A Sailor reportedly used ChatGPT to generate his evaluation report

| February 23, 2024

Reddit user “Senor_Rico, took to Navy Reddit and claimed that he trained ChatGPT to generate his evaluation report. He provided his brag sheet to the program, and then watched as an evaluation report was generated.

From the Military Times:

Posting on Navy Reddit last month, one user — known simply as Senor_Rico — claiming to be a sailor reported that he had tamed the wild and unruly AI beast by using ChatGPT to generate his annual performance evaluation.

Completing such documents, also known as an enlisted evaluation report or “brag sheet,” can consume a sailor’s precious time while a swarm of daily tasks continue to mount.

But Senor_Rico claims the ChatGPT application will allow sailors to “feed it a brag sheet” and watch a fresh, automated eval roll off the cyber line, sparkling and ready to submit.

It took two weeks to train ChatGPT to write a brag sheet, Senior_Rico wrote, adding that the AI was first fed older evaluations in order to learn.

Once up to speed, the program, according to the purported sailor, “will turn your brag sheet into a full eval write-up.”

“This is great,” one Reddit user wrote in response. “I’ll be referring my homies to this.”

The Military Times has more information here.

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What do you say….you do here?

— The AI Bobs


The PSG tells me what needs done and I tell the Pvts…….I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS!


Good on the Sailor! I take it that the Navy expects its personnel to write their own evals? If your supervisor does it right in the Army, you receive quarterly NCOER counseling that essentially writes the NCOER itself. In reality, though, it usually boils down to “SGT Hisped, I need bullets for your NCOER by tomorrow.”


Yeah, nothing like having a pissed off E7 give buck Sgt me a blank NCOER and tell me to come up with 3 bullet comments in all of the rated areas. I didn’t even know I had a annual due in like 2 weeks, wasn’t the training room supposed to keep track of that shit and give 90/60/30 day warnos?
Near the end of my second tour I basically wrote all the bullets for my annual with my squad leader “helping” by him saying “yeah yeah, that’s good”. A few months after we got back to home station he hunts me down and says he needs a copy of that NCOER because he’s just going to copy it over for the other team leader in the squad. Sheesh.


We definitely wrote our own evals when I was in. The idea is that as junior sailors come up in the ranks, they’ll eventually be supervising people and will have to be able to submit evals on their subordinates. What better way to learn how to write a proper eval than to write your own and then have to correct the mistakes and make the revisions pointed out by your superiors as it wends it’s way up the COC?

Or at least that was the excuse.

I always got a kick out of it because I’ve always been a fairly accomplished technical writer (I don’t have the imagination or creativity to write a novel, but I’m pretty good at writing factual information competently and cogently). When I submitted my evals they were vetted by senior enlisted who’s writing skills typically were inferior to my own. I’d reluctantly make the corrections they suggested so they’d pass it on up the chain, where the next level would suggest changes, and so on until it finally got to the department head (or CO later in my career). The interesting part is that after making the loop through the chain of command, the final revisions would invariably return it pretty much to what I’d submitted in the first place.


Hack Stone

Before Hack Stone scored that sweet gig as Director of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business, he was a slimy contractor working in the bowels of The Pentagon. He was being presented his performance review by his immediate supervisor, and had to point out all of the spelling errors he wrote.


7+ Army E-Club years and 16+ Army O-Club years and I NEVER received quarterly counseling as “required”.


Yea, but I bet if you checked your division officer record (or whatever you called it in the Army), there was a record of that counseling being completed as dependable as clockwork.


Are you implying that mandatory quarterly NCO counseling would be pencil-whipped and backdated? I’m shocked! Shocked to find out that could be going on!


Most excellent. I mean so long as you aren’t white.

AI bots are explicitly and openly racist against whites. They also have funny ideas about what the founding fathers looked like.



Artificial intelligence has been infected with organic stupidity.

Slow Joe

I suspect the joke will be on Google. As their AI becomes more self-sufficient and interacts with more people its answers to prompts will become more accurate and freer of leftist bias.
These AI systems are self-programable depending of their interactions. No human can control what they “think”, or how they respond.


No way this system can be abused…and we will finally achieve equality amongst all of the services! Everybody becomes the Hero of Macho Grande’!

Next step is to write a program for those pesky DD-214s.


Just add oregano, stir and serve…
comment image

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Eric (The former OC Tanker)

I’ll never get over Macho Grande!


Those wounds run pretty deep….


