Department of Veterans Affairs pushes for more Black Veterans to be labeled mentally disabled

| February 18, 2024

The VA wants more Black Veterans to be labeled mentally disabled. Black Veterans have a higher percentage of receiving disability compensation benefits compared to White Veterans. The VA report also pointed out that Black Veterans have lower grant rates than White Veterans. The VA declared its intention to reduce the grant rate gap between Black Veterans and White Veterans.

From American Military News

On Wednesday, the Biden administration released a report titled “Equity Assessment and Action Steps for Mental Health Compensation Benefits,” which noted that the rate of disability payments for mental health conditions for black veterans is almost double the rate of disability payments for mental health conditions for white veterans. The Biden administration claimed that the VA needs to take additional steps to increase the number of black veterans who receive disability payments in the name of “equity.”

“A higher percentage of Black Veterans currently receive disability compensation benefits than white Veterans for mental health conditions (21.7% vs. 12.7%),” the report stated. “On average, Black Veterans also apply for disability compensation at higher rates and receive slightly higher disability ratings from VA than white Veterans. However, Black Veterans have lower grant rates than white Veterans for mental health conditions (70.3% vs. 76.0%).”

The report explained that the VA will take “immediate and aggressive action” to remove the gap between grant rates for black veterans in order to “ensure that Black Veterans get the benefits they deserve.”

According to The Daily Wire, the Biden administration’s emphasis on increasing the number of black veterans who are granted mental disability compensation pushes the narrative of black veterans having a slightly lower grant rate than white veterans while completely ignoring the fact that a significantly higher percentage of black veterans receive disability compensation benefits for mental health conditions compared to white veterans.

American Military News, The VA Report on Mental Health Assessments, and The Daily Wire provide additional information on this story.

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Old tanker

It’s not a case of the South rising again, it’s more like the South is bringing the plantation mentality back courtesy of gaslighting. This is just the “massa” taking care of all his “chilluns” who just are not capable of functioning without “massa’s” benevolent charity. There is no need to thank “massa” except by continuing to vote demokrat, so “massa” can keep all his “chilluns” beholding to him / her”.

Why is it so many do not see the process of keeping the folks dependent rather than functioning adults.

Hack Stone

Hack saw an article of Fox News website this morning addressing doing away with Algebra in the California School System in the name of equity. Can’t wait for the results of zero African Americans pursuing degrees in engineering since they never learned algebra and the Woke Left crying racism. What policies have the Woke Left regarding “equity” that have actually improved the lives and future earning potential of minorities, excluding Asians as they are considered White since they seem to improve their living standards each generation. Hack cannot understand how African Americans allow the Woke Left commit this genocide against them. If you have any doubt, look how much they funnel to Planned Parenthood.


I think you understand the root of the problem.


‘Let your X be X and your Y be Y.’

A certain kind of evil bees afoot.


I see what you did there…

Hack Stone

Maybe they can make Algebra more relatable, like “solve for Malcolm X”.


Ah….nothing like a day trip to Planned Parenthood to bring out the kid in ya!


Well played


Margaret Sanger smiles.


Here’s what progressive left/libtards absolutely DON’T want developed in people:

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Here we go again trying to divide the races.


Democrats gonna democrat:

An Old Arty Sgt

Sorry for my rant. This is one of my pet peas.

The VA contracts the C & P exams out. It’s not about what’s wrong with the veteran, it’s about how well you and the doctor get along. There are two contractors in the Kansas City area both are only in this for the money.

One flies in doctors from out of state for a few days to do exams. While the only want veterans to drive to Omaha (150 miles away) and do several exams in one day. They even send travel pay BEFORE you go.

Most doctors can only go by what the veteran states. If the veteran complaints about something, mental, there is no “set in stone” behavior. It’s when veteran claim “TBI or PTSD” from combat and they have never been in combat. The VA is gives service connected disability approval to anyone, non veterans too. It’s called Stolen Valor. They need to start investigating these claims. No one wants to know.

I personally know two cases, one a soldier claimed PTSD from combat and never seen combat, was kicked out of the Army on a General Discharge. The other a Marine discharged on a medical with 14 yr, no combat, claiming PTSD from action in Iraq.

BEFORE GRANTING ANYTHING, Someone needs to review military records. Request the veteran military service records from the National Archives for his assignments.

