Psychiatrist that wanted 25th Amendment ouster against Donald Trump not concerned about Joe Biden

| February 18, 2024

Bandy X. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist, was among those who advocated the use of the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump. However, after a Justice Department report came out that did not showcase Biden’s cognitive abilities in a positive light, Lee claimed that this was different. She argued that cognitive decline is normal with age. However, her argument for applying the amendment against Trump depended on the Mueller Report.

From The Daily Signal:

The report Hur released on Feb. 8 said Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen” at his home and office. However, Hur said he would not seek charges because Biden would appear to a jury to be an “elderly man with a poor memory” and because his “diminished faculties” make it less likely he intentionally violated the law.

The Hur report says Biden “did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended … and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began.” The report also stated: “He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died.”

After the report, several Republican lawmakers called for using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, just as several Democrats pushed for using the amendment to remove Trump from the presidency.

“Cognitive decline is a normal part of aging, from early-to-middle adulthood onward,” Lee, who taught at Yale School of Medicine and Yale Law School for 17 years before working at Columbia University and Harvard Medical School, told The Daily Signal in a statement Wednesday.

“While it may seem dramatic or concerning to the public, very high levels of cognitive decline can be present without affecting fitness for duty, as long as self-awareness is unaffected,” Lee said.

The Daily Signal provides additional information to this story.

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“forensic psychiatrist”

The grown up version of fairy princess.


“Forensic” just means she is a fake mind reader who whore’s out her testimony in court.


And not this sensible either:

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So I was wondering today how many chances you get on nuclear launch codes before the system locks you out? Just in case there was somebody with a poor memory and access to nuclear launch codes. Also how many chances do you get to cancel the launch in case somebody trips and hits the wrong button and launches missiles? Just in case they needed to hastily cancel a launch.

In a risk assessment matrix, I would put this at a low probability event, with the end of civilization and the death of most living things on the planet as a likely outcome.

Green Thumb

Self-aggrandizing, hypocritical cunt.


“very high levels of cognitive decline can be present without affecting fitness for duty”? Maybe if you are doing a menial task. Does anyone think that if during your Presidential campaign you listed that as an asset anyone would vote for you?

Democrats keeping raising the bar on stupidity.


They have to raise the bar high enough that FJB doesn’t hit himself in the head when he shuffles under it.

Perhaps Jill and his enablers will also be arrested and charged for elder abuse. The evidence is overwhelming.


The evidence is overwhelming.” To us, yes…to his handlers? Not to where they will admit it. The only evidence that these domestic despots will admit to is that the (s)election of sniffy creepy was a good way for the JEF to have a 3rd term and to continue to “…fundamentally change the face of America.”

If you haven’t already done so…then you need to…Prepare. In sniffy/creepy’s own words he warned us “…it will get worse…”



comment image?resize=525%2C388&ssl=1


Phuque heem (and them) indeed.


But she IS a doktor and she expects to be referred to by her bo-peep diploma.


Left/libtards’ only principle is to have it their way– standards apply only to their opponents, never their own.


Her license, if she has one, should be pulled.

Green Thumb

Interesting thought.

Unsure of her state affiliation or State Licensing Board, but they (SLB) do have (most anyway) a mandate to field ethical claims / complaints.

Adjudication processes will differ, for sure. Ex: State vs Federal, etc. But they do have an obligation to take a look if the behavior in question runs afoul of SLB MD protocols.


Her Connecticut medical license had lapsed when she violating professional ethics. IIRC, she also lost her teaching job with Yale.


Aw, I’m all broken-up. /sarc

Green Thumb

State SLBs and Federal Oversight boards ain’t always on the same page.

Just and observation.




Did she ever get her medical license reinstated? At the time she was diagnosing someone without ever having examined them she was also practicing witchcraft without a valid license.

Professional licenses are for little people.


Barbers? Need a license. Drive a school bus? License. Witchcraft and apparently some medical professions? We don’t need no stinkin license.


Tennessee is working on getting rid of foolish licensing for working people like hair washing in salon. I can’t remember the various occupations that came up some form of regulation that is absurd.

Hell, I don’t know if you need a license to wash dishes in a restaurant but there are requirements for “food handlers” permits.

Some other bizarre situations include dine and dash:

However, in certain states, dining and dashing is a criminal issue. In Mississippi, it is a felony offense to refuse to pay a bill over $25.00.

Wikipedia › wiki › Dine_and_dash

Fauxcahontas Warren’s law license was issued in New Jersey. In NJ, if you fail to renew you license, you have to requalify. There is no such thing as an inactive law license… and she was never licensed in Massachusetts. The Board of Overseers came up with a work around to cover for her unethical lack of professional standards.

Even the ‘Bamas had let their Illinois licenses “lapse”. (or something worse)


Licensing is just a way to separate more money from those who want to be self employed. Barbers and hair stylists won’t be in business long if they suck at it. Dog groomer? Is there a safety issue that needs to have required training? Most people know not to get hands and fingers near the business end.

Hack Stone

Do you need a license to provide instruction to qualify for a concealed carry license in Tennessee? Asking on behalf of Thomas “Turd” Bolling of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency.


Don’t know, never lived there, but they offer reciprocity with Texas and Texas does require instruction including live fire.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just where did she get her diploma, from a box of Lucky Charms cereal?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It was in a crackerjack box API that she got her diploma.

