Weekend Open Thread

| February 23, 2024

Back when message boards played a major role for social interaction, one of the ways that moderators tried to keep things “smooth” on the regular forums was to have a flame forum. In this forum, anything went, the community rules for the message board mostly did not apply to this one forum. There was one rule that I remember seeing for such a forum where the moderators told us how they really felt. To paraphrase one of their rules: “If you’re coming to us because you’re getting your a* handed to you, we’re going to tell you to f* off and get a thicker skin.” Those were the good old days. Enjoy your weekend!

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Commissioner Wretched



A Trifecta of WOTs by a trifecta of seconds! DAAAYUUUM! Enjoy a Cong Rat, Good Sir.

Commissioner Wretched

Thanks so much, King!

Slow Joe

Have you guys seen this:

(PROPAGANDA For High School Kids In 1948! Would They Show This Today?)


Hack Stone

Hack will encourage his followers to peacefully and lawfully protest this injustice against the will of the people. You will suffer the wrath of their outrage, from both of them.

Commissioner Wretched

Bring ’em on, Hack. I am ready. (I think.)


Here you go:


I get the feeling that this the walk-on music for both of you followers.🤣


*your* followers.


Cool diddy. You really have a knack for the obscure.


Sometimes I just go where the YouTube algorithm takes me…it’s how I found some kick ass versions of “Drift Away” (Dobie Gray hit single) and “You Win Again” (Hank Williams) performed by John Kay from Steppenwolf from his solo albums.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Missed it by THAT MUCH!
Second, by a second.
Cong-rats to ya, CW.

Commissioner Wretched

Thanks so much!



Hack Stone

Oh, all knowing and wise Magic 8-Ball, in your eternal benevolence this season of Lent, will you please grant Hack Stone First Post on The Weekend Open Thread for February 23, 2024? Magic 8-Ball says…

Hack Stone

Missed it by 6 seconds.

Hack Stone

God must be punishing Hack Stone for listening to Meatloaf on Friday during Lent.

A Proud Infidel®™

It must be that outdated Red Hat Software slowing your computer down!

Hack Stone

What are you talking about? The Commodore 64 that Hack Stone uses to sell Red Hot Software is top of the line. It’s a good thing we went with the rust proof undercoating, because the Vice President of the company has bladder control issues.

Green Thumb

Oh, all knowing and wise Magic 8-Ball: Is Phil Monkress still a turd?

Commissioner Wretched

Holy guacamole, Batman! I got me a three-peat!! A good three seconds faster than Toxie and four seconds faster than the King of Battle. Rest easy, though … all will continue as is. The finest in everything for everybody, by my royal decree!

So I’ll just drop some trivia here and be on my merry way …

When did the Muppets make their first appearance on network television?
By Commissioner Wretched
Copyright © 2024

Valentine’s Day was last week, and I hope the person you’re sweet on remembered.

Candy, flowers, a nice card, maybe even dinner out … the things that make Valentine’s Day special. Sure is nice to get them, isn’t it?

Hmph. Me, I just chalk it up as another day.

This week we have President’s Day for a holiday, so if you’re getting your column fix a day late, blame the guy in the White House. Meanwhile, settle in for some fun reading as the trivia comes your way!

Did you know …

… you can visit a museum dedicated to chocolate? Travel to Barcelona, Spain, and you can stop into the Museu de la Xocolata, or Chocolate Museum. The exhibits trace the history of chocolate, and even feature sculptures made of chocolate. (Which have to be replaced sometimes, I’m sure, thanks to the visitors nibbling on them.)

Commissioner Wretched

… cardinals and ants have a strange relationship? The beautiful red birds will sometimes cover themselves in ants, both living and dead. If you wonder why (and I did), no one is certain, but one theory is that the ants secrete formic acid, and that helps rid the birds of lice. Another theory is that the ants clean up dried oils left over from the cardinals’ preening. What if ants aren’t handy? Well, the birds will sometimes use beetles, coffee or even discarded cigarette butts. (Those are available all over St. Louis, I hear. Obligatory baseball reference made.)