Seems good actors get 100 % SC while holding a full time job, driving, running, playing sports. That’s not 100 % disabled.

If you are 100 % for PTSD, it means you are taking drugs to help you cope with it. Which means you cannot drive while using these drugs. Which means you have trouble being employed which means you could need someone to look in on you.

The VA needs to start investigation these claims, match the veteran service records to his claim.

Green Thumb

General Discharge = Shitbag.

Green Thumb


But that ain’t what I am talking about.

And I think all of those were cleared up, were they not?

An Old Arty Sgt

The General discharge was for a pattern of misconduct. Didn’t deploy with unit and got in several incidents off base. Also messed around with the spouses of deployed members.


Yup, sh*tbag.

Prior Service

Maybe I should recall my claims file and change how I identify before they process it.


It gotta be true?


Let’s see, fake negro and face jungle fatigue patches. In four years in airborne units, I never saw a buck sgt with master parachutist wings. Moreover, in the bush in Vietnam, no one had patches other than the US Army on their jungle fatigues. That is because we all pulled fatigues out of a bag that was thrown off the Huey. They had nothing on them. As an O-3, guess who didn’t wear rank in the bush?


We had some E5 master blasters, they gave up nights and weekends chasing SJM/AJ slots. It helps when senior NCO’s would volunteer their own slot to the E5.


I’m guessing that was after the Vietnam times. I think that during rgr69’s time, he would see “Shake-n-bake” E-5s that had just enough time to get Basic Airborne, Ranger School, off to Vietnam, and back on the street in 2 years. Not much chance to get Master Blaster on that timeline.


You are correct. And in my unit in Germany I never saw an NCO with masterblaster wings that was less than a SSG. Same for junior officers. Now, there may have been one who was busted from E-6 or E-7. Also making master parachutist required a number of jumps that were impossible to obtain in Germany because of the weather. We had a great deal of difficulty just getting in the jumps required for pay.


And most of my E-5’s were NCOC shake and bakes.


What is morer wronger: being ‘a functioning adult’ in a dysfunctional system, or being a dysfunctional individual in a well-ordered system?

Where are we now? Where are we going?

This is Diogenes (image below); counterfeiter, politician harasser, slave, exilee, tax cheat, public masticator and masturbater, etcetc.

His life a testament to the insanity of a sovereign man living in a confused and broken state, his self-sabotage as a critique of that state, its arbitrary power to seemingly assign status.

Or, was he just a drunk asshole homeless guy ‘sitting on a park bench….’?

I see the utility of Diogenes’ middle finger.

They want “black nutbags”, they shall find them. And we shall all sup at the fetid fete in the name of faux equity.

But we will hear crickets from the ‘N-Double-A’ folks and the Caucus of Melaninated Congresscritters because this is what all systems want… Regardless of stripe, one must own their status.

If it is all about the cheddar, you go right ahead my Brothers & Sisters. Just know this ‘white devil’ system treats us all with distain.

There’s your/our warning.


Why grandpa avoided the VA.

Green Thumb


So stupid.

Curious as to the breakdown along combat arms, CS and CSS?

A Proud Infidel®™

They’re advertising “MO’ free shit!” and not expecting it to be abused, gee whiz.


I knew renaming the bases would bring about important changes.


It’s “for the greater good,” you know.


I need you to face the wall, we’d offer you a cigarette but you took those away ‘for the greater good’.

May God have mercy on your souls.

Ready. Aim! FIRE!


Oh, FFS! I don’t think that Sheldon Cooper can do the math on this. The common denominator her is that our grubermint is FUBAR and the VA is even more so. Hell, I got PTSofD and mental issues from just trying to figure this article out. I need today’s Ms Thang Gunz Gurlz to fetch me a Cold Beer.

Again…you want to fix the grubermint/VA problems? Make all Kongress Kritters be under the same system as Vets.


Some members of the FSA are just more adept and determined to milk every government benefit system for all it’s worth.


Would that make these vets disqualified from owning guns, or getting potential jobs in fields they have learned? Not many folks look to hire mentally disabled folks because of the problems they could possibly bring.

Are they legitimately disabled, or just looking for free shit regardless of what they get labled.

Skivvy Stacker

Seems to me that Richard Pryor had an LP out back in the 70s called “That N***er’s Crazy”.

Just thought of it for some reason.


I see your Richard Pryor and raise you a Red Foxx: