Wednesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| February 28, 2024


14th Amendment says what now?

Your kids aren’t your kids

Yo quiero dinero, senor Adams

Abortion is a man’s issue

They’re just dreamers

Separate and un-equal

Witches be crazy

Praise Microsoft for discriminating against whites

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I love how the Syrian guy does the whole “look left, look right, I’m totally not lying” thing before answering.


It would appear that the zombie apocolypse has started in NYC. The Maori’s need to go after witches for appropriating their haka.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m glad that the screaming woman at the start was facing out away from the windows, otherwise there’d be shattered glass everywhere.
And haven’t I seen that last part in another movie…? “West Side Story”, Sharks vs Jets?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Pay me less? I’m off to greener pastures. And I don’t care if the whole business collapses around you due to lack of skills in the Diversity Hire.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Abortion is a Man’s Issue”?
It’s hard for me to take a person (can’t/won’t call it a “dude”) seriously when it’s wearing green nail polish and spouting rapid-fire “authentic frontier gibberish”.


I definitely WOULD NOT want a harrumph out of that guy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Illinois Rep Murphy could give AOC a run for the donkey-teeth money.

Major Tuddy

In fairness, AOC is pretty easy on the eyes. Newyoricans usually are.

Her politics, otoh…🤮


So ‘rights’ only truly belong to the group to which their effect can be wrought?

So if ‘people with the capacity of pregnancy’ should be the primary class of ‘deciders’ then gun owners should make the bulk of claimants regarding the onerous and amoral attacks on Our Second Amendment?

I’d take this as a legitimate parley but it’s hard to take a dude wearing a pink wife beater seriously, but also no (‘no’ being a word your dad should have used more often if he’d been around).

Major Tuddy

As someone who supports the ‘no uterus; no vote’ philosophy, I agree completely.


Irrespective of sex, someone should stand up for the victims of baby-murder that don’t get a say.

Major Tuddy

Well, since many women getting abortions can’t afford proper healthcare and are often poor besides, does this mean that you’re prepared to help a sister out?

I’m serious about this. What are you doing to help poor expectant moms feed their babies? If your only response is mindless babble about bootstraps, or anything like “can’t feed them, don’t breed them”, then you better keep your mouth shut when these women get abortions.


My tax dollars go the clinics that provide FREE birth control.

There is almost- no reason for an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. I’ll concede that accidents happen. However, many of these women are using abortion as birth control.


A cheeseburger is a hamburger with cheese. Where’d the ham go?
Was there to begin with?

Now I’m not one to complain, nor would I normally want ham on an otherwise functional burger but obviously unaccounted for ham could very well be a problem in the right circumstances, eg:
Doing maintenance on a jet engine’s fuel system, leaving it on sensitive electronics like a pressure sensor?
Filing paperwork for a major lawsuit deadline and that ham is accidentally slipped into the digitizer scanner at the court house, gumming the works?
In a drunken stupor while cheating on the wife, slipping whatever you find in your suit jacket on as a prophylactic, but its ham instead of a condom.
Big problem.

Mistakes happen. Sure’nuff. But every misadventure of a piece of meat doesn’t mean the end of the world, nor does it mandate me to care.
And in zero instances does in authorize murder.

All that other stuff you said, well, that isn’t argumentation.

So, I see your “…you better keep your mouth shut…” and raise you a ‘make me’, or ‘go fuck yourself’. Pick one. Pick both. Don’t give a fuck, chief.


Why are you excluding women who have had hysterectomies?

Major Tuddy

Same reason for excluding men; they will never be in that position.


Voter suppression. How very Democrat of you. Any other votes you’d like to cancel?


I have no problem with liberal “birth-givers” (mommies is soooooo patriarchal), killing what would likely be a libtard kid.

If I’m being honest, I’m not against abortions up to the 45th trimester, but not a day beyond that.

Major Tuddy

I mean ‘vote’ as in decision-making authority. Not as in elections.


I’d have to argue that the father of the baby/fetus, absolutely has a say. If the mother decides to have the baby, the father can be responsible for child support, but he’s told it’s none of his business if SHE decides to abort? The baby may be in her body, but not without his participation. It took 2 to make it.

Major Tuddy


Valid point; thanks for sharing.

Green Thumb


Time for my Wednesday morning puke.


When heterosexual whyte peepil gets fed up with this bullsh*t, I expect the price of my MorBark stock to go thru the roof.


Not racism when progressives do it.

Major Tuddy

Legit asking: Have we tested the discharge from a trans-identified male’s fake breasts to real breastmilk? If so, how did they compare?

I know exactly jack squat about the issue, so I can’t have a meaningful opinion till someone clues me in.

Prior Service

We tested for common sense and found none. Theorem. That “milk” came from a raging fruitcake whacko. Hypothesis: if a guy doesn’t produce milk, then this “guy” isn’t producing milk. It might not survive the scientific method (as applied by normal scientists) but this is my test for it, anyway.

Major Tuddy

Men typically don’t grow breasts – but give him enough estrogen and he will.

Women typically don’t grow beards – but give her enough testosterone and she will.

See my point?


And here’s another sick left/libtard.

HIV+ trans freako, lactating because he’s sticking hormone suppositories up his ass, happily claim he feed his secretions (which could spread AIDS) to an infant:


Call me uptight, but why do these f*ckers always… well, remind me of:
comment image


It’s a very real manifestation of ‘lover of self’ behavior.

A real parent would do just about anything to keep their child from pain. (My mom and dad are fucking saints, living proof of that enduring love. By my watch shoulda drown me in the tub at 6-or-so.)

These clowns?
Zero compassion.

The risks of these drugs passing thru to the child aside, AIDS is now on the menu?
He had to have disclosed diagnosis on to his physicians. These “doctors” aren’t fit to be veterinarians.


It’s science, unless we’re talking about the number of genders. 

Black-Owned Business Fair… How would that woman be if they were to hold a “White_Owned Business Fair” in March? 

Your kids aren’t your kids: They’re the “state’s kids” to brainwash and dumb down so they are cognizant enough to be serfs, but not smart enough to argue for their rights or to recognize corruption in government.

I want money: They’re probably thinking, “What did I get myself into.” It’s like that one guy that decided, F* it, and asked for a plane ticket back to his home country. 

Abortion is a man’s issue: It’s on the man to use proper judgment calls, like using birth control, to avoid being in a situation where abortion becomes an option.

Dreamers: I saw a video of a Middle Easterner telling the person filming him… You will find out who we are soon enough. The CCP getting their saboteurs and the radical Muslims getting their “strike the infidel” moment.

Separate and un-equal: Black History month wasn’t supposed to be used that way. If any of the businesses that I frequent decide that they’re only going to give discounts to one race, I would take my business elsewhere. Racism is racism, regardless who is targeted. 

Witches: together with the nose and ear piercing with associated rings, tattoos all over, colored hair, etc., people don’t realize that they’re racing to look like savages.