… many of the original rides at Disneyland are still in use? According to Mental Floss, as of 2021, the Jungle Cruise, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Mark Twain Riverboat, Peter Pan’s Flight, and the King Arthur Carousel are still in use in Disneyland, which opened in 1955. (Regular maintenance can do wonders, can’t it?)

… you may have the urge to taradiddle? If you do, you’re apt to be spouting pretentious nonsense. The antiquated term also can be used to describe a trivial lie, better known as a fib. (No taradiddling here, of course!)

… the phrase “sleep tight” has a history? In the 1500s, mattresses were secured to bed frames by ropes, and the sleeper would pull on the ropes to tighten the mattress and make it firmer. The phrase “sleep tight” wishes the sleeper a good night on a firm mattress. (Which is always, always a good thing.)

Green Thumb


I believe the course is taught at All-Points Logistics.

Commissioner Wretched

… the first network television appearance of the Muppets was not on The Ed Sullivan Show? Fans of the delightful puppet characters created by Jim Henson (1936-1990) have long thought that they first appeared on network television on September 18, 1966, on the CBS variety show hosted by Ed Sullivan (1901-1974). But the Muppets had been on television several times before, with their first nationwide appearance coming March 15, 1963, on NBC’s The Jack Paar Program. On that show, a Muppet who would later be Kermit the Frog (wearing a wig) did a three-minute appearance, singing the song “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face.” The proto-Kermit sang to another Muppet covered in a cloth with a face drawn on it, which was eaten by the Muppet revealing a rather gruesome face. Henson had started the troupe of puppets in the 1950s and they made their first-ever TV appearance in a Henson-produced five minute show called Sam and Friends on May 9, 1955 over WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. Additional trivia note: Kermit was originally just a lizard-like character. He didn’t officially become a frog until Henson produced a special called The Frog Prince in 1971, though he was introduced as a frog by Johnny Carson (1925-2005) on The Tonight Show on December 31, 1965.

… birds see everything in total focus? The human eye is globular, and the lens has to adjust to seeing things at varying distances. However, a bird’s eye is more flat, and it can take in everything at once, in a single glance. (Hence the saying, “a bird’s eye view.”)

Commissioner Wretched

… people facing execution can have strange senses of humor? For instance, check the last request of one James W. Rodgers (1910-1960), who was executed by firing squad in Utah. Asked his last request, Rodgers quipped, “A bulletproof vest.” Or perhaps you could look at one James D. French (1936-1966), who said to the assembled reporters as he was being strapped into Oklahoma’s electric chair, “Hey fellows, how’s this for your headline? French fries.”

… wild turkeys have been known to surround a dead animal in the road, like cultists after a sacrifice? (Raising a glass of Wild Turkey, no doubt.)

… a full one-fourth of the population of the world lives on less than $200 a year? (Fortunately, I’m not one of them, though it does feel like that sometimes.)

… the typical tax evader in the United States is male? He’s also under the age of 50, in the highest tax bracket, and files a particularly complicated tax return. This fiend’s most common method of tax evasion is overstatement of charitable contributions – primarily church donations. (I’m not in there, of course, since I’m not in anybody’s definition of a high tax bracket.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the first woman to run for President of the United States did so in 1872? Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) ran for the office under the banner of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. The irony is, of course, that at the time, women were not able to vote in federal elections, and it would be almost 50 years before a Constitutional amendment allowed all women the right to do so. Woodhull’s campaign was not illegal, however – there were no laws preventing women from running for office, even that of the President.

… Canada has a Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve? (That makes an odd kind of sense, if you ask me.)

… artists in Mexico can pay their taxes using their created art instead of money? (Can you imagine if they let writers do that here? I could just … ah, no use dreaming, I suppose.)

Now … you know!


Another Crown Jewel, Treasure Trove of Trivia, Good Sir! Worthy of a King’s Ransom. Our Thanks, indeed, My Liege!