Green Thumb

You mistyped- you mean All-Points Logistics (APL).

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I guess that she takes her orders from the biden 1000 year 4th Reich Reichstag …..

Major Tuddy

Both Trump and Biden need to retire. What we need is a Gen-X President, like DeSantis. Make Rand Paul the veep; the ticket would be unstoppable.

Age is not intrinsically a bar; HM Queen Elizabeth II of the UK proved that an elderly Head of State can function well. However, cases like hers are very much the exception. There needs to be an age limit in the Constitution. Mandatory retirement for all Federal officials, both elected and appointed, at age 70.


Queen Elizabeth was the very definition of “Tough old Broad”, and I mean that as a compliment, with all the respect I can muster.


The Queen also personally owned a McDonald’s franchise (as such, not via her household) at Kensington Gardens, I understand, because she liked it… I’m sure Chuck III, as her heir, is going “What the bloody hell?!” about it now.

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For every year over 70, their pension gets reduced by 5%. But why would they care. They’ve already made enough to never need a pension.

Slow Joe

Three issues with your obvious attack on President Trump.

1) Trump is perfectly clear and reasonable in his thought processes and have shown no sign of mental decline, unlike Biden.

2) Technology keeps improving and lifespan continues to grow, though slowly. At some point in the future people will be able to live to 150 and more, so why put on the Constitution something that only applies to today? What happens when 70 is a healthy middle aged person? We already has term limits on the Presidency, we only need to extend these to EVERY political position in our gruberment.

3) The queen was not the Prime Minister of the UK, but merely the ceremonial head of state, who is expected to stay out of politics. Even Joe Biden could do that job. Maybe. Nah, FJB cannot even do that.

Slow Joe

So, Major Tuddy, in case it wasn’t clear, I am voting for President Trump no matter what’s the October surprise the Democrats are preparing. There is absolutely nothing that can change my mind.


My girlfriends mother just turned 103 in November.
She looks awful but is in good health and still keeps a close
eye on her daughter. Age is no barrier to leadership, legal
or otherwise.

Major Tuddy

Slow Joe,

Firstly, your username suits you well.

Secondly, you misspelled ‘President Biden’ in your post. Yes, he is the legitimate POTUS; no, the election was not stolen. Get and stay over it.

Thirdly, I voted for Trump both times. I more than likely will again if the GOP nominates him. I am simply pointing out that it’s time for the Boomer generation to step aside and let Gen-X take over. I would like to think that my suggesting President DeSantis would be proof of that.

“Obvious attack on President Trump” 🙄 Want some crackers to go with that whine, snowflake?

Ah, well…enjoy your weekend, I guess.



I’d say it’s a legitimate spelling. We had FDR, JFK, LBJ, and now, FJB.

Major Tuddy

While I agree with the FJB thing in spirit, it’s also true that profanity is the sign of a weak mind attempting to express itself forcefully.

We’re better than that.


We’re better than that.


Fuck that shit.


Not always. Thanks for playing.


I just like the way those pretty cuss words look and sound.


Besides, using them makes the angry voices in my thinking meat tell me less bad things to do.


I just poke the angry voices with a Q-tip until they shuttup. Persistent little fuckers.


Seems like we got another (former) major that swoops in now and again that likes to open his comment with some type of personal attack. Wonder if they’re kin?


Birds of a feather and all that. He can’t fuck with Joe like that, only we can fuck with Joe like that!


“Firstly, your username suits you well”.
Be better than that, Major.

Slow Joe

Major Tubby,

1) Thank you for your compliments on my handle. Only people who suffer from the same disadvantages notice it.

2) I didn’t misspell President FJB’s name. Many other Presidents have been known by their initials.

3) You didn’t vote for Trump. I might be slow, but not slow enough to misread your intentions. Your candidate, FJB, sucks and therefore your best move now is to attack both FJB and President Donald John Trump on the grounds of age and get both disqualified. Smart move. But it aint gonna work with this uneducated slow joe.

Hack Stone

Totally different scenario between Donald Trump’s mental ability and Joe Biden’s. With Joe Biden he is not the person actually setting policy.

Bubblehead Ray

Obligatory HotW, Pt 1 continueposting:


Why, yes…Yes it is…Good to be The King…
comment image


Field chow ain’t gonna eat itself, I guess.

Got another for your files.

Yer welcome.


Mistakes happened.

Wife just got home.


She only asked that you limit your purchase of guns…she didn’t make mention of what size they could be. “Grab Old Nap and the Parrot, boys, and come with me…there’s a division of those people over there we need to hold up.” Major John “The Gallant Young” Pelham.


She’s already authorized an indirect piece for when I’m done building her a house.

Sometimes one has jus’gotta say “yes ma’am” and move out smartly!


FIRST Class Bling!


“Oh, he’s fine, just an old doddering fool…”


as long as self-awareness is unaffected

Thank God that Biden is well known for his staggering levels of high self-awareness. 🙄


Don’t know if this has been shared, don’t know how I missed this.
Also fodder for the Sunday roll?

Grateful the memesmyth did show the ween.


Another and I’m done.

(The wiff and I are watching Better Call Saul right now and boy am I impressed. It’s a little rough in the content department so if you range more conservative in viewing preferences, there’s your warning. NO SPOILERS, please!)