Thursday thoughts – Lowe, Bush, Afrika, and China

| February 1, 2024

Jack Lowe, a high school kid I believe I saw mentioned in these pages, was made an Honorary Marine last fall – he had wanted to be a Marine all his life but last year was diagnosed  with a serious bone cancer. The Marines made him an Honorary Marine, as he was physically unable to go on active duty.

His battle with his illness reflects his heroism and he showed his support for the Marine Corps throughout his life. His professional career changed when his path crossed with the Marine Corps, leading him to establish the Semper Fi Fund. He was a hope and help to service members and their families facing challenges like injury, and serious illness in combat aftermath.  DEKH news

Sadly, Jack passed last Friday at the age of 17.


Cori Bush (D-MO)  (upper left in the twunts pictured) who has been accused of paying hundreds of $thousands for “security” to her (unlicensed) husbands ‘security firm’ is officially under investigation by the Justice Department.

Congresswoman says she believes in ‘highest levels of integrity’ and ‘transparency’ as she decries what she said were rightwing attacks.  The Guardian

We’ve spoken of her before. I believe her response last time was the non-response

“You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? You want to see me die? You know, because that could be the alternative,” she responded.  The Hill

Mayorkas facing impeachment, Bush investigated.  Fun, but talk to me when we see convictions.


And some things you just can’t make up. After invading Ukraine due to its Nazi/fascist influence (remember when Putin said that? ) time has passed. Matter of fact, even the head of Putin’s mercenaries frequently seen in Africa, the Wagner group,was Arkanicided/Putincided died in a plane wreck, leaving Putin somewhat lacking there. Never fear, Putin is organizing a new mercenary group to take their place.

Bloomberg said Vladimir Putin’s government was looking to take advantage of the demise of the Wagner group, which operated extensively in several countries on the continent.

The new group is called the Africa Corps and shares its name with the Nazi forces which fought in North Africa in the Second World War.  Telegraph

A little tone deaf but Putin isn’t being shy abut his ambitions. Erwin Rommel was not available for comment.

And in one of the few encouraging pieces of news, China is reputedly having a wee word with Iran suggesting they back the hell off a bit.

Chinese officials reportedly are pressuring Iran to rein in attacks by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels on commercial ships in the Red Sea or risk harming their business relations with Beijing.

“Basically, China says: ‘If our interests are harmed in any way, it will impact our business with Tehran. So tell the Houthis to show restraint’,” one Iranian official briefed on the talks told Reuters.  Fox News

If it works, that would be nice. Iran’s biggest overseas trade partner is China, so one would hope China has the stroke to convince the Iranians to quit messing around in the body of water that most likely transits 100% of China’s trade.Sure would be  even nicer if they would have a chat with Fatty da Kim, too, but by now I suspect they  don’t want to risk the loss of face they would incur if they tried and his response was “I have my own nukes now, y’all can go pound sand.

However, you might note who Japan’s biggest trading partner was in 1940.




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I was getting kinda misty with the first story but the second story cheered me that one of the Squad is being investigated.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, Cori Bush said in a couple of interviews she has experienced death threats and attempts to kill her have happened, but there’s not a single police report or anything else that substantiates her claim.

Like the other 4 in the group, she’s a lying scrunt imbecile.


Not only that, if she had death threats she should have reported them to the Secret Service. Who then would have gone out and found out who it was and then arrested them, which is what they do for a living and they’re very good at it. But none of that ever happened.

USMC Steve

Not only one. The Somali illegal alien is getting put under the microscope for several things as well. They could have shitcanned her several years ago if they had gotten off their asses and done what needed to be done. Immigration fraud that was not all that concealed exists, and one cannot marry their brother, here or there.

Forest Bondurant
Skivvy Stacker

Now I gotta divorce my sister…will the heartbreaks never end????


You from Georgia too?

Forest Bondurant

(Reminds me of that scene in Joe Dirt: “Cant you just pretend Im your sister?!”)


Let me guess. The Afrika Corps will use as a symbol, a palm tree with superimposed Z.


And one can take a gander at the flag of the “Donbas Seperatists” for further amusement.


Rest Easy, Young Sir. Betcha that Chesty Puller himself met you at your new Duty Station. Little bit dusty in here.

“You want me to die?” Let’s just say I will read your obit with great satisfaction.

You reckon that Pootin read the Magnificent Bastard’s Book? If so he may want to study up on Ol’ Blood and Guts too.

Would be interesting if the Hooties hit a Chynese Commie flagged ship and the cargo was lost. Oops 😅

BlueCord Dad

My condolences to the family of Jack Lowe. He sounds like an outstanding young man taken way too soon. However DEKH News needs to up their research game. The Semper Fi Fund was established in 2003.

Forest Bondurant

My sentiments exactly. Thank you.


If China can get Iran to back off in the Red Sea, that says a lot about our Wasta:
Message will be that Iran fears China but not the U.S.
That would be a huge win for China and discredit U.S.


Her question:

“You would rather me die? Is that what you want to see? You want to see me die? You know, because that could be the alternative,”

Answer: – gonna happen sooner or later. Wouldn’t mind if I outlive you. Just might happen.


I don’t like Putin the man is a rotten fuck but at least he seems to care about his country and put it first. I won’t argue about about his narcissistic tendencies or if he’s a good man. I’m just pissed that our present leadership seems to hate us and wants to destroy our country and its history and traditions. Please don’t get caught up in the semantics of a possible third party candidate, it’s between Trump and Biden, right or wrong, patriotism or anti Americanism. Any deviation away from DJT is a vote for the opposition. I want to be proud of our country again, please don’t allow personal dislike of a personality keep you away from the polls or waste your vote on a third party candidate. We can’t survive another term of these self hating communists . Please remember what it was like being an American growing and why we were so very proud to be Americans. America first, law and order, common sense laws, American exceptionalism. FJB and his cronies.