Hack Stone

Eleven years ago this evening, Hack Stone’s death warrant was signed by the Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software to the Federal Government. One of you betrayed Hack by setting up his assassination by a team of crackhead killers who dabble in dentistry. And during Lent, no less. The Judas among you sold his soul for what he thought was thirty pieces of silver, but only ended up with thirty copies of AOL Dial Up Internet Access discs. Etta, Bluto.


A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, and NONE of the Dutch Rudder gang EVER found me. I bet we still live rent-free in their heads!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is still contemplating reaching out to the guy in Germantown Maryland who Dallas Wittgenfeld claimed was the true identity of Hack Stone. The guy is probably still wondering what the hell Wittgenfeld was talking about.

A Proud Infidel®™

Some guy, what was his name – oh yeah, Bernath accused a number of people of being me and was still wrong as hell the day he and his plane went *CRASH!*.

Green Thumb

Dallas Wittgenfeld.

Forgot about that loser.

What a turd.


I remember Wittgenfeld claiming that he’d finally identified one or another of the folks here, only to be laughed into retreat.
And the Dutch Rudder Gang was always ‘coming’ – Jonn’s rifle never got a peek at a one of them.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone stands corrected, it was late February 2015, not 2013, so it is only 9 years since Hack Stone was supposed to die.

The day after Hack Stone’s girlfriend was shot in “the fucking face” by a team of crack assassins wielding blowtorches and pliers, Hack Stone requested, and was denied bereavement leave by the Vice President of the proud but humble woman owned business. He said something about not caring who shot whom, it was all hands on deck to close the pending sale of AOL 56KB dial up software to an Amish community in Charles County Maryland. Good news is that sale went through, the bad news was that they paid in homemade butter.


Open Thread!!

The Frontier Partisans Podcast: Episode 56 — Tales of the Rangers, Part VI — The Road to Mexico City


Amateur Historian

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. Today, I will be talking and sharing videos about the Japanese kamikazes. Kamikazes were and maybe still are difficult for a western mind to understand, with most, if not all, westerners thinking of them as crazy (which they were). As it turns out, when the Japanese first implemented kamikazes, there was actually a method to their madness. But after American Air Defense figured out how to deal with this new threat(and they figured it out quickly. ), the Japanese stuck to this tactic with only their madness remaining (they had banked on the shock value being enough to dissuade the Americans from attempting the invasion of Japan proper and to give up the fight.). After implementation, kamikaze attacks would sink additional ships, with Okinawa being the worst. But American Air Defense was successful in protecting ships which were vital to the mission and the ships lost from Leyte onward were easily replaceable. Japan kept on with this tactic though. Goes to show, madness is par for the course when your government uses your faith, which you believe strongly in, to coerce you (to varying degrees) to go and die for your government. Add to that some hijacked martial principles from a warrior code that used to be followed by what can be considered your country’s knights, and now your culture and society is a death cult. Here is Potential History’s video on the subject, followed by the Imperial War Museums:

Amateur Historian

Imperial War Museums:

Amateur Historian

Right, so I had initially intended to post this topic alongside another one, but, considering the subject matter of the topic, I’ve decided that it requires more research, thought, effort, time, and video hunting for me to be able to post about it. The topic is a little heavy. But, hey, I feel it’s definitely worth it. Good news is I’m no longer sick and my work has managed to find some sanity, so I’m optimistic for the near future. Have a great weekend!


We have suicide bombing f*ckers in this day and age– not much different, really, except for the explosive vest instead of an A6M Zero.

Amateur Historian

True, except kamikazes didn’t go after civilian targets.

Amateur Historian

But same concept.

Dennis - not chevy

I was just told the 4th ID patch depicts 4 2Lt’s pointing north with a PFC with a compass in the middle. Is this true?


Today is also the anniversary of the Iwo Jima flag raising.

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY, top 20-sump’n and I award myself yet another Honorary First.


