German magazine equal to our life magazine that ran a picture of the perfect helmeted arian on the front cover and turned out that the guy was a German Jew who I believe survived the war.


I don’t know, I kind of like the East Asian female Pope. Good on the Catholic Church for getting a diversity hire.


They’re almost there with the current one.


I wonder what an ‘Aryan’ George Floyd would look?

Amateur Historian

Maybe like this:

Amateur Historian

As an Amateur Historian, I can 1000% confirm that George Washington was indeed black who owned white slaves and in this day and age, that isn’t considered wrong. (Sarcasm very heavily implied)

Hack Stone

Phil Monkress has a crack team of engineers at All Points Logistics designing an AI platform that will go on military blogs to defend his claims of being a US Navy SEAL.


And in semi-related news. Weight Watchers shares are down 25% – Oprah confessed to using weight loss drugs and resigned from their board, causing the massive drop.