I just don’t understand. I hate this shit in the corporate world where I have to write my evaluation every year and then a manager looks at it and makes their comments and then it goes to corporate and it means absolutely dog shit..
Same thing with military I ended up writing most of my own EPR’s, and awards and decorations packages.
When I became a section supervisor, and had people as a staff, sergeant and going forward, I made a file folder for every single person’s name that I was managing and every month I told them to write down what they did or on the computer and give me a bullet every month of what they did so that come six months or a year from now when we have to write your performance Evaluation, we’re not sitting here with our thumb in our ass trying to figure what you did eight months ago.
When it came to writing EPR in December, we would stand around before the Christmas party drinking beers and the first one was this is a great Joe and then then second one more beer. This guy is an awesome airman third beer…..we have five or six senior NCOs stand around writing EPRs “This guy is friends with God, and practically canceled him on writing the 10 Commandments,” 4th beer, EPR this airman tells God what to do and God listens, etc. etc. 😂🥹

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone a ChatGPT application to write his performance evaluation as Director of Media Relations. Unfortunately, the software was developed by a proud but humble woman owned software company formerly located on Wilson Lane in Bethesda Maryland, and it caused all of the cell phone services to crash yesterday.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was getting ready to rotate out of III MEF after being there 3 1/2 years. The CWO asked Hack to provide him a list of his accomplishments he did for the Battalion. Hack Stone responded with “If you don’t already know, sir, then I don’t know what to tell you.” Coming up on 24 years since Hack rotated, still waiting on the End of Tour award. If it doesn’t get here by the 25th anniversary, Hack may have to make a phone call.


Gonnna be tough with AT&T down.



Hack Stone

AutoVON. 🥴🤪🙄

Hack Stone

Or maybe send a MARS-Gram.


MARSRADIO phone patch.
Still operating worldwide 24/7


Army-Air Force Guy

30+ years ago my old AIT buddy & I (31C single channel radio operators) both got orders at the end of our German tours: I drew Fort Stewart, and he was sent to the MARS station at Fort Leonard Wood. To say I was jealous was an understatement.

Boiling Mad CPO

I used to write evals for my enlisted guys. I also typed up officers Fit Reps. Some of the reporting seniors had a way with words, good and bad. I kept a file folder of some of the best and re-purposed them for my enlisted. Made my job a little easier.


If you are still active duty, maybe you can use this classic:

“petty offficer [fill name here] is an earthquake among shakers and movers.”


Drag Racing Maniac

My favorite: Has hit rock bottom and continues to dig.

Hack Stone

“He excels at mediocrity.” That was in Paul’s performance review while working at All Points Logistics.


Consistently fails to live up to own low expectations.

This officer is going places, and the sooner he starts, the better.

Would be out of his depth in a puddle.

Has performed all of his duties to his own satisfaction.

Of all of the Soldiers under my command, he is certainly one of them.

I cannot conceive of any national emergency that would require recalling this NCO to active service.


Oh…one more:
He combines the wisdom of youth with the enthusiasm of old age.

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“A Thundering Typhoon of Enthusiasm.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Always gives a mediocre performance under maximum supervision”


I particularly liked

Depriving a village somewhere of an idiot

or at the other end of the spectrum

Promote before sundown.


Works well when supervised by lower enlisted.

Prior Service

I’ve only had to write a couple of my own awards and only provided significant input to one of my evals.

For kicks, one night as a brigade XO in Iraq, I wrote an eval on one of the battalion’s chaplains, who I had never met and couldn’t pick out of a police lineup, while that BN’s XO wrote an eval on my brigade S1. Might’ve helped more than I thought as that S1 was ultimately selected as a brigade commander!


Kinda hard to complain about this one. Evaluations, as implemented by the services, are bullshit anyways.

To add to all the comments about people writing their own evals, I add this: evals are treated as fluff pieces. Like it’s the rating chain’s job to make every NCO look like a fucking rockstar.

More than once, I’ve been questioned about some rater or senior rater comments I put that accurately reflect the substandard conduct of the shitbag I’m rating.

“But but, Grunt, you’re gonna fuck the guy’s career!!”

Me: Yeah? Well, he’s been drunk on duty, likes to get junior enlisted pregnant, etc, etc, maybe he deserves to have his career fucked.


Ah, as I once heard: “Oh, that son of a bitch– does he still like f*cking lieutenants?”


LPO, “AW2Ed, write your eval.”
AW2, “Errr, what?”
LPO, “Have it in by Monday.”
AW2. “Cool. ‘Once Upon a Time, there was a Second Class Petty Officer who walked ABOVE the water…'”


Shit…i wrote my last DCPDS eval with chat GPT…took 75% less time.


Wrote my own evals and bullet points when I was in.
25 years after I got out, I’m still writing my own evaluation, down to the marks.


OK fuckers I’m catching up. I’m only about a week behind in my reading so I’m getting there.

You may appreciate this.