Epstein did not kill himself.
Phildo Monkress still gets boo-koo amounts of our tax dollars off of his false claims of being a former USN SEAL as well as Native American.
Many politicians are profiting nicely off of the war in Ukraine, especially the Bidens.

Green Thumb


Dennis - not chevy

Now correct me if I’m wrong – I won’t take offense. Looking at the pictures I see him wearing BDU’s Marine Corps style. I believe the Marines stopped using the BDU’s in 2002; however, BDU’s were briefly reintroduced in 2011 for some USMC unit(s). In 2012 everyone stopped wearing BDU’s and went to digital type uniforms. If the picture is recent, I’d like some explanation concerning the uniform. BDU’s are for sale all over the innerwebz.


Flames forums…

Nearly 20 years ago I discovered a little forum called Livingwithstyle (LWS). It was up there with Somethingawful and other forums in terms of active users, and the gimmick was that activity on the board earned you Style Points that could be redeemed for various things. I never got into all of that but did get a knit cap made by the founder’s (David Chapman, aka TGO, or The Gun Owner) mother. Anyway, I stayed out of Flames and mostly in The Great Outdoors subforum, eventually becoming a Moderator there and on the gun forum. Something for everyone, yada yada yada. TGO eventually founded Zoints, which he hoped would take off as a collective of forums with a shared online social platform. He sold LWS, the new owner made changes that were unpopular, and the Flames community revolted and caused him to shut the site down. Zoints itself never took off, though I was an Admin and Mod on a few different forums.

Those were fun days, but internet forums are mostly a remnant of the past now. I never have gotten onboard with modern social media or large forum-esque sites like Reddit.


That interweb forum model doesn’t really fit a milblog, especially this one. TAH is pretty self-policing which makes my life that much easier.
I did shit-can an obvious troll comment today, and have noted the author. I may be a benevolent dictator, but I’m still a dictator.


Didja sic yore dog on the troll?


No need, but the ears are perked. If the troll was more interesting I might have approved it. I like a good flame war just as much as any Delta Whiskey here.

Hack Stone

Viewer Alert! At 20:00 (Eastern) tonight, the Pluto TV Streaming Service will be broadcasting the Ultimate Male Bonding Flick Classic, Brian’s Song, on the 70’s Cinema Channel.



Present & unaccountable.

A couple of thoughts though.

Things have been… interesting… (as in the old Chinese curse) around the GB Compound the last couple of months. And it has given me a look at the “known to law enforcement” tag that sometimes pops up in news stories. And a better appreciation of what those LEOs are doing or trying to do concerning the individual(s) “known to law enforcement.”

There is a neighbor, unrelated to anyone else in the near AO, who has gone through a series of crises over the last year or so. In brief, he has lost his wife and kids, his business has tanked, and he’s down. Unfortunately, this has precipitated, or revealed, some mental instabilities. The most alarming manifestations of which is he thinks there are trespassers on his property at night, and “they” are trying to take his land from him. In response, he has called the sheriff a couple of times, and taken to wandering his property shooting randomly around. This can be at 2300 hours or 0300 hours. It can range from spaced shots, to mag dumps. And usually it sounds like long arms.

One of our other neighbors has had rounds fly near his house repeatedly. He has heard them pass. Favorite First Daughter-in-law had one pass by her at least once.



We have had to have the sheriff’s deputies out several times. Finally one neighbor found where a round had impacted an oak on his property, providing proof of where the rounds are going.

I spoke to one of the team who responded the night before we found the proof. He was obviously frustrated with the boy, and afraid that he’d hurt someone before we got him the help he needs (whether he will accept it is another matter). The deputy was at pains to explain what they could do, and what they were trying to do – but the protections against malicious persecution cut both ways. They could not do something until they had the proof(s) they needed. We found out further that the guy’s father was “known to law enforcement” as a drug user/dealer. The mental instability may be genetic, psychotic, chemical, or some combination of the three.

After our neighbor found the impact site on his tree, they had a full team out to arrest the mentally unstable guy, ‘policed’ the field looking for casings, impounded his guns and gun case until his case is deposed. We’re supposed to report any more shots fired regardless of time of day (which puts a crimp in everyone’s target practice).


If, before the trial, the fellow “known to law enforcement” were to hurt someone then the news would report that fact – without the background that the LEOs are doing what they can within the parameters of the law that protect all of us.

The next time you read that a bad guy was “known to law enforcement” it may just be they were doing everything they could within the bounds of the law to deal with him, but he didn’t get caught crossing the line until that point.

Y’all have a great weekend.


Sir David Attenborough on Nature, PBS at its finest.




“…half blind, half deaf” and totally retarded.

TYVM. I needed that.


Better late than never. On Travel and nursing a back injury. I’d rather go to South Carolina vote for Biden and then go to Washington and change his diapers.
Other than that I’m managing it’s getting better and 12 hours so instead of feeling like it was in a car accident accident I feel like I was recovering from a street fight. 😂

I love all you douche bags and go fuck yourself. Smoochy smoochy have a good rest of the weekend.


Insubordinate, lying, corrupt Alex “the Rat” Vindman went on MSDNC the other day. He says Trump “invited Putin to attack NATO” and that Trump contributed to “the assassination of Navalny.” Proving once again that chronic TDS is incurable. I guess he forgot about Biden’s invitation that a Russian “minor incursion” into Ukraine would be OK with his Obamunist regime.


I wish Vindman would’ve taken the job of Ukrainian defense minister when it was allegedly offered. He’d either be dead or rotting in a Ukrainian prison because you just KNOW his pudgy ass wouldn’t be able to help but get involved in some crooked dealings. Fuck him and his whole family.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO it’s not TDS, it’s trump Acceptance resistance Disorder, TARD for short, and many of those stricken with it make themselves Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder Operatives, TARDOs for short!


In other news, Trump spanked Nikki in her home state,

I wonder, in the process of doing so, did he ask “who’s your daddy”.


Another Phony “Colonel”, from over a century ago.

A large benefactor of early Los Angeles, California.
Shot his wife in the face in 1903, while on “vacation”,
and served less than 2 years in prison for this.

Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory are named after him.


Green Thumb

Distant relations of Phil Monkress, I assume.


Green Thumb,
Or the ancestors of the Battle of Mayberry.
Or this town founder.

Hack Stone

This guy is definitely All Points Logistics material.

That photo of the helicopter evacuating people on the rooftop in Saigon will trip you up every time. That building was not the US Embassy.


Green Thumb

He moved out of the area….to Merritt Island, Florida.

Probably serves as a greeter or such for All-Points Logistics.

I wonder if the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress makes this loser call him (Phildo) Phildo -Sir?”

Hack Stone

His confusion is understandable. The terrain, weather and population of West Germany and Viet of The Nam are so similar.

Green Thumb

I am curious if the flag is now flying atop All-Points Logistics at their Merritt Island, FL HQ?

Lori Benton may have had to sue to get it back….

A Proud Infidel®™

I was watching TV during dinner with Mrs. A Proud Infidel®™ when sone damned bleeding heart anti-gun political ad came on from an outfit calling itself “The Sandy Hook Promise”, WTF possesses people to dance on children’s graves for money and attention like that?

Mike B

What yall don’t issue “Thin Skin Repair Kits”?

I know the Air Force issued them to us at one point, I might still have mine packed away!

USAF Retired


Scranton Times-Tribune – Scranton, PA

[“Teddy, on the other grubby hand,
uses his honorable service in combat
as cover for conning gullible fellow Americans into believing
the collapse of our society is imminent
and that paying for his ‘insider knowledge’ and overpriced products
is their families’ best chance of survival.

Inventing ‘endorsements’ from Trump and Joe Rogan
to sell doomsday food buckets at astronomical prices
is about as low as a combat hero can go.”]

Chris Kelly Opinion: It’s doomsday! Teddy has your bucket

  • Kelly’s World
  • Feb 25